Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Talkin Turkey.

Dear Monster I,
I knew it!! I knew my baby would get the hang of sharing sooner or later! Finally a break through! Not only have you shared  your COUGH with Mommy, but the runny nose, sneezing, up-all-night, general feeling-like-crap-ness too! Thanks Buddy!! What a goood boy!
  Well the week started off on a good note. Other than your hacking, nagging, cough all seemed well. We were right on schedule for our first Colorado Thanksgiving, the house was tidy and we made plans for things to do for Gramma's visit. Gramma arrived on Tuesday night and after ten minutes of being shy, you were all talk for her! Of course you cant be too shy when Gramma lugs you a whole suitcase of presents 800 miles! The next day we were busy making the final preparations for the Big Turkey Dinner. Lots of running around and watching the temperature outside drop, drop, drop! Mommy's throat was scratchy but not too bad and Thanksgiving Dinner was practically done. This was going to be a cinch!!
Thursday rolled in like a lamb. The scratchy throat sounded a little more frog-like, but worse than that your cough was coming back in full force! You and I woke up bright and early - like always - and started getting that big bird in the oven. You were such a big help too! You kindly took out all the tupperware and bowls out of the cupboard - along with all the plastic bags, cookie cutters, recycling, and unopened soda cans - all at 5AM mind you! You then proceeded to use the wooden spoons as drumsticks and play Mommy a little song while I cooked. When you were done you decided it was time for me to hold you - just as I began to stuff the turkey. So there we were, in all effort to keep you quiet so everyone else could sleep, Mommy holding you with one hand and the other hand jammed up a turkey! Definitely a sight to be seen. (although thankfully not!)
Dinner went off without a hitch! Aunt Sue, Dr. Sue, Uncle Jeremy, Gramma, Mommy, Daddy and Isaac shared our first Thanksgiving meal. It was such a nice day! Good food, Friends, Family and plenty of Isaac babble for everyone. And then....
And then as the night unwound Mommy scratchy throat turned into that familiar hack and your little nose began to run. Mommy started feeling like major Crapola and I had a feeling your night was not going to be any better. In my head, I'm not sure how I thought this would turn out any better. You can't sleep without me, yet you weren't going to get any sleep with me coughing all night. You screamed every time I let out a little muffle of a cough - and then freaked when I tried to sneak out the room to sleep on the floor. It was a vicious circle. I cough you wake up, I leave you wake up, I stay, I cough - Ugh I swear that was the longest night of my life - until the next night. Did I mention you, me and daddy are trying to share a bed - YOUR bed, as you would like to think.
Since we had no choice other than to wake up  early Friday morning, we decided to set up the Christmas tree. All the lights and ornaments were on by 7AM. All the ornaments were off and scattered around the house by 7:30Am. Needless to say the TOP half of the Tree is decorated now. After a productive morning You, Daddy, Gramma,  and Uncle Jeremy went in search of some Black Friday deals. I stayed behind and dwelled in my oncoming sickness. Friday night was the same ol story. I cough, you scream, you cough, you scream. ALL NIGHT LONG.
Daddy had the grand idea that Saturday would be Mommy's day to be sick in peace. We love daddy for that! You guys headed out to Leadville to explore the Colorado Ski country that your Great Grandpa used to be stationed at, and mommy stayed home to do nothing but cough, sneeze, drink tea and watch Lifetime. It was a great plan - and things were going so well...
Of course Mommy couldn't sit still too long. I tidied up the house and did a load a laundry. Then I settled into a great Woman-secretly-living-in-her-car-meets-rich-doctor-and-lives-a-cinderella-fairytale-Lifetime flick and fell asleep. THe washer was going when I went to sleep - the washer was going when I woke up. I went down stairs to investigate..only to have the water meet me half way there! What a disaster!! Water everywhere and you guys were more than 3 hours away! Needless to say that was the straw that broke the camels back! The weekend was in rapid decline and the water - and tensions -  were rising! Poor Uncle jeremy got bumped to sleeping on the living room floor! Thank Goodness your Mommy and Daddy are classy enough to live out of plastic storage bins! IF we had REAL shelves that would be a DISASTER!
After a horrible night's "sleep" on Sunday, we decided a trip to the doctor was in order for you (heck with Mommy being sick). YOur nose and eyes were in rapid flow mode and that cough was starting to sound worse than ever. Needless to say the doctor had no concrete idea of what was wrong with you but  he put you on more antibiotics anyway. And since you have a love for the "bubblegum" medicine, you weren't very disappointed. Monday night kiddo, you were pathetic at best. Once we got home from the doctor's you got worse than before we left (of course). You were so lathargic and nothing says a "sick Isaac" more than when you lay still in my lap and want to cuddle. My poor monkey! You had a rough night, but luckily got some good sleep and seems to be back to your old shennanigans this morning! If only Mommy's rebound was so swift!

Well my baby Monkey boy, we had quite the whirlwind Thanksgiving weekend! Hopefully we are both on the mend to healthier week! (We need to get all better so we can get sick again on our flight to NEPA in a few weeks!) The massive blowers are finally off downstairs, all the contractors are gone,  and Gramma has just left for the airport. Now it is just you and I to lay on the floor and watch TV all day in our jammies! What a perfect plan! I wonder how we will screw this one up!
Well, Aside from the flooding disaster and overall lack of sleep , Happy 2nd ever Thanksgiving to you! I am so thankful for everything you have brought into our lives. I cannot imagine where I would be without you and I can only pray I never have to entertain that thought. You are a very special little boy that can light up the room with you silly dancing, Isaarish Babble,  and big toofy smiles. Your mommy and daddy are very lucky to have you and I look forward to welcoming the Christmas season with you as you start to learn all about HO HO! (PS...Ho Ho is not just a magnet on the fridge!)
I love you Mr MOnkey Boogey Hacker Boy!

Love, Mommy

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Dear Mr. Monster Baby,
Daddy's boots on!

I think the cold is here to stay. I hope your cold is not. Last week we had such a great time playing with all your new friends  - and licking all the toys at the Science Museum - that you somehow have contracted the most severe cough I have ever heard coming out of such a little body. Lucky for you it did not inhibit your ability to NOT sit still ever - but, of course, it keeps you - er, us  - up all night. I think this actually the first time (in a long while) that I feel really bad for you for being up all night! MOst of the time I usually just feel really bad for me! :)
Mommy's Little Rabbit
I also had to address the sleeping issue - or lack thereof - at the appointment. SHe asked me how many nights a WEEK you are NOT sleeping through the night. I laughed so hard I cried. When I told her you had not slept through the night sans Benadryl yet - her look of "WTF??" was enough for me to know you are not in the upper 65th percentile of sleepingl! She suggested a few HErbal remedies - and if all else fails a sleep clinic. 15 months old and a sleep clinic...Hoy Vey kiddo when you get older I better get some NICE Christmas gifts - none of that homemade noodle art - I have earned my big ticket items here!! Mommy wants shiny kitchen gadgets and long lonely days at the SPA!!!
isaac stuck under the bed
You were such a big boy for your 15 month shots - but the next day you were completely out of commission. Cranky, Fever, Pale and coughing...not the Saturday Spectacular we were hoping for! Mommy did manage to get some quality cooking and baking time in. We are now 2 days away from Thanksgiving and Im practically done! Take that Noni!!
Your Gramma comes to town today. I bet she cannot wait to see you! I know I cannot wait for the extra set of hands with you! You were not even a walker last time she saw you! I bet you are going to run her in circles!
We have had a threesome week of kids to watch. You, Rhemi, and Sadie all week. Surprisingly I handled you all rather well - for the most part -  although I hope triplets are not in my near future! Once again I remind you kiddo, we need to work on our sharing skills - or at least work on not beating up other kids - because I hate to break the news to you - you are not going to be the "big" kid for long! Sooner or later your genetics will catch up with you! So love your hair and your height while you can!
I love my truck Aunt Joyce!
  This week we had a vocabulary breakthrough and I think you actually comprehend the word YES. It is, quite possibly, the cutest thing in the world to see you nod your head up and down. Unlike your quick NO response which you have effortlessly learned, YES is very deliberate and stern. You carefully nod your head as if it may just may fall off when it reaches the top or the bottom. I cannot express in words how cute it is. Speaking of how cute you are, my other favorite 'trick' of yours is the naked run and hug I get every night after Daddy gives you a shower. I love how you bolt out of the bathroom and strut right into the kitchen with your little bare bum and ear to ear grin - every bit of you knowing how cute you look and how naked (and cold!) you are! Then I get a big naked hug and I tell you "this is my favorite part of the night". I love it! Every night I love it more.
at the dr.
another tantrum...
I feel like everyday you are growing more and more! Just last night I realized you couldnt stand under the kitchen drawer anymore without hitting your head - I swear you could do that last week! You're like a weed! Each day with you is a new and exciting discovery to be had or a new tantrum to be thrown. I love watching you learn and experience everything. I even love watching you throw yourself onto the floor (sometimes) in complete despair when you are having an Isaac-crisis moment.  Oh, and I love your little "gimme" dance. Whenever you want something - usually to eat - you do this little feet shuffle dance and clap your hands. Really you are the cutest kid in the world. I almost feel bad for all the other parents in the world who think that THEY have the cutest little boy! :) And what rhythm! My Little white boy loves to groove!
isaac's idea of sharing

little wizard
Well kiddo, after a long day of you and Rhemi running me ragged, Mommy needs to get ready for supper and Gramma's visit. Somehow I dont think Zorro draped across her bed pillows and Graham crackers in the tub are what she needs to see when she walks in the door! I hope you take a good little late nap (as opposed to your horrible little early nap). Just remember how much Mommy and Daddy love you kiddo. And even though we tell you a zillion times we know youll never fully understand how much until you are watching your own little monkey nap.
I love you Mr. Monkey pants - now quit the coughing!
Love, Mommy

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Just one of the Boys.

Dear Baby I
To sum up last week in one word - BUSY!! Mommy's babysitting services were in high demand, which meant lots of playmates for you all week. Plus the winter weather has finally decided to creep in here...which means each day brings on a new bag of mixed winter weather tricks and treats! What will we do indoors to keep busy?? Of Course you can always escape to the great outdoors now that you have figured out the doggy door!
One thing I am learning with you kiddo, is you are a becoming a very smart and very sneaky little boy. You have a whole arsenol of words you know - but seem to comprehend only at your convenience. You are very adament about throwing things in the TRASH - especially your dirty diapers. And that is just fine with me - the less I have to touch of those stinky diapees the better! I feel like you are are retaining much more these days. You know which toys are which - especially your Beloved Thomas the Train. You even know your toes, shoes, socks, eyes, head, and hands! But I'll be damned if you cannot figure out Mommy and No!...Like I said....you are very sneaky and oh so selective!! And of course you know exactly who  DADDY is... you always have smiles and a dance for Daddy when he walks through the door. If it werent so darn cute to see you react when he comes from work I would be jealous!
YOu do not look like me, you didn't get your dare devil antics from me, but I will bet money that you got your sleeping and eating habits from me! Lord Help us both! Even if I could sleep in these days I cant seem to make it past 4 am - which works well with your wake up time of 4:45 AM every morning - and I can't seem to stay up past 8PM! Again right in line with your bed time! As for your eating habits, I am afraid I may also plead guilty. I refuse to take credit for your amazing food flinging and messiness - but your picky palate has "Mommy" written all over it. Tofu, Veggies, Fruits, beans and Hummus - that pretty much sums up your diet. You are the only kid I know who opts for a stalk of celery over a PB&J...and I love every bit of it!!! :) I know before long your Daddy's terrible Salt-Laden-Processed-Everything Food cravings will lurk onto your palate - so for now I will take advantage of your willingness to eat healthy!
Another issue that has come to play this week with our daily playmates is very concerning to me - your lack of sharing skills  - of both your toys and your Mommy! I am constantly taken aback at the huge difference between you and the little girls we watch (of similar age). The girls seem to have an innate sense of sharing and the ability to play together - whereas you seem to constantly go straight for the jugular! You "need" whatever toy they are playing with, whatever cup they are sipping, and God Forbid I hold any other child in eye shot of you! You act like we spend our days cuddling all day long and cannot go one second with out me holding you!! And then when I do pick you up all you do is rip my glasses off my face and squirm to get down, as if you just realized how much you hate to be cuddled! YOu must get your anti-cuddling skills from Zorro! THe Girls, on the other hand, would be perfectly content sitting on my lap all day. What happened to you kiddo?? How come your Mommy cant hold you for more than two seconds with out you squirming or flailing yourself into some discontorted form of a back bend?? Hoy Vey kid you are a handful! Hopefully this is the time when girls are easier than boys - because if you are a more difficult teenage boy than a teenage girl, they better have my room at the looney bin waiting for me!
We are creeping up on Thanksgiving - and of course the Christmas decorations and Paraphenelia is in full effect on TV, in stores, and just about everywhere you turn. Poor Turkey Day - alway gets squeezed out between the Halloween Madness and Christmas Craziness! But I promise you kiddo - no Christmas Decorations ever before Thanksgiving here! Well except for the bells on the door - But I think they are festive for all seasons! We have a lot going on in the coming days and weeks! Your Gramma comes to visit next week  - just wait til she gets her hands on you! You are quite the big (independent) boy now since the last time she has seen you! We also have to get ready to have our first big Thanksgiving Dinner in Colorado! Mommy just loves a houseful of people at the holidays! Lots to Cook, Lots to Bake, and of course my Holiday favorite - the Hallmark Channel Holiday Movie Marathons!!! Who the heck needs football anyway!?!?!
Well my dearie as I type away you and Rhemi are both sleeping peacefully in separate rooms - A Christmas Miracle in and of itself - I know my alone time is limited. I just wanted to take a few moments to remind you how much I love you and how much I love being your Mommy. We do need to work on your sharing and sleeping - but that is nothing that cant wait until tomorrow!
Sleep tight Mr Squirmy Wormy! I love you bunches and look forward to experiencing this exciting time of year with you and your Daddy!
I love you!
Love, Mommy

PS - Thanks again to Laurie for all the amazing knitted creations you are wearing! We love them all!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Helmet Head.

Dear Monster I
Well we knew it was going to be a rough week - I guess we just underestimated your bark and bite being equally fierce! ROAR!! It was quite a challenging week to say the least! You are getting so big and so stubborn (must be form Daddy)! I think all my "monkey" names for you have gone to your head. I am pretty sure you are going to require a helmet to get through the day soon! Everything (this week) has been a struggle most notably sleep time, eating time, and your new fondness for climbing one EVERY piece of furniture and structure you lay eyes on!
This week was a first for both us. We took on two 2 year olds this week - you and the ladies. Things went surprisingly smooth - and MOmmy only had to raise her voice once - and you will never guess at whom....Hint hint HIS name rhymes with FIssac!! Who says girls hare harder!!???
THursday was "That Day"  for me! It started early and hard and went quickly down hill from there! I should have known things were going to be amiss when I put on my slippers at 4AM and got a moldy lemon in my toes. Maybe I should wear my slippers more often, but how the heck did you get a lemon in there - in the closet!! When??  From that point on the day was in rapid decline. No nap - which was surprising since we had been so good about that. At first I let you cry, thinking you would just fall asleep, but after 1 hour and 35 minutes of POW Interrogation screams coming from your room, I gave in. I opened your bedroom door only to find your naptime avocado banana smoothie completely covering your bed, walls, body and curtains. Somehow you managed to unscrew the bottom of the bottle - and then proceed to shake the contents all over your room. Impressive to say the least.

After cleaning up that mess, I regrettably put you in the car to hit the store. I knew you would fall asleep once we got moving - RIght??? WRONG. You screamed for 18 miles and finally fell asleep as I pulled in the parking lot. Fantastic. I spent the next hour and 15 minutes staring at a dumpster while you slept peacefully looking like an angel in the back seat. Once in the store you proceeded to tear things off the shelf and run away from me every shot you could. Ugh...and the day marched on.
Next we hit up the grocery store where your new favorite thing is to throw all the contents of the cart onto the floor. It is quite the show stopper, not too mention that we come home with a bagful of bruised produce and crushed snacks. I wonder if it would be frowned upon if I started taking you out in a straight jacket??? Hmmm...

And so the rest of the day carried on in similar fashion. You put the final nail in yet another cell phone, You screamed, you kicked, you threw your head back and flung yourself onto the floor, I cried, Zorro Slept - and then Daddy finally came home from work and rescued us from each other. That nite I oculdnt help peeping in your room and watching you sleep. I just didnt trust you quiet that long after the day we had! Miraculously watching you asleep I couldnt help but think how lucky I was that you must be hitting the "terrible 2s" early and if your tantrums are the worst I have to deal with then we will survive. Somehow.
This weekend was a little easier on the nerves. We went to the Denver CHristmas show on Saturday. Too many people. Too many Christmas sweaters. It was a good idea, it just needed a bigger venue. Those Coloradans love them some CHristmas!! Sunday brought on DayLIght Savings time. Apparently you didnt get the memo. Rather than getting up at 5AM, you decided not only were you going to get up earlier - you were going to get up earlier and need to pull every electronic talking toy out and start playing with it at 3:30 AM. Fabulous. Thanks heavens for Sprout!
Maybe it was the lack of sleep, but somehow Mommy and Baby Terror Monster got coerced into going
to the Ski Lodge with Daddy while he went snow boarding. I am sure he meant well, but I cant say I am in hurry to get back up there. You, Me, Zorro, wet snow squalls and a million drunk frat kids in neon wearing helmets and goggles calling each other "yo" and " Bro" was not the most relaxing Sunday afternoon I have spent. Sorry Kiddo (and Daddy), Im sure you are going share Daddy's love of the snow and snow boarding someday. You have that dare devil gene hard wired into you, but Mommy just doesnt get it. It just seems too involved for me - and not to mention Mommy's lack of adrenaline for anything. Maybe Mommy is more lame than we originally thought. I will apologize for that now because I do not think you are going to get that oo change. I know I will have to pretend to like these things for your sake someday, but really I can think of a gagillion other things I would rather do than strap my feet to piece of plastic and slide down a mountain in the cold wearing an obnoxious Hot Pink moon suit. Just sayin...
So here we are on another Monday. The weather has been nothing less than AMAZING and they say today is the last day for that - Snow and Cold is in the forecast for the unforeseeable future. I guess we will see what that means for us in the house all day! I can only imagine the erected tent in the living room will look normal by the end of the week. I know many people will tell me to relax and not lose site of the "big picture" here. And I am sure they are right. So what if I have lemons in my shoes (did I mention it was moldy???)  and avocados splattered on the walls, or I have gone thru 4 cell phones in the past 6 months, in the long run what is important is that you are a healthy happy baby monster... boy with a mommy and daddy who love you more than snow brats like neon! I guess we need to be patient with each other kiddo - as we are both on a SLOW learning curve with each other. This mommy thing is still new to me as Im sure this whole "life" thing is new to you. I wouldn't change it for the world - but don't be mad at me if I make you constantly wear a helmet!
I love Monster Monkey mash
Love, Mommy

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Draggin' Daze!!

Dear Baby I,
Boy! Does Mommy need a vacation! Today must be Monday - again! We had such a great week, but boy did we jam pack a lot of stuff in such a little bit of time!
We celebrated your Second Halloween this past weekend with a trip to NEPA! It was a great break and much needed family time for Mommy - but honestly it feels like going away for a short trip is much harder than going away for a longer break. THere is so much to do, so many people to see, and not to mention getting used to that time change all within 3 days! It definitely was not enough! Needless to say Mommy is DRAGGING today - and I am sure I will be for days to come!
Last week brought some more amazing fall weather here in Denver. We spent most of the week getting ready to for our trip. Thursday we did our first solo drive up to Aunt Sue's to drop off Zorro for the weekend! Dare I say I didnt even shed a tear - this time! Even when he stood up and pawed the window as we drove away, Mommy managed to keep it in in check - this time.
I have to say you had a great flight experience this trip! I was pleasantly shocked. You even fell asleep for large portions of the trip. Little did I know that was probably due to the impending fever and ear ache that would be in full bloom Friday.
I should have known we were in for an interesting weekend when you literally shut down the airport terminal by setting off the security alarm as we exited. Apparently you touched something you shouldn't have. I am sure all those passengers who got locked in the terminal were just as amused as you were by all the flashing lights and buzzing alarms. But at least Noni got to see you walk for the first time!
We got to Noni's around midnite and the fun started some time around 5AM on Friday. The screaming was intense! Finally we jumped in the car and your Nono drove us all around NEPA trying to get you to fall asleep. It was a failed attempt, but at least now I know that "Seriously Sinatra" on satelite radio can put me to sleep in minutes! Later that day we attempted to go to Robas Family farms, but the cold, wind, and your inevitable crankiness make it a short - yet expensive trip!
Saturday brought us some great family time with ALL of your Uncles and Aunts were there. So much fun!! We carved pumpkins, ate waaaay too much, played lots, saw lots of friends and of course - ate too much!! We even got to see Mommy's long lost BFF Jylle and your friends Nico and Jude at their spooky Halloween party!
Halloween day was a mixed bag - it started with a rough nite of "sleeping" and things didnt get much better from there. I could tell you werent feeling very well. All the cuddling and sitting still is defintely a red flag with you! We had a huge family lunch with lots of people who came to see you, but unfortunately you wanted no part of it. You only wanted Mommy (which I secretly LOVED). We tried our hand at the Church Halloween party - where you picked up top prize for "scariest Preschooler!" but really you just were not feeling too well. We decided to bag (ha) trick or treating for this year and just let you watch all the kids to the house. And there were LOTS of kids to see! Noni's house is always a big hit with the trick or treaters and Daddy is always amazed at how many kids do a trick for a treat! We just don't give candy away for nothing!!

Well it is now Wednesday afternoon as I wrap this up. You are fast asleep in your bed for nap time and Rhemy is napping on My bed. I literally said "Rhem its nap time" and she walked in the room, pointed to the bed for me to lift her up, and fell fast asleep. I am not quite sure what kind of miracle that was, but I find myself in a quiet house with 2 under 2 sleeping within 20 minutes. I do not want to jinx anything, so that is all I will say...other than WHEW!!
As we creep into November I can only hope some of my love for the holidays rubs off on you! We have so much to do and unfortunately it always seems too little time. When I say "too much to do" I do not mean the hustle and bustle of shopping, wrapping, traveling, cooking...blah blah blah. I embrace all that! I  just always feel like we welcome this time of year and then before we know it is over. I want to love every second of this "most wonderful time of the year" with you and not waste one minute of it stressing over the small stuff. So I promise I will try not to do that with you! I will  bake because I want too not because I have to, I will shop if I feel the gift is right, and we will welcome all the traveling/visitors because it brings us closer to our family. Holidays are to be celebrated not dreaded!

Well my little pet monster dragon, time for me to get all geared up to take you both to Sadie's house when you guys wake up! Today is the first day of 3 under 2!! God help me!!! I hope you know hope much I love you and as much as I LOVE all the clinginess and cuddle time I have received this week I hate to see you sick! So hurry up and get rid of your ear infection pronto!!
Love you Baby Boy!!
Mommy xo