Monday, May 16, 2011

A Belated Happy Mother's Day

Dear Baby I,

What a great May it has been so far! We have been busier than ever - and the spring weather has been agreeing with us tfor the most part - but the rainy breaks have been just as welcomed! You are at such an amazingly fun age right now! I try not to keep thinking that everyday you are one closer to being "too old for your mommy". I want to keep you at this age forever. Mama's little hell's angel.
I have to tell you - I have started this post several times in the past few weeks and can never find the time to finish it! Again I blame you! I cant beilieve how busy you are! "In to everything" doesnt even begin to describe you! The other day I was clearing the dinner table and in the 2 seconds it takes me to walk into the kitchen you managed to find yourself standing on top of the dinner table reaching for the ceiling fan! You are a monkey - and a danger-thrill-seeking-monkey at that!

I think its time to admit you are no longer little baby status and ALL BOY ALL THE TIME these days! If there is dirt, trucks, trains, danger, or water involved you are all over it!
WHen it comes to talking you are like a parrot! You repeat everything!! Even the not so repeatables! Talking to you is like learning a new language. The only problem is I have to remember you and I (and Sadie!) are the only ones who know this secret language! I find myself saying things like  "chi chi" (cookie) and "burn" (granola, dont ask how) in public   - or wanting to yell TRUCK!!!  every time I pass a truck on the road! It's getting hard to separate the 'me' moments from 'mommy' moments - and I couldnt be happier!

So far we have had a busy month! We have gone to Children's museum numerous times and each time it takes me a boat load of patience to get you out of the fire truck (and out of the tutus)! You love to yell "beep beep get out of the way!!" We went to Mud and Frog Classes at the Botanical Garden - note to self, extra sets of clothes for those days are a GREAT Idea! You sure LOVE some mud!!! We hung out at the Pool. We have become regular (interruptions) at church. :)
Mother's day weekend was especially fun! It started out with some prime yard saling where we found a slew of antique Tonka Trucks for sale! I am pretty sure Daddy was way more excited than you! Let's just say for 20 months old you have quite an extensive collection of trucks out back. Sunday we took a trip to Tiny Town to ride the train and see all of the miniature houses. You loved it - and you love your new Conductor's hat!!  The real fun was Sunday night. You and daddy took full advantage of the summer like weather and camped out outside - ALL NIGHT - IN A TENT!! It doesnt get much cooler than that kiddo! Nothing like waking up outside and getting to play with your trucks in the dirt - in your jammies!! Mommy and the doggies, on the other hand, slept all cozy in bed!

We are always on the go! This week you get to spend some quality time with your Gramma and you are loving all the attention! We havent seen Gramma since Thanksgiving so you sure are more of a handful now! You (and Sadie) are giving her quite a workout. Finally someone is here who hasnt read "Trucks" a thousand times!
In other news I can finally report we are in the midst (knock on wood) of a pretty decent sleeping stretch!  Halleluiah!! You have learned a slew of new words lately - some of your favorites being "God," "dark," "is," "Basketball," and "Pradabear". You sure love to talk. My guess is you get that from me - finally something!!! So we are honing in on sleeping and talking - now eating on the other hand, is still a sticky situation - LITERALLY. You are the only kid I know that needs a tubby and change of clothes after every meal - and snack!! It's amazing! Oh well, 2 out of 3 ain't bad!

Did I ever tell you how much I love being your Mommy?? How much I LOVE that I get to stay home with you everyday and watch you play and learn??  I think most people take motherhood - parenthood  - for granted until they have kids of their own. I know I unfortunately did. I never realized all the love, time, physical and  emotional investment our parents have put into us until I had the honor of doing the same for you. It is amazing how quickly my world has changed. I know it sounds so cliche and you will probably always think your mommy is such a weepy wuss, but it is so true.
These past 2 years have been the greatest experience of my life and I cant believe we are only getting started! I just can't imagine there is something greater in life than being a mother. On that note Happy Mother's day to Me - and to My Mom (your Noni) who mistakingly let me think this whole motherhood thing was so easy all these years!  And to all the 'Mothers' out there who feel the same - Happy Mother's day to you and thank you for what you do!
I love you Monster Trucker Monkey!
Love, Mommy