Monday, January 25, 2010

Baby Gaga!

Dear Baby I,
5 days back in Las Vegas...Ho Hum... Back to reality! Where is all my help!? My cooks? My laundry fairy? My magical Midnite relief?? I thought Santa may have left a set of you here....but nope. Good thing you are cute kid! Or Zam Boom to the Moon you would go!

Little Man, you are having a heck of a time getting re-adjusted to West coast time. Up at 3! Bed at 6! Ugh.. You are all screwed up! And so am I!! I guess we will figure it out sooner or later! The puppies were so excited to see us back!!! I have never seen Zorro so excited. He nearly licked my face raw! Who says dogs do not remember!!! Zorro does!!
FOr those of you who havent heard of our lovely trip back to Vegas...let me just say an Oceanic flight to the LOST island was better! Sir I cried and cried...and cried...oh rite, then he puked EVERYWHERE!!! I felt so bad for those around us! It must have been because he didnt want to come back to Vegas either! My poor baby! But we do love being back with Uncle Ronnie! HE loves to make you cry! :) It is the best to see him carrying you around in the bjorn! What a fabulous Uncle! Just dont let him teach you anything...especially about girls!

Since we have been back he has been "talking" up a storm! Babble Babble Babble!! He is getting adjusted to his new jumpy...and my little guy is HOOKED on Sesame Street! (bad mommy lets him watch TV already!) Sweet Potatos have also entered the scene! What A mess!!! But I think you liked them! You hate the Zantac though...I hope it is working but I have to jump thru hoops to keep it in your mouth! You nearly outgrown your tubby and your feet ar the tastiest most fascinating things you have ever seen!
BEing back also makes me miss all my helpers!! HINT HINT.....come visit Noni, aunties Krissy, Gina, and Emily!! SOON! Little man is like my new appendage! I cant put him down for a second! The facial recognition does melt my heart...but the constant holding breaks my back!!

Last but not least I wanted to give my little bratty patty a happy birthday shout out!! I cant believe my brat is 15!!! I bet in a blink of an eye I will be saying the same thing about Little I!! Enjoy your big day Bratty! BE good....and be careful - remember you are just finding out who you are supposed to be...and you will do better things than dating the boy on the football (or hockey!) team!! I love you! ( yippeee! a whole year of singing that song to you!!!)

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