Thursday, November 3, 2011

Spooktacular Pirating!

Dear Baby I,

Time is flying by! First it was summer, then fall blew in and blew out - and now we have our first snowfall of the season - albeit 6 weeks early - but still shovel worthy! All of these seasonal changes and we haven't even gone trick or treating yet!

Speaking of which, I realize someday you will catch on that we are dressing you up as a dragon two years in a row, but it is such a cute costume - and that dang fever ruined our trick or treating last year!! So this year you are going to be a not-scary-pirate-with-a-parrot-monster-slaying-cowboy-Dragon. Im not really sure how we are going to pull off such a feat, but that is what you decided to be. So that is what we are going to do!

We have had a hectic past few weeks indeed! Besides getting all the provisions ready for your Halloween Costume extraordinaire, we have also been getting ready to head East for the winter and get ready to have some Babies! Yup. We are headed to Philadelphia to have Thing 1 and Thing 2 enter the world. Should be an interesting time to say the least! Your "Baby Brudder and Baby Sisto" (speculative brother and sister of course) sure like to make a grand  - and complicated - entrance! Oh well, the holidays are supposed to be hectic right?!?! I just hope Ho Ho finds us in all the chaos.

In the meantime you have been doing your part in being the cutest "one and only" you can be. You give my (ever growing, ginormous) belly lots of kisses and attention as well as lots of singing for your "Sib-Things." Everyday you ask me "time for them to come out yet mommy??" and I have to break the news to you that it's (hopefully) "not today." Being a Big Brother in Training is awfully stressful isnt it kiddo? Although it is not nearly as stressful as potty training - which you are having absolutely NO part of. Ugh! Zorro was so easy - what's taking so long with you monkey???

.....And we are back!!!!
Sorry kiddo we took a few days off mid post! I told you it was busy around here!
Halloween has come and gone - and you were quite the trick or treater! You wanted NO PART of the dragon costume - so you were (at first) half pirate half dragon - then full pirate - then half pirate - then you were the kid with a crappy mascara mustache and no costume at all. But you loved every minute of it!! Walking up to strangers' houses and getting candy?? You and Miss Lady Bug Sadie were all over that! Now the hard part is convincing you you cannot do that everyday!
After trick or treating you (and your daddy) ate yourself into a sugar high - followed by (my favorite) sugar crash. Yesterday you woke up and said "mommy I no like candy anymore" Maybe Halloween really IS the greatest holiday ever!

This week has been pretty hectic getting ready for our trip to NEPA next week. And its been an emotional roller coaster to say the least. If your cute little face says "mommy dont cry" one more time I am going to feel like the worst mother on the planet! Sorry monkey - damn pregnancy hormones have me all out of whack! Hopefully they will even out sooner or later. If not we are all doomed!
So it is back to the grind for us - me getting us ready - you getting us un-ready. After a toasty Halloween, the snow is falling again and the temps are freezing! So much for locking you outside while I try to get something done in the house. Ruh roh. We may just have to leave the mess for Daddy to pick up. :) Poor Daddy, he always gets our messes - I guess that's the price he has to pay for calling Mommy messy and sloppy. (Yes, Monkey, he IS starting to sound a lot like your Ugdle Ronnie!!)

On that note kiddo time to put away the computer and get this fine day in motion. You are happily overdosing on too much TV this morning and I am just about ready to get my lazy HUGE butt out of bed - again! I remember thinking once you were born "what was I thinking?? Pregnancy WAS the EASY part" - can this possibly be true again??" I hope not! Mommy has been so uncomfortable lately - physically and mentally I think Im wiped out! I can only hope and pray it gets better from here - or God help us all! THing 1 and Thing 2 better be on their best behavior when they enter the world, because you, me and Daddy can use a LONG, peaceful nap!

Just remember, as always baby monster, Mommy love you more than all the snowflakes in the sky - and all the snowballs you can eat! And to you my Thing 1 and Thing 2 - rest up in there - because once you two get out and able - I am making you work for all the stress you put us through! :) I love you all - as only your Mommy can!
I love you my country mouse bumpkins!
 Love, Mommy