Sunday, December 23, 2012

Dear Snowflakes,

I swore I was going to do better. I mean a week (or so) ago it was Thanksgiving and apparently now they tell me Christmas is now somehow 3 days away?? How does this happen every time? I think someone is playing tricks on me with some sort of time/space continuum  thingy. Not cool people. Not cool at all.

Well, I wanted to catch you up on all that has happened this Fall since our last post like Grandma Maberta's visit, Turkey day, getting ready for Santa - and I have to honestly tell you lately I am not very much in the mood. Something has happened recently kiddos that has shaken every part of who I am. Something I hope you may NEVER experience the likeness of and will be nothing more than a tragic event in American history by the time you are able to comprehend it. Something, unfortunately, that many children today - barely older than the three of you - have been trying to wrap their heads around.

Last Friday In the tiny, quaint, New England town of Newtown, Connecticut a lone gunmen - a lone dark, lost, evil madmen walked into an elementary school and took the lives of 26 people before cowardly taking his own. None of those 26 people deserved to die. None of the 500 people - mostly children -  in that building deserved to live with the forever scars they will be forced to take from that horrific day. None of the lives that were destroyed and altered that day deserved this sick twist of fate simply for going to school on one seemingly bright and cheery Friday morning.

And then began the media coverage. I watched the scenes unfold as the "Breaking News" alerts were splashed across every station. As I sat in the rocking chair trying to hush Jake asleep, I watched the scenes of horror unfold in real time and found myself sobbing and hugging you tighter than I should. My heart was broken for those people of Newtown. And as the facts of the matter came to light, I was not only heartbroken for Newtown but for all of us as well. 26 Dead - including 20 children - mere babies of 6 and 7 years old. All Gone.

26 lives lost.
26 Families forever altered.

Hundreds of students and parents forever shaken.
Dozens of first responders forever scarred.

All gone.

I wept for those frantic parents I watched on the television - and I wept for all of us staring at the TV in horror wondering - What the hell is this world coming to? What have we become? How can this have happened? How can we do better?

I do not think I have ever been so deeply saddened by a national event in my life. I cannot explain the sadness - the numbness I feel about this tragedy - I can only imagine it has something to do with the fact that I am now a mother and I know with the honor of knowing the greatest love - comes the insurmountable possibility of suffering the greatest loss. As one mommy blogger wrote - this event shook us so much because we know "what six feels like". Nothing can ring truer. My snowflakes may not have turned six years old yet, but three feels the same - their pure innocence, the smells of fresh from the bath skin and hair, the wonder in their eyes, the touch of a tiny hand in ours, the sound of "Mama" in the middle of the night. Six feels like pure love. Pure - we are still the center of their universe - unconditional love for a child. That must be why this stings so hard. We know six, we live six, we love six, and we don't want it to ever grow up let alone die.

It's hard to think that in a town not too far from here there are suddenly 26 mothers mourning the loss of their child. There are 26 Fathers who have an inconsolable heartache. Mothers, Daughters, Sons, Sisters, and Brothers all gone in an instant. There are 20 hidden closets filled with Christmas presents for children who are not coming home. There are 20 parents who did all they could do to protect their children  - and in the end their biggest regret will be sending them off to school on the wrong day.

It is unimaginable. Yet it is all I have been imagining since Friday. Each time I turn on the Tv or go online I see the brilliant faces of those beautiful children and teachers. I cant help but think of the What ifs? The Whys? Newtown, Connecticut can very well be Anytown, USA.

So my little Snowflakes, forgive me for kissing you too much and hugging you too tightly lately. Forgive me for holding your hand when I know you are a "big boy " now and can walk by yourself. Forgive me for the spontaneous crying that seems to erupt when you say or do something cute. I do this because  I love you more than words can express. I do this because I now realize everyday is a gift - even if it may be a trying, exhausting, sleepless gift.

I hope and pray I may never know the pain those families of Newtown are experiencing. I hope and pray I overcome the fear I will have every time you are not in my sight. I pray the next time we go to a movie I can sit and enjoy the show, rather than constantly scanning the exits and planning an escape strategy. I pray I can remember none of us are guaranteed a tomorrow. I hope I can teach you all to live for today and not take yourself so seriously. I hope and pray you know how much your Daddy and I love you and want to watch you all grow up and lead happy, healthy lives.  Most importantly I pray we as parents - and a nation can do better by you. I Hope through our darkest hour, we can show you the way to a brighter future.

We are three days away from Christmas. Three days from mountains of ripped up wrapping paper and one too many cookies. Three days from Santa's visit and the gifts he will bring. I hope you three know how much I love this time of the year and how much I will treasure the memories of our family Christmases. My Snowflakes you are my life, you are my loves. Merry Christmas to All And to the people of Newtown please know you are forever in our prayers and thoughts. Your angels will never be forgotten.

I love you my Snowflakes,
May our Christmas be Merry and Bright!
Love, Mommy

Monday, November 5, 2012

I Can't Keep Up!

My Dearest Snowflakes,
Sweet Lord how can time pass so quickly?? I must have started this posted a million times in the past month and have yet to sit down to finish! Here I go.....

Every time I sit down to finally write a new post, I am somehow amazed at how a month or more has managed to pass by. Where does the time go? Here we are 2 days after the twins 9 month celebration, and I still feel like I am closer to their due date than their first birthday!

So much has happened in the past few weeks it is hard to find the proper place to start.

 Lucy and Jake, you two are getting so big and so fun! You FINALLY are interacting with each other and I love the way each of you light up when the other comes in the room - and especially when big brother Isaac enters the room! 
Jakers you have the most infectious smile I have ever seen. Like, Ever.  I defy anyone to look at you and not smile! I have a feeling that smile and those eyes are going to get you in (or out of) a lot of trouble as you get older - not that you will need any help with that! You are trying so hard these days to scoot yourself across the floor. Keep up the good work my little buddy! You will scooching around in no time!

Oh My Lucy McGoose. You are definitely your Mama's girl. I can tell you will have my gift of cynicism and skepticism.  Your dead-pan-glare, your forever withholding smile, your ability to put nearly every object you come in contact with in your mouth - yep - all Mama! You have nailed every part of separation anxiety and stranger anxiety on the head! I am pretty sure you would live inside my mouth if I let you! But I am smart enough to live it up now - because if you are anything like me my dear, your love and allegiance will be fleeting. You can't play a player babe.

Oh My Sir Isaac. What can I say other than you make everyday just a little more interesting. You have evolved into such a character and are full of personality these days. Whether it be your random bursts into rock stardom or when you start jibbering in your own language, you always keep me on my toes!

You are loving your preschool days and had a blast this past Halloween. I was so happy you actually wore your planned costume this year - so far my track record was 0-3 with getting you into your costume. But you made a perfect Cat in the Hat along with your sidekicks THing 1 and Thing 2! And dare I say you ended the night by practically eating your body weight in candy!
Can I mention that I am somehow amazed that we are in November already!!??? How can that be? I mean the twins are still newborns! How can nearly 11 months of this year have passed already! Impossible. 2012 has been, at the very least, interesting. I can only imagine what 2013 has in store for us!

Besides the obvious daily drama we had going on the past few weeks - the milestones, the adventures, Halloween - this past week has been of significant importance in weather history. This past week the entire Eastern Seaboard Braced for Super Storm Hurricane Sandy - and while we here in PA were largely spared - our neighbors to the East, mainly New York and New Jersey were devastated and ultimately forever changed. Entire neighborhoods were taken off the map. Places you would have normally grown up to visit on long summer weekends have been washed away and now lay on the bottom of the ocean. Sad. Very Sad. It is a grave reminder that we need to cherish what we have today and not take tomorrow for granted. My heart breaks for those who lost everything. I can only remind them that "houses" can be rebuilt - "homes" are memories that live within you and last forever.

As if Hurricane Sandy were not enough Drama for one week, tomorrow is also election night. We may or may not have a new president of the United States by this time tomorrow. It will certainly be a close one. Before you three came along I honestly didnt care who ran or who won. I didnt see the personal connection. Now I realize that everything these people do will impact YOU more so than will impact ME. These men will set in motion the kind of world you will be living in as adults. Therefore it is my job now to make sure your world is not only secure now - but secure then as well. May the best man win.

There is so much I want to say. SO much I want ot write down so I dont forget all the little things that make each day interesting. But at the end of the day after I tuck all three of you in and finally sit down to type my mind goes blank and I can only think of how soon one of you will be up and beckoning me. It's a call I will gladly answer - knowing all to soon you will be all grown up and not needing me as much. I dread that day.

There is one other thing I want to write down for you guys while I remember. A few weeks ago, this area suffered some unnecessary great losses due to a rash of teenage suicides. Truly, a parents greatest nitemare. I cannot imagine what those parents are going through and I pray those CHILDREN who took their own lives have finally found some peace. There is no cure to suicide. It is a decision that cannot be reversed and will forever impact those left behind. I do not think all the speeches and school assemblies in the world can prevent it. I do think parents can try. I think if there is one lesson to be learned from this and from the "bullying" epidemic that has plagued our schools is that parents need to stop teaching their kids to be great - and start teaching them how to be good. Unrealistic goals, unattainable expectations, empty desires of constantly being "the best" cannot always be a healthy lifestyle.
 I do not need any of you to be "the best" at anything other than being the best Isaac, Jake, and Lucy you can be. I promise you I will never be the mom who publicly calls out your referee,  who heckles the opposing team or forces you to play a game or activity you are not interested in. I will be the parent who will take you to church on Sunday, want to carry on an actual conversation with you, who wants to know your friends, and who will genuinely be interested in you and your place in the world. I do not want you to ever aim to please me or your dad. I want you to be happy with the person you are - because as I see it, you are already the greatest people I know!

I love you my tiny snowflakes. Sleep tight - and for me just this once -  sleep long! :)

Love, Mommy

Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Traveling Circus

Dear Snowflakes,

As far as cataloging memories go, I think Vacations should have their own special place. I mean really  they are a quite a phenomenon unto themselves aren't they? When else do you pack up everything you own (and I mean everything), just to take it somewhere else and pretend you are not home? And rules? Forget about rules! If I had a dollar for every time someone counteracted my eye rolls with a "but you are on vacation" I could have bought a plane ticket to an Island Paradise (notice I said "A" plane ticket - as in singular!)
Alas, we survived - and did not even have to cut our trip short - although each night I swore up and down we were leaving in the morning. Eight Fun filled days of hanging out in the New England Area - Mommy's paradise getaway! Daddy can have his mountains  - I will take the quaint main streets and fall foliage of New England any day!
Our first stop was to see our cousin Christine in Massachusetts, and uproot her home and terrorize her kittens accordingly. I am pretty sure once the overstuffed caravan pulled onto her peaceful street she was whole-heartedly rethinking her offer to let us stay! But after a long drive we were all just ready to get out of the car and stretch out - anywhere! We had a great night toasting smores in the back yard and eating WAY too much chocolate before bed time - hence, the first of many "you are on vacation" chimes rolled in.
Night #1 we discovered a very grim traveling detail  - Jake, you are a devout Crib Sleeper. No Pack-n-play nonsense for you! I swear you must have gained 10lbs on our trip because I kept giving you bottle after bottle just to shut you up and not wake the whole house up! You most certainly gave us a run for our money - I must say you have one heck of a set of lungs on you! Maybe I just suppressed all those torturous nights with Isaac, but you Mr. Cranky Pants had me at my wits end every night! You'll be lucky if we go on vacation again before you are 5!
Day #1 Boston. Oh how I missed thee! What a beautiful city - and just as spectacular as I remembered it to be! Even though it had been 6 short years since my last trip there, it seemed like a lifetime ago - well, actually 3 lifetimes ago! We had so much fun exploring the city and seeing all the sights to see! Isaac and Daddy loved hanging our on the Wharf and gazing at all the boats! We rode the train, play in the Public Garden, and even caught a magic show from a street magician in Faneuil Hall! It was a jam packed two days of site seeing in the city - then followed by a certain someone screaming all night long ...hint hint :)
Finally we were off to Maine to check out "the way life should be". First stop, some roadside fried clams for Daddy and a much needed potty break for me! For some reason the trip to Maine seemed longer than the entire trip to Massachusetts! Maybe because a certain dynamic duo was not having any part of being in the car again. I don't blame you! I spent much of the ride sitting backwards on the arm rest entertaining or holding bottles in their mouth or replacing binkies every two minutes!
Ah Maine - indeed you live up to the hype - you are the way life should be! A special thanks to Kelly and Neil for sharing their amazing beach house with us! It was perfect - and just big enough to muffle the sounds of a certain someone screaming all night :) Daddy had his first Maine lobstah and quickly became a fan! Isaac, you were like a fish! As soon as you had the life vest on, we could not keep you out of the water! Lucy and Jake were less than pleased with the sand filled getaway. Day #1 they barely lasted an hour on the beach but by Day #2 they were getting the hang of beach bumming just like the rest of us!
Next off to Portland to check out the city life  - and while the "men" feasted on Mussels and Clams for lunch, Mommy and the Babies did some sight seeing of our own! We ended the day with Boat ride along the Bay  - a perfect family day in Northern New England.
Our last day at the beach was spent like the first - doing nothing but hanging out on the Beach and making some new friends! Isaac, by the end of the night I thought you would be tired enough to sleep outside! I guess that is the sign of a good vacation - complete exhaustion!

SO the first Family Vacation is hereby in the books and we all survived! We created memories that will stay with me for the rest of my life - and my sweet Isaac I hope with you as well. You are getting so big I need to stop and remind myself to take in all these little things while I can! In a few short days you will be starting Preschool and I will somehow have to accept that my baby boy is growing up!
Lucy and Jake I feel the same about you! I know you will never remember this vacation but I hope when you look back at your childhood it is filled with memories of us all doing things and going places together - as a family - or in our case one big traveling circus!

I love you all my dearest little Snowflakes! Sleep tight (PLEASE!!!) I love you to the moon and back - forever and ever. Amen.

Love, Mommy

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Isaac 3.0

Dear Isaac,

August 17, 2009.

The day my life changed forever in ways I could never imagine. Little had I known, long gone were my nights of being bored, occasionally over sleeping, and (on very rare occasion) looking halfway decent when I left the house. My nights were now filled lots of screaming, tears, and feedings - mostly yours, but a lot of mine too.
Two has been a great year for us. It started out in Denver - just me, you and Daddy and ended up with not one, but two siblings! You are an amazing big brother - and I love the way you dote over Lucy and Jake! You are a natural at being a big brother! You have gone through quite a lot in the past year and you take it all in stride - and always with such a smile on your face - and some quick wit on your tongue!
So how can it be now, in 2012, three years have gone by and my little monster baby is now a 3 year old crazy toddler? THen again, how can you ONLY be three? I feel like I have known you my whole life. I know have LOVED you my whole life.
As you lay asleep as your first night as a big three year old, I cant bear to think of how quickly this time will go by. You will never be this young again - yet you are the oldest you have ever been. How can time and reality be so full of evil trickery? Someday all too soon I will be saying, "I cant believe you are driving, I cant believe you are graduating, I cant believe you are such an amazing young man!"
So tonight I take comfort in knowing that tomorrow morning you will scream for me to come and get you out of bed, that it will be me who gets all of your morning kisses, and it will be my arms that carry you up to naptime - even though I know it takes me one day closer to you being a "big boy" - I take comfort in knowing that tomorrow you will still be my little boy and I will be your Mommy.

I love you my monkey man, my big time cool dude
Love always.


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Oh the places we'll go!

My Dearest 3 Little Snowflakes,

Three months! Three months? Three months.

I cannot believe it has been three months since I have last updated this blog. I guess that can be taken as a good sign. We have been to busy to sit down and write - or mommy has been to wiped out to type (ok, and there is that silly pinterest obsession too)! Whatever the reason, I am back and ready to update you all on the comings and goings of my Favorite Terrible Trio.

It has been a HOT, busy, hectic spring and summer thus far. Our daily calendar fills up quite nicely these days - therapies, story hours, gym dates, farmers markets, walks, trips to the park,"adbentures" - we are one busy family! I cannot tell you how much I love all of it either! How much I love spending all this time with all three of you  - watching you all discover things for the first time - and watching you all grow into your roles as sister and brothers. Its an amazing thing - and I am simply blessed beyond words that I am able to stay home with you and be here for all of it. We are a lucky bunch indeed!

My Dear Isaac,
You are such a trip. You are one of the most charismatic, fun, outgoing, personable, devilish, fearless kids I have ever met. I hope you always stay that way too. YOu are becoming such a little man. I cant believe what an amazing little guy you are. YOu light up every room  - whether it be your badass swagger, your non stop talking, crazy quips, or one of a kind facial expressions - you know how to command the room's attention - and how to use that power to your advantage. You have taken to the role of Big Brother in such a way that mothers can only dream of. You are doting, caring, with just enough gentleness and a little bit of rough big brother mixed in. Jake and Lucy are so lucky to have you!

Of course you are still all about Daddy these days - Im sure its just a phase that will last through your mid tweneties, but whatevs. Daddy is still your #1 Buddy and the world revolves around him. YOu carry your tool bag around and 'work on stuff like daddy' all day, impatiently wait for him to come home every night, and of course manage to canieve him into EVERYTHING Mommy says no to. I am constantly amazed at how oblivious Daddy is to your puppetry! You got him wrapped kiddo - work it!!

The past three months have been filled with memories that I never want to forget - and some that I would like to (most notably seeing you covered in your own blood when you busted your chin open at Frances Slocum  - and of course the (my) horror of your first cavity filling experience. Ugh) I cant believe in a few short weeks you will be turning 3 years old and then starting pre-school. Im sure I will have a mini breakdown before then. How does time fly by so quickly? Where is that pause button I have been searching for? I love you Monkey Man!! I love you more every time you sing me "you are my sunshine", every time you give me a kiss and ask me "if I'm happy" and every time you remind me you are my "best big boy". You are truly one of a kind my Sir Isaac. Well done!

My Dearest Jaker McQuaker and Lucy Lu - aka Angry Bird, aka Loober Maguber, aka Goobs, aka SnoCo, etc

Practically 6 months old and already racking up enough nicknames for a lifetime! You two are quite the duo! I swear you two do not even know the other one exists just yet - you are definitely not the lovey dovey type you imagine when the doctor tell you are having twins! You are both your own center of the universe - demanding to be held, coddled, and cooed all the time. Apparently you guys have yet to figure out Mommy only has two hands!

Lucy - I live for that morning first smile from my peanut. That feeling I get every morning when your face lights up when you recognize me, makes the hellish night you put me thru (almost) worth it. :) Seriously Goobs - you were my dream child - you lulled yourself to sleep, slept thru the night, got along with everyone. Notice how I mentioned all that in the past tense? Now you are all Mama's girl, up 3 or 4 times a night and have a scream (or shall I say Screech) that would peel the tread of tires! You literally look like a cartoon character when you scream - you turn beet red, your tongue rattles and your whole body shakes. Such a Drama Queen already.  Oddly enough it ALL stops when I pick you up. Every time. Nonsense Miss Goosey. Spoiled-Brat-in-the-making-Nonsense.

Psst. Secretly I love it.

Jakers - My super Chunk (dont worry, I will ban everyone from calling you that by the time you are old enough to understand it!) But I have to tell you dude - you are one solid hunk of  damn cute blue eyed
babiness! I hope you keep those baby blues forever. They are show stoppers! And if nothing else I am hoping you give me some rocking Michele Obama arms by the time you are out of holding stage!

You have come so far in the past six months. I cannot say You have exceeded my expectations only because I never really knew what to expect 6 months ago. I just knew I loved you and I would love you no matter what. But now I am starting to know what to expect from you - and that is you are going to be one amazingly regular kid. You are going to be one amazing Jake. And like your brother and sister - you are going to be whomever you were intended to be.  You have an infectious smile that will melt hearts and much like your sister, a pick-me-up-now-damn-it cry that will eventually cause me to claw my own eyes out.

I sometimes sit back and smile and wonder how I got be a mother of 3 little "angels." I mean wasn't I just wearing alternating neon socks and rocking the banana clip? How did I suddenly become Mom status? But honestly I think I have always been mom status - I was just waiting for you guys to get here.

So, I gladly look forward to rapidly growing old, ragged, scarred, gray, babbling, and senile (probably in my 30s) thanks to each of you. I hope you enjoy this wild ride we are on as much as your Daddy and I are enjoying it. Wherever it may take us. As Dr. Seuss says - "Oh the places you will go, Oh the places you will grow." Our little clan has set out to make its mark on the world and I look forward to watching its effects.

I love you all my three little perfect snowflakes. Sleep tight - and take it easy on me every now and then wont you? - afterall I do control your ....Well Hell, I guess I don't really control anything! Even more reason to take it easy on me!

I love you Sir Isaac, Jakers, and Lucy Lu!
Love, Mommy

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Well Its been a while....

To My dearest 3 Little Snowflakes,

It has been so long since I last posted, I do not know where to start! It shocks me to think that my little itty bitties are already 3 months old and weighing in the double digits! You two seem to be changing day by day - getting bigger, louder, more alert,  - did I mention louder?? You are all so absolutely adorable and yet so completely different! I look forward to watching you both grow up together and find your separate ways! And then there is you my Best Big Boy Isaac - you are my little knight in dirty armor! You getting so cute and personable  - and yet so bold! Everyday is a new adventure with you - even if we never leave the house! You continue to amaze me on every level - whether it be the words that come out of your mouth ("I'm the boss, and the boss says go get me some coffee") or your no fear attitude and your need to jump off of everything you can climb up!  You three definitely will be giving mommy and daddy a run for our money!!

Since it has been so long since I wrote to you guys -  and it is impossible to catch up on all the things that have happened in the past 2 months - I will write to you individually....for now.

My Dear Baby Isaac,

Oh my Big Boy you are such a marvel! You constantly amaze me and make me smile (and make me pull my hair out, but mostly smile). In the past few months you have definitely peaked (I hope!) with you nasty case of the terrible twos! People always comment on how well you speak - I just have to comment on the crazy things that come out of your mouth! (we can thank your Uncle Ronnie for your new favorite saying - bare ass beach! - as you run around the house naked!) Oh vey! There is definitely no filter on with you! And oh boy do you have the eye roll to go with that sassy attitude of yours!
Since leaving Denver you have been living the life of the single baby/king of the palace - and I'm pretty sure you are a little too comfortable with that title. I am hoping it is just a phase - scratch that - I am demanding it be just a phase. I will not have the bratty kid of the bunch. I can just hear your father and nono  now"...if only she ate some damn meat that kid wouldn't be so crazy!"
I have to say when it comes to being a big brother you are quite amazing! You have never had a single baby envy moment and are always the gentle, caring big brother of "your babies". Like I have been saying for months - Lucy and Jake lucked out with having the best big brother on the planet!
As for your days as Mommy's little Monkey, I must humbly concede to the backseat, as Daddy - AKA "Your Buddy" - is your new Number One. Ugh. You are like his mini me. You follow him around like a puppy with your tool belt and tool box and spiderman work phone. You tell me all day long how you cant wait for your daddy to come home from work - because he is "such a hard worker". (insert Mommy's eye roll here.) I have thought about going back to work (ok, not really) just so I can come home for one of those amazing welcome home greetings your Daddy gets every time he enters the door! Seriously kiddo, he can out to the driveway and come right back in and you still light up like a Christmas Tree...Its not that I am jealous - Ok I am jealous - plain and simple. Whatever. Daddy's Little Buddy you may be for now - but I will get you back sooner or later (I, however, am banking on later...)

My Dearest Jakey Jakers
You are every gray hair on Mommy's head. You are every wince in my sore back. Yet you are everything I could have hoped for and more in a beautiful, perfect, baby boy! You are such a little chunker too! Who goes form 4lbs to 12 lbs in 6 weeks! (besides me??) My poor back! You owe me a lifetime of massage therapy just for all the times I have to walk around with you! Don't ever let anyone tell you a baby cannot be over held! You, your sister, AND your brother are the epitome of over held babies!
 Jakers you are such a champ! Already you have surpassed every expectation anyone had made for you. You came out ready to roll (and hungry too) and haven't stopped yet! You have a smile that lights up the room and a crazy gurgling sound and squeal that can clear it! I do not know how your Noni puts up with you at night! :)
I look at you Jakers and I see so much of your Daddy in you! I really cannot explain how big you are. You will be bigger than your daddy in no time! You are already more than half the size of Isaac! So much for all those "baby" clothes we bought for you! You are wearing the things Isaac wore at 6 and 9 months! Your sister and Brother better watch out - looks like you are going to be the Big Brother of the bunch!

Oh My Lucy MaGoosey,
Mommy's Precious little angry bird. Such a peanut - such a temper. You are definitely full of the Nardell women DNA. Your precious little face can go from wide-eyed smiles to major meltdowns in seconds (something, I am sure you picked up from me!) My guess is that meltdowns have something to do with all the pink garb your Noni, aunts, and your Ever-Doting God Mama Emily drape you in - I swear they make you look like a big bowl of Pepto Sherbert at times! Don't worry my little Lucy Lu - Mommy will protect you from all their fashion faux pas - Just take it easy on me every now and then!

It still blows my mind that you are a sleeper. I really thought that was an Urban myth parents made up to make other new moms feel like complete failures. Sometimes I check on you just to make sure you are still in your bed - or in mine (shh!!)
What a lucky girl you are! You are the favorite sister of two of the greatest brothers in the world. I am pretty sure your future holds many a tool belt, trucks, and race cars if they have anything to do with it! Your big Brother Isaac dotes all over you already - constantly showing off his "baby angry bird". I have to admit  - I may be biased but you are pretty damn cute to boot! Even with a shrill scream that can curl the skin off my back! If Isaac makes me pull my hair out and Jake is my grays, you will be my stiff drinks! The thought of raising a girl still makes me nervous - it all seems so complicated - the clothes, the make up, the boys, the drama. Ugh. I know I will blink and those days will be upon me. Maybe by then you will be Daddy's Girl and give him all the grief!

Well My Baby Bumkins you have all given me much more than I have ever expected - or dreamed of. I know this time with you three is limited and before I know it you will be all grown up and doing your own thing. So I need to treasure it now - no matter how sleep (and shower) deprived it leaves me. I can only imagine how the three of you as siblings will play out - the personalities you will develop, the relationships you will have with one another, the trouble you will get into, and oh the havoc you will wreak (I am already blaming Isaac - or Daddy)! All I can say is it will my honor to watch your stories unfold and be a part of each of them. You are my three precious and perfect Snowflakes and I love you all more than the sun, and the moon, all the stars in the sky. I wouldn't trade one minute of this life for any thing - not even a cool, quiet room, with a comfy pillow top bed, cushy pillows, and 800 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets, with a tall, dark, handsome Russian masseuse named Vlad...not that I thought about it or anything....

I love you My three little monkeys!

Love, Mommy