Sunday, February 17, 2013

Gramma Maberta

Halloween 2009
My Dear 3 SnowFlakes,

Here we are in a snowy, chilly February already! Hopefully spring is peeping around the corner. We have had one hectic, roller coaster winter havent we? Holidays, birthdays, snow days - and of course sicknesses too! I think we were all a little excited when that silly groundhog saw his shadow!

Someday I hope you kids read these blogs and get just a glimpse of how much I love you  - and how much fun (and work) your dad and I have had with the honor of being your Mommy and Daddy. Parenting isnt always easy - and it isnt always fun - but it is always a blessing and your dad and I try our hardest to remind ourselves that each and every day.

Isaac in Gramma's sink!
Although none of you knew it, this past week was no exception to the trials of being both a parent and a child. This week your daddy and I had the unfortunate honor of saying Goodbye to your dear Gramma Maberta. In what has to have been one of the worst days of your Daddy's life, I have to admit I was a bit taken by the  strength he has shown throughout this whole ordeal and I can honestly say I have never loved your Daddy more then I do now. It is said you can tell a lot about the father a man will be by the relationship he has with his mother - and this week your daddy has proved he is nothing short of a stellar Daddy, Partner,  and Son.
November 2009

Although you did not get to see Gramma nearly as much she or we would have liked, there is no doubt she loved the three of you very much. She was so proud to show you all off at any given chance. Her walls  - which were once covered with her amazing artwork -  now tributes to our three little snowflakes. In hindsight it seems so obvious there was more we should have done. We should have called more, visited more, been better at keeping in touch. But thanks to Skype we were able to partially bridge the geography gap, and near the end I am sure seeing you little ones on the computer were the motivation she needed to get through the day.
November 2010

There was always a special place in her heart for you Isaac. I am sure she saw her 'baby Jason' every time she looked at you. You were the one who made her a Grandmother - and eventually coined her GrammaMaberta.  Gramma was sure you were going to be an artist like her and your Daddy. She thought for sure you had the gift - a gift Mommy surely NEVER received! Her last visit here you two spent hours in the basement painting and playing with clay. She commented how you had such an eye for detail and great concentration when you were painting (concentration??? my Isaac??). I hope she is right! I hope her passion for the arts has rubbed off on you too -  as it has on your daddy.  She loved you with all her heart and I know her spirit and memory will live on in you.

In Daddy's Baby Clothes!
Lucy and Jake, it will be up to Mommy, Daddy and Isaac to teach you about GrammaMaberta as you grow up. Unfortunately time was not on your side with her. Although you had but a year of your life with her, she loved you as if you two were always here. She beamed with excitement - and disbelief - from the moment she found out the TWO of you would be entering the world! She had plans for both of you! Lucy, I am sure Gramma Maberta was going to shower you with Jewelry, make up, and 'girly' trinkets - and Jake - she was sure you were going to be musical. She thought that from the first time she laid eyes on you. And I have no doubt she would have spent hours with the three of you making art projects and getting all covered in paint and glue!

Halloween 2012
 I regret that she wont be here to see you all grow up. I regret she wont be here to see HER baby grow into his role as a extraordinary father and my better half. And I regret I will never get to thank her for the amazing job she did raising the man of my dreams. I know it was not always easy for her, but through her struggles she managed to raise an amazing man. A man who is not only loving and strong - but adventurous, dependable, and loyal as well.  I take solace in knowing she is watching over all of you and she is finally at peace. Roberta you can rest assured knowing I will forever be taking care of your 'baby' as well - my biggest baby! :)

Chritmas 2009
Your Daddy and I will make a point of keeping the memory of Gramma Maberta alive in all of you as you grow up. Whether it is her love for the West or her passion for art and animals, I know she will always be a part of our life . I can already see a future scenario playing out: Me, feverishly fretting because one of you is not living your life the way I would have planned you to - and Daddy, coyly reminding me how Gramma Maberta never intended on her baby falling for an older, Catholic, East coast girl and moving him across the country. I can already feel my eyes rolling! THanks Gramma!

We love you and will miss you Gramma Maberta. May you Rest in Peace. xoxo

Love you all,
Love, Mommy