Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Twins Turn Two!! (A Year in Pictures)

My Dearest Tiny Snowflakes,
How can I possibly put into words what the past year has been like? The Ups, the Downs, The food, the meltdowns, the hair, the messes - did I mention the AMAZING amount of food you two go thru?? You two continue to amaze us every day and I cant wait to see what the Terrible Two's have in store for us! (ok, secretly Im terrified but I will play along) Thank you for all the amazing laughs you have given all of us each morning! I love you both to the Moon and back!

L: I dont know, they have to be in there somewhere...
Go. Away. Mom.

J: Lucy grow up we are almost 18months. Stop licking the table.

Competitive Peekaboo 

L: Dont you dare tune me out Jake! Do you hear me?? Two can play this game!!

Talk to the Hand Puppy Brother

L: Here, eat it, I did not like it.

J: Wow. Just, wow.

Go ahead, Just give me a reason to Bite you....

This is my Happy Face.


Lucy wins the Hunger Games!
...and then there was that whole "fear of talking bunnies" phase.

Feeding the Gremlins after midnite...

L: Hey! Where's my Sammich??
J: Whasammich?

J: So then I says to the broad "hey, I ordered the pancakes!"

Oh yeah???

Whatta you looking at???

Yeah, we're cute.

L: That was MY FAVORITE Cheerio!!!!

L: Go enjoy 'Merica Damnit. (4th of July)

L: You sicken me.
They clean up nice.

OutSTANDING. <3 br="" nbsp="">
Love you my little hot mess and my baby kong!
Love, Mommy

Friday, January 3, 2014

Farewell 2013!

I cant believe it is New Year's Ever 2013! It just doesnt seem possible. Time has gone form standing still to flying by. I mean, 2014? Really?? Where are the hovercrafts?? Where is my Maid Rosie?? How am I back in PA? Where did all these kids come from? Why dont I even own real clothes anymore? When is the last time I washed my hair??  How can an entire year pass and I have only written a blog a handful of times? 'Tis the season to start a new - and that is exactly what I plan on doing - in every aspect of my life - family, fitness, & mentality! This is going to be our year !

2013, You came in like a lion. Three kids and one Tired Mama down with the flu, one in the hospital for New Year's and Daddy out in NV visiting Gramma Maberta. Not exactly how any of us had planned to ring in the new year. But we trudged on and somehow made it through! Jake and Lucy knew they had to be on the mend quickly - they had a big FIRST birthday to get ready for - and NOTHING was going come in between Lucy, Jake, and CAKE! I remember thinking "How are they already one?? How are they ONLY one??" And here we are on the brink of 2 and I cant help but think the same thing!

Lucy and Jake, you two have grown so much in the past year it was hard to keep up! Literally. You went from 'boring' baby 'blobs' to active little toddlers. All the rules changed when you both deiced to become mobile - in the same week!! Lucy you took the gradual approach from crawling -  to knee walking - and then reluctantly to on your own two feet. Now I have to strap you down when I want you to sit still! I dont even know wheat to say about your little Diva attitude that also progressed along the way. You are something else my little girl - with a mind all your own! I see so much of me in you it scares me to think that you are not even 2 yet!! And that scream. That ear-piercing-blood-curdling-shrilly scream that you like to belt out in every inopportune place and time. I see your very own Time Out chair in your future with tantrums like that little girl!

Oh my Jakers. You are one little happy boy on the move. You took your time crawling this year - and maybe it was just because you felt bad for Mommy having to chase down your sister every minute of the day - if so i thank you for that. But once you got going there was no stopping you either! Electrical outlets, dog bowls, kitchen cupboards - all your specialty in destruction! And then we added the "wheels"... You were off and couldnt be stopped. Still cant. I see a helmet in your future Captain Smiley!!

You two also gained some notoriety this year with your Breakfast antics! I think Mommy had way more fun with your pictures than you guys did - although your breakfast messes were certainly no fun to pick up every day! I love watching your little personalities develop - and I love seeing the bond form between you two as you get bigger. You two are definitely a package deal - and COMPLETE OPPOSITES at the very least!!! I cant imagine one with out the other!

And then there is you my Best Big Boy Isaac. Mommy's Little Big Man. Here we are entering 2014 - the year my baby turns five!! 2013 was a big year for you! You rocked that Big brother role like no one's business - and like daddy and I promised - Lucy fought you every step of the way! It will definitely be interesting watching the two of you duke it out as you grow up. So much attitude  - eh, personality - in such little bodies!!!

2013 has definitely been a growing up year for you Sir Isaac. Gone are your baby boy curls and your love of SuperWhy and Nina. These days you are all about the Superheros, being a rockstar and a worker man, and the guns (oh how Mommy HATES the gun phase!!). Now my "isaac look at the trucks" when we are driving are met with a sigh and eye roll  - and the how-pathetic-is-she "mom thats a boom truck with an elevated lift for electrical maintenance " Ugh..I shudder at my own stupidity some times too!!

Despite all the attitude  - eh personality, that makes you intrinsically Isaac, I still catch glimpses of my peekapooka here and there. And they still make my heart melt every time you say 'watermenon" or when you cuddle up to me on the couch so i can rub your arm- and even (yes even at 4) when I hear your binky jingle down the hall as you creep out of bed and make the mad dash for mine. I constantly find myself living for those fleeting little moments that will make you my little boy forever.

2013 was a year of highs and lows  - and lots of curveballs in between! We bought our first house - ALL THE WAY up in Dallas, We made some new friends, we rarely went out to eat (for two little reasons that need not be named) and Mommy and Daddy have managed to make it through another year with out killing each other - Yet. We lost two people very near and dear to us this year that will never be replaced. Gramma Maberta loved you three with all her heart! And as much as it saddens us to know she wont be here to watch you grow up, I know she is smiling every time you wish her a good night in heaven with the butterflies - or work on one of your masterpieces of artwork!! We also lost our dear family friend Danny. I dont think I will ever walk down the back staircase without imaging the amazing slide he could have made! Im sure heaven is a bit more dazzling - and a bit more well crafted - thanks to the likes of Gramma and Danny! We will miss you! <3 p="">

 As we usher out 2013, we usher in a whole new blank page for 2014. Usually my New Year's eve is filled with making resolutions I seldom keep. Sure I will eat better sometimes, I may work out on occasion( I also may not), but this year I want to be different. I want to give the whole year a purpose  and a goal - for all of us. This year rather than joining in on the complaints of what is wrong with the world I want us to be the change we want to see in the world. I want (us) to make random acts of kindness a little less random and more a part of our daily life. As Mr. Rodgers said, I want to show you how to be the "helpers" in the world. And maybe, just maybe, I can keep up with this blog to track our helpful adventures!!!

Well My snowflakes, its time to put this blog and this mama to bed. As we say good night to 2013, I want to thank God for all the blessings we gained this year and as we look forward I can only hope our ventures are met with good health, happiness, and love. I love you my little Snowflakes - to the moon and back! I cannot wait to see what 2014 has in store for us!!

I love you my little snotty munchkins!!!

Love, Mommy