Sunday, January 31, 2010

You are lucky you are cute!

Dear I,
Someday you will learn just how FUN and WONDERFUL sleeping is! I realize right now you may think it is a little scary or, in your case, completely torturous, but believe me someday you will EMBRACE it as much as Mommy and Daddy (would like to) do!
It seems in the past few weeks you have developed an odd sense of complete dismay with sleeping. Waking every 30 to 45 minutes to remind me how much you completely hate it! I get the point kiddo!! But you still have to do it or mommy is going to be VERY cranky... or (according to Daddy) Crankier!!
Lately the hard part is not getting you to sleep ( I am actually getting better at that - knock on wood!) - it is putting you down! It seems every time I lay you down you react as if I accidentally put you in a bed of crocodiles! YOu scream as though I dropped you into your crib from the 45th floor of a highrise building! I dont know where this new game came from but I cant wait til its over!!
It makes for a very long nite....and an even longer next day!
I know many people ...MANY to offer their advice when it comes to sleeping..mostly let him cry it out...but I just cant do that...I know someday (soon) I will regret it...but you are SO fickle I can't let you cry all night. Because you will CRY ALL NIGHT! "They" say the  cry-it-out/Ferber method is harder on the parents. "they" are right. Mommy isnt strong enough to listen to you wail for hours and not throw herself over the balcony! Hopefully I am not screwing you up too much! ALthough part of me thinks at this rate I will be dancing you to sleep in high school!
I must say you have been better throughout the day though! Thank GOD!! Except for the fact that I hold you ALL day! I guess that makes up for my lack of gym attendance... maybe you are trying to tell me to get back to the gym?? Smart Baby Boy! Don't worry baby, Mommy is very aware that she needs to hit the treadmill again! Apparently my sweatpants look is getting old even for you!
The one thing that you do seem to love is music! All types and very loud! I have a feeling I will see many a drum set and such in our future! We dance to sleep every night. I cant wait until you are old enough to know what "only one song" means! Apparently now it means we dance until you are so sound asleep drool is coming out of your mouth!
You do love to be out and about though! YOu are going to be one active, inquisitive little Man! We went to story book hour last week at Barnes and Noble and you loved looking at all the other kids and books! Taking you out is my saving grace for keeping you calm! I just wish there were more places to walk around here other than a grocery store or Target...(your walks get awfully expensive :) And thank heavens for the Bjorn! Dont tell Daddy but Mommy secretly hates your the Bjorn is my best friend! Maybe we can try the treadmill together! (just kidding everyone) You also love you some Elmo and Barney! I dont know what kind of subliminal messages they put in those shows but keep it coming I say! And if I make daddy watch the Kids' stations any longer you are surely going to own "Your Baby Can Read!" any day now!
Well Apparently naptime is over.  Here I can come little Man! I hope everybody out there knows how much we miss them and can't wait to see them all again soon!!
love you, mommy

Monday, January 25, 2010

Baby Gaga!

Dear Baby I,
5 days back in Las Vegas...Ho Hum... Back to reality! Where is all my help!? My cooks? My laundry fairy? My magical Midnite relief?? I thought Santa may have left a set of you here....but nope. Good thing you are cute kid! Or Zam Boom to the Moon you would go!

Little Man, you are having a heck of a time getting re-adjusted to West coast time. Up at 3! Bed at 6! Ugh.. You are all screwed up! And so am I!! I guess we will figure it out sooner or later! The puppies were so excited to see us back!!! I have never seen Zorro so excited. He nearly licked my face raw! Who says dogs do not remember!!! Zorro does!!
FOr those of you who havent heard of our lovely trip back to Vegas...let me just say an Oceanic flight to the LOST island was better! Sir I cried and cried...and cried...oh rite, then he puked EVERYWHERE!!! I felt so bad for those around us! It must have been because he didnt want to come back to Vegas either! My poor baby! But we do love being back with Uncle Ronnie! HE loves to make you cry! :) It is the best to see him carrying you around in the bjorn! What a fabulous Uncle! Just dont let him teach you anything...especially about girls!

Since we have been back he has been "talking" up a storm! Babble Babble Babble!! He is getting adjusted to his new jumpy...and my little guy is HOOKED on Sesame Street! (bad mommy lets him watch TV already!) Sweet Potatos have also entered the scene! What A mess!!! But I think you liked them! You hate the Zantac though...I hope it is working but I have to jump thru hoops to keep it in your mouth! You nearly outgrown your tubby and your feet ar the tastiest most fascinating things you have ever seen!
BEing back also makes me miss all my helpers!! HINT HINT.....come visit Noni, aunties Krissy, Gina, and Emily!! SOON! Little man is like my new appendage! I cant put him down for a second! The facial recognition does melt my heart...but the constant holding breaks my back!!

Last but not least I wanted to give my little bratty patty a happy birthday shout out!! I cant believe my brat is 15!!! I bet in a blink of an eye I will be saying the same thing about Little I!! Enjoy your big day Bratty! BE good....and be careful - remember you are just finding out who you are supposed to be...and you will do better things than dating the boy on the football (or hockey!) team!! I love you! ( yippeee! a whole year of singing that song to you!!!)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

See you soon!

Dear Isaac,

Back to Las Vegas today. :(
We had a great time here at Noni's house, but time to get back to 'work'. It has been a long time since we last seen those puppies of ours! I bet they miss us dearly! I know we miss them!
Mommy is surely going to miss all the babysitters we have here though! Now what are we going to do when Mommy needs a nap or when you won't stop screaming? Back to the grocery store I guess!
You got awfully bug since we got here! You barely fit in any of the clothes we brought! I guess that is a blessing in disguise since we dont have to lug them back to Vegas! Although believe me, we have PLENTY to take back. Just wait until Uncle Ronnie sees all  the stuff we have to take back! I just hope he remembers to pick us up at the airport WITH the carseat in the car!
   As much as I miss the pups, Leaving is still awfully sad. I know I will be back soon, especially since you fly for free! But still its no fun saying goodbye...even if it is just "see you soon". I am sure everyone is going to miss you oodles! Aunt Krissy has gotten so good at having a baby IN the stroller...maybe she will just have to push an empty one around to pretend like you are still here! Aunt Gina finally got you to laugh and who will she buy all those loud musical toys for? Nona will have so much extra holy oil and now Em will have TWO hands free for texting!! Zizi has no more blanket to sew! Nono will finally get his bed back and I bet your Noni is going to miss you more than ever too! How will she ever sleep thru the nite without your constant screaming that she pretended not to hear??? Maybe she can keep her second shift over the phone for a bit?!?!?!
  Well thats it for now. Mommy's not one for emotional blah we will just say See you soon! and thanks for everything...we love you all very much!

Friday, January 15, 2010

5 months in!!

Dear Isaac!

    Can you believe you are almost 5 months old (Sunday)??? Crazy! 22 weeks and you STILL have not figured out how to sleep through the night!!! Oh my!! You have your good nites ( 2 to 3 hours of sleep at a time) and your Hell Nites (up every 20 minutes!) "They" keep telling me you will figure it out sooner or later...I am pretty sure it will be later! ruh-roh :( Oh well, at least we can use you for soup!
    Last week you had your first fever. Boy is that sad to see! I never thought I would miss your constant crabbiness until seeing you so blase'. We went to the doctor for a simple well visit on monday for a second opinion on your constant crying and the next day you spiked a fever! Wednesday we were back at the Dr but thankfully she said you were ok and just had a virus. I thought I would be  secretly relieved to have you sleep so much, but oddly I was not. You just didnt seem like yourself. By Thursday the fever was gone and crazy diarrhea set in.... that was AWFUL!  It has been a never ending carnival ride!
So now it is Friday and you have not got your appetite back! IF you dont hurry up and get back to "normal"soon you are going to drive your Noni...and me crazy!

    Of course after you got sick then Mommy got sick. Fortunately the bathrooms were close by at both Kohl's and Wegmans when I decided to "un-lunch" myself!  Luckily my bout with the flu was short-lived. But during my afternoon in bed (which was not nearly the afternoon of rest I had hoped for) I had my first real MOMMY A-HA! moment!! I cold hear my little man screaming downstairs as I lay up in quarantine and I did all I could to stay upstairs and not re-infect him! Finally, however,  I gave in when the wails turned to screams. With a scarf around my mouth I went downstairs and picked up my little screaming monster and at that very moment he let out the hugest sigh and fell asleep! My breath and body wreaked, my stomach was turning and every muscle ached but it was the greatest mommy moment ever! Knowing that My little Sir was crying for ME and wanting ME made me feel like a million bucks!! Now he just better get over this Mama's boy thing!

   When not sick, Daddy And I did have lots of fun traveling around PA exploring new areas! I cant believe I lived here for so long and havent seen so much! Monday we went to NYC with Uncle Ralphie. I love it there but Daddy was not as easily impressed! It is a little too congested for him....I guess you can take the boy out of the country but you cant take the country out of the boy! Hopefully Little man will get an appreciation of both the city and country from both of us!
    Next week we head back to Las Vegas. I say that with bittersweet emotions. I know your daddy is going a little stir crazy being in PA for so long and we both miss the dogs so much, but I do love being here, no matter how crazy your Nono may make me! I know I will be a mess when we leave - but not nearly as bad as Noni will be :) I know we will be back!

    Uncle Ronnie will be so surprised by how big you got when we get back! And I can't wait until he hears your new high pitched scream that you do so well! Good bye to his peaceful nights! Maybe Prada will help me with the late shift!

PS...Back off ladies....Sir Isaac scored himself an older woman! Sofia has claimed him all for her own! Way to go Isaac, what a hottie!!!