Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Allergies Oh my!!!

Dear I,
Well I hate to break the news to you so early in life, but it looks like I may have no choice. There are EVIL little fairies that live outside in the trees. They sprinkle their green and yellow toxic little fairy dust all over the place. Dont be fooled baby, these fairies are pure EVIL and their fairy dust does nothing more than get into your precious little nose and eyes and ears and wreak HAVOC on us! They are the allergy fairies and their evil pollen fairy dust. I  didnt know you would be susceptible to them so early but I was unfortunately wrong! My poor baby!
Ever since we have been back in Vegas your tiny little beautiful eyes have been tearing up all day long, your nose runs like a faucet and you sneeze more than ever. Now I know your awful Nono and Noni will be quick to blame your precious brothers zorro, doc and prada....but even they have fallen victim to the evil fairies.... no one is safe from the evil pollen monster! Mommy has been living on Claritin ( and I have yet to decide which is worse, the pollen or the disgusting aftertaste the medicine leaves in your mouth!)
Dont worry My little monster, the allergies in Vegas will soon go away when the unbearable heat rolls in....Lucky us! These are the perks of living in "Fabulous Sin City". Ugh... but I digress....
In other news you are getting bigger and more vocal daily! I have a feeling that you will be crawling and sprouting teeth VERY soon! EVERYTHING goes in your mouth these days. Just wait until you figure out this crawling thing....Mommy and Daddy will be in for a HUGE surprise then! After that, I have a feeling those babbles will soon be making sense to us! Talking already??? It must e all that (educational) TV Mommy lets you watch....All for the greater good Baby!
In celebrity news, you are on your way to stardom earlier than I thought! YEsterday while at the UPS store, you shot your very first TV commercial! Apparently they are doing a Summerlin Promotional commercial and your cute little face...(ok, it was your hat..) caught the eye ofthe director and BAM DONE you were all Lights, Camera, Action!!!We will forgive the director for thinking you were a cute liitle girl, she was obviously taken by your star quality!  Hopefully I will be able to get a copy of it...but for those of you in the LV area it will air after May 10 on all channels! YEAH!! Mommy and Daddy are on our way to retirement!!!
I have been getting you ready for your First Easter this Weekend. I have been telling you all about the Easter Bunny and how he will be hopping into town this Sunday.... your Daddy is skeptical, but somehow I think the Easter bunny found him first... how else can you explain all the Fruit Roll-ups, Twizzlers, Candy  and sodas we find under his bed???? Hmmmmm??? It must be the Bunny, Right???!!!!!
Well Baby I, we are off to the gym for MOmmy's 20 minute workout. Thankfully you give me just enough time to get on the treadmill before you have a meltdown....Thats ok though...Mommy isnt that big on working out just yet! :)
I love you Baby Monster!!!
Love, Mommy

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  1. You are very smart.. cuz nono & noni are probably right but I really hope im wrong!! I just love your blog hopefully the evil fairies are in the trees not hiding in dogies fur lov ya