Sunday, January 31, 2010

You are lucky you are cute!

Dear I,
Someday you will learn just how FUN and WONDERFUL sleeping is! I realize right now you may think it is a little scary or, in your case, completely torturous, but believe me someday you will EMBRACE it as much as Mommy and Daddy (would like to) do!
It seems in the past few weeks you have developed an odd sense of complete dismay with sleeping. Waking every 30 to 45 minutes to remind me how much you completely hate it! I get the point kiddo!! But you still have to do it or mommy is going to be VERY cranky... or (according to Daddy) Crankier!!
Lately the hard part is not getting you to sleep ( I am actually getting better at that - knock on wood!) - it is putting you down! It seems every time I lay you down you react as if I accidentally put you in a bed of crocodiles! YOu scream as though I dropped you into your crib from the 45th floor of a highrise building! I dont know where this new game came from but I cant wait til its over!!
It makes for a very long nite....and an even longer next day!
I know many people ...MANY to offer their advice when it comes to sleeping..mostly let him cry it out...but I just cant do that...I know someday (soon) I will regret it...but you are SO fickle I can't let you cry all night. Because you will CRY ALL NIGHT! "They" say the  cry-it-out/Ferber method is harder on the parents. "they" are right. Mommy isnt strong enough to listen to you wail for hours and not throw herself over the balcony! Hopefully I am not screwing you up too much! ALthough part of me thinks at this rate I will be dancing you to sleep in high school!
I must say you have been better throughout the day though! Thank GOD!! Except for the fact that I hold you ALL day! I guess that makes up for my lack of gym attendance... maybe you are trying to tell me to get back to the gym?? Smart Baby Boy! Don't worry baby, Mommy is very aware that she needs to hit the treadmill again! Apparently my sweatpants look is getting old even for you!
The one thing that you do seem to love is music! All types and very loud! I have a feeling I will see many a drum set and such in our future! We dance to sleep every night. I cant wait until you are old enough to know what "only one song" means! Apparently now it means we dance until you are so sound asleep drool is coming out of your mouth!
You do love to be out and about though! YOu are going to be one active, inquisitive little Man! We went to story book hour last week at Barnes and Noble and you loved looking at all the other kids and books! Taking you out is my saving grace for keeping you calm! I just wish there were more places to walk around here other than a grocery store or Target...(your walks get awfully expensive :) And thank heavens for the Bjorn! Dont tell Daddy but Mommy secretly hates your the Bjorn is my best friend! Maybe we can try the treadmill together! (just kidding everyone) You also love you some Elmo and Barney! I dont know what kind of subliminal messages they put in those shows but keep it coming I say! And if I make daddy watch the Kids' stations any longer you are surely going to own "Your Baby Can Read!" any day now!
Well Apparently naptime is over.  Here I can come little Man! I hope everybody out there knows how much we miss them and can't wait to see them all again soon!!
love you, mommy

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  1. love you and miss you more. I wish I could dance with my boy even if he knows its not you