Thursday, November 3, 2011

Spooktacular Pirating!

Dear Baby I,

Time is flying by! First it was summer, then fall blew in and blew out - and now we have our first snowfall of the season - albeit 6 weeks early - but still shovel worthy! All of these seasonal changes and we haven't even gone trick or treating yet!

Speaking of which, I realize someday you will catch on that we are dressing you up as a dragon two years in a row, but it is such a cute costume - and that dang fever ruined our trick or treating last year!! So this year you are going to be a not-scary-pirate-with-a-parrot-monster-slaying-cowboy-Dragon. Im not really sure how we are going to pull off such a feat, but that is what you decided to be. So that is what we are going to do!

We have had a hectic past few weeks indeed! Besides getting all the provisions ready for your Halloween Costume extraordinaire, we have also been getting ready to head East for the winter and get ready to have some Babies! Yup. We are headed to Philadelphia to have Thing 1 and Thing 2 enter the world. Should be an interesting time to say the least! Your "Baby Brudder and Baby Sisto" (speculative brother and sister of course) sure like to make a grand  - and complicated - entrance! Oh well, the holidays are supposed to be hectic right?!?! I just hope Ho Ho finds us in all the chaos.

In the meantime you have been doing your part in being the cutest "one and only" you can be. You give my (ever growing, ginormous) belly lots of kisses and attention as well as lots of singing for your "Sib-Things." Everyday you ask me "time for them to come out yet mommy??" and I have to break the news to you that it's (hopefully) "not today." Being a Big Brother in Training is awfully stressful isnt it kiddo? Although it is not nearly as stressful as potty training - which you are having absolutely NO part of. Ugh! Zorro was so easy - what's taking so long with you monkey???

.....And we are back!!!!
Sorry kiddo we took a few days off mid post! I told you it was busy around here!
Halloween has come and gone - and you were quite the trick or treater! You wanted NO PART of the dragon costume - so you were (at first) half pirate half dragon - then full pirate - then half pirate - then you were the kid with a crappy mascara mustache and no costume at all. But you loved every minute of it!! Walking up to strangers' houses and getting candy?? You and Miss Lady Bug Sadie were all over that! Now the hard part is convincing you you cannot do that everyday!
After trick or treating you (and your daddy) ate yourself into a sugar high - followed by (my favorite) sugar crash. Yesterday you woke up and said "mommy I no like candy anymore" Maybe Halloween really IS the greatest holiday ever!

This week has been pretty hectic getting ready for our trip to NEPA next week. And its been an emotional roller coaster to say the least. If your cute little face says "mommy dont cry" one more time I am going to feel like the worst mother on the planet! Sorry monkey - damn pregnancy hormones have me all out of whack! Hopefully they will even out sooner or later. If not we are all doomed!
So it is back to the grind for us - me getting us ready - you getting us un-ready. After a toasty Halloween, the snow is falling again and the temps are freezing! So much for locking you outside while I try to get something done in the house. Ruh roh. We may just have to leave the mess for Daddy to pick up. :) Poor Daddy, he always gets our messes - I guess that's the price he has to pay for calling Mommy messy and sloppy. (Yes, Monkey, he IS starting to sound a lot like your Ugdle Ronnie!!)

On that note kiddo time to put away the computer and get this fine day in motion. You are happily overdosing on too much TV this morning and I am just about ready to get my lazy HUGE butt out of bed - again! I remember thinking once you were born "what was I thinking?? Pregnancy WAS the EASY part" - can this possibly be true again??" I hope not! Mommy has been so uncomfortable lately - physically and mentally I think Im wiped out! I can only hope and pray it gets better from here - or God help us all! THing 1 and Thing 2 better be on their best behavior when they enter the world, because you, me and Daddy can use a LONG, peaceful nap!

Just remember, as always baby monster, Mommy love you more than all the snowflakes in the sky - and all the snowballs you can eat! And to you my Thing 1 and Thing 2 - rest up in there - because once you two get out and able - I am making you work for all the stress you put us through! :) I love you all - as only your Mommy can!
I love you my country mouse bumpkins!
 Love, Mommy

Friday, October 7, 2011

"All By Myself"

The Cailou Effect
Dear Baby I,

Do you know how many times over the past few weeks I have heard that line?
Whether I try to help you get in the car or cut your chicken for dinner - be it getting you in or out of the tub or brushing your crazy hair - I always seemed to get yelled at with the same response : "I can do it ALL BY MYSELF!" You are so independent these days - and so stubborn! Although it really is no surprise at all Sir I, I mean look at who your parents are!
You are also full of one liners these days! I cannot believe the stuff that comes out of your mouth!
Someone skipped their nap
Sadie: Im a big girl now. I go pee pee on the potty!
Isaac: Im a big boy too - I go pee pee in the tubby!

Isaac: (quoting your beloved Toy Story) To Infinity in the Ambulance!

Mommy: Do you want to wear your dinosaur shirt today?
Isaac: Hmmm Mommy I would rather not.

 Isaac: (referring to finding the drag along puppy you got for Christmas TWO years ago) Puppy is my new favorite toy!
Mommy: What about Scout?
Isaac: He will be my favorite again tomorrow!

Isaac (after Daddy goes to work): Mommy no go to work, Mommy plays all day.

Whatever comes out of your mouth always seems to make my smile. Even when I do not want too - your little quirky smile and smart tongue can bring out the best in me!

The past few weeks here have been kind of hectic. Since my last post our days have been filled with doctor's appointments and quite a few sleepless nights. The outpouring of support from our family and friends has been amazing. YOu are one lucky little duck little man (we all are) - you do not even realize the amazing support system you have surrounding you. You and your little sib"things" will always be loved - overwhelmingly!

We are actually headed to Pennsylvania in the morning for Thing 1 to get an evaluation at the Children's Hospital Of Philadelphia. Im excited to hear what they say - I dread the thought that I will be leaving you overnight  - for two nights!! Ugh. I know you will be fine - its me I'm worried about! How will I sleep knowing you are a hundred miles away! Ugh. Like I said, you will be fine - you will probably not even notice Im gone. I will be the one like a lost little puppy!

One week in NEPA. Im sure your Noni, Aunts Krissy and Gina, and Emily have BIG plans for you - many of which Im sure Mommy would not approve! I will gladly take advantage of all the extra eyes and hands you will have to entertain and watch you. I am sure you have no problem getting yourself spoiled rotten for a few days!

You are so excited for the airport tomorrow morning. I am not excited about the 3 am wake up call. You have been asking me for weeks - "today we go to the airport mom?" and each time I have to remind you today is not the day we have tickets for. You actually woke up 5 am this morning saying "we have tickets for the airport soon mom".  Of course soon after that cute little remark I realized you spent the night sleeping without a diaper on. So, 5 am this morning I was wringing out bed sheets and bleaching your mattress!3

Oh my Monkey Boy the ways I discover how much more I love you and your sib"things" never cease to amaze me. Each day I find a new reason to thank God for the three of you. (oh my gosh - I still cant believe there will be THREE of you!) YOu are the reasons I wake up (at all hours) in the morning and the reasons I crash into my pillow each night (ok, sometimes even before you!) I cannot even remember what I used to think about before you came along - whatever it was it could not have been nearly as important!

Thanks to Steve Jobs we will have our memories Forever!
I love you My Little sir I mean my Big Boy I. I love this time of year and I love sharing it with you and Daddy. I hope you learn to love it too! I look forward to our expanding family and blog (coming soon) as we end one year and start a new!

I Love you!

Love, Mommy

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dear Thing 1 and Thing 2...

Dear Baby I,

Have I ever told you how much I love you? Im pretty sure I smother you with kisses and hugs and Lovin' each and every day -  but do you really know how much looking at your sticky, snotty little face has changed my life forever? How it brightens up any day and can make any situation seem just a little lighter? You are my (our) Little LIfesaver, Master I.  I hope you always know that and someday realize how much you are loved.
Well we have been having quite an interesting time the last few weeks! We rang in Labor Day weekend and Said farewell to summer - finally!! I do not think anyone is more relieved than your mommy to have the cooler, crisp air rolling in. You are a bit relieved too - now you can wear pants to protect those poor little forever-skinned knees of yours! Oh My, have you gotten clutsy in your Terrible Twos! You have also  gotten a bit more outspoken! Everything is MINE or OH, I DIDNT KNOW THAT, or my personal favorite - (upon trying to use a white crayon on white paper) MOMMY THIS CRAYON IS BROKEN CHANGE THE BATTERIES!
Oh I, I do not know what I would ever do without that precious little smile of yours - and I hope and pray I do not have ever have too- not even for minute.
But today, Sir I, I need to take some time from oogling and ahhgling over how cute you are and have a little talk with THing 1 and Thing 2...consider this your first lesson in sharing the lime light :)

Dear Thing 1 and Thing 2.
June 17 2011 I found out you were coming.
July 27 2011 I found out you were not coming alone.
September 12 2011 I realized how much I love you both.
Shh..don't tell your brother that, it took him rolling off the couch into a coffee table for the first time for me to really see what my Mommy instincts are really made of.
Let me explain something to you kiddos - being a parent is one of the greatest honors of my life - but by no means is it an easy job. Yes you get this little bundle  - or bundles - of joy to love and care for and smother with affection while you can, but you also get sleepless nights, heart ache, a never ending fear of the unknown (and inexplicable fear of balloons) and the underlying reality that your life as you knew it is no longer about you - its about your baby - or babies. As a parent you openly and willingly take challenge with no questions asked. But trust me, we have questions to ask - SO many questions, but all we can do is hope and pray that our love and effort will result in a happy, loving, (somewhat) stable child.
The day I found out you were coming I was beside myself with joy. I couldnt wait to scream it from the rafters! The day I found out you were bringing along a buddy I was flabbergasted. I couldn't believe God was entrusting me with not only one more little miracle but two! I felt like I was living a dream. I couldnt be happier knowing 2 babies were entering the world with a family ready and set to go love them. Now we are nearly half way there and it still seems like we are living a dream. We wonder what you will be, what you will look like? Will someone finally look like me?? Is Isaac right - are you a Baby Brudder and Baby Sisto?  With every passing doctor's appointment we watch you grow and develop and it sinks in a little more that you are little humans in there - our perfect little humans - soon to be wreaking havoc on all of us - at once!

Last Night was the first time I felt you kick. I cried. I laid in bed all night holding my tummy trying to feel your little movements. Like your crazy mommy likes to do, I talked to you all night too - I told you guys to fight nice in there and not to worry about coming out into the world - we were all here waiting to take care of you and protect you and show you what life is like on the outside.
THing 1 and Thing 2, I hope you know how much we love you out here and can't wait to hold you in our arms. YOur big brother gives you a kisses everyday - and even smeared his oatmeal all over Mommy's shirt yesterday giving you some of his breakfast! He is such a good sharer! As for September 12, well that is just another day on our  growing list of days that we will never forget. THat is the day we found out that Our little THing 1 is already a fighter - even on the inside. At a routine ultrasound  we heard the words you never want to hear as an expecting new parent - "something doesn't look right". Our minds raced with fear and the tears began to flow. "What does that mean?" "What could possibly not be right with our perfect little angels?"As the doctors and nurses did their best to act like this was an everyday occurrence, I held your daddy's hand and knew - something was drastically wrong. The next day we went for further tests and vacantly listened as the doctors explained the words "Spina Bifida" to us over and over again. As I listened to their calm and comforting explanation of what was taking place under my own skin I couldn't help but just sit their and silently freak out - QUIT TALKING AND SOMEONE HELP MY BABY!!! HOw could you be so close - and still we could do nothing to help?? Nothing but wait. It didnt seem fair.
My mind raced with fears and worst case scenarios. How could this happen? What did I do wrong? Were you in pain? What was your future going to be like?  Then suddenly amongst all my panic of doom and gloom I realized something I must never lose sight of again - You are my babies. Both of you. You are my little miracles - and it is not my job, but my absolute honor to love you both no matter what. I suddenly felt so ungrateful and selfish for all my negative thinking. Who was I to limit you before I even laid on eyes on you? Who was I to question what God has in store for us? From that moment on I promised you that I would stay positive while we sit and wait. I promised you  I would not let this diagnosis define you nor will I let it overshadow your arrival Thing 2. I realized Spina Bifida was not the end of the world and we would happily adjust to whatever 'new normal' our life would be like once you two arrived.
Well My Thing 1 and THing 2, no one ever said parenthood was going to be easy. A week ago, I thought the hardest thing I would have to deal with was having not 1 but 2 (ok, 3) colicky babies. It's funny how things can change in the blink of an eye. Just know that you two have a whole team out here pulling for you guys and praying for your safe arrival. You have a whole, big, loud, obnoxious family ready to love you and spoil you and secretly fill you up on candy when mommy is not looking. You two, along with your big brudder Isaac, are our precious, little perfect snowflakes and your Mommy and Daddy love you very much  - today - tomorrow  - and everyday after that.
So rest up in there Little ones and enjoy your final months of peace and quiet. I can promise you wont get much of that out here. :) Thing 2, keep an eye on your Buddy in there for us. Thing 1, get ready to be grounded for all the worry you put your Mommy and Daddy thru the past few days.
As for you Isaac, You just continue being the amazing little creature you are.
And All three of you never forget - your Mommy and Daddy love you all more than you will ever know!
I love you My Little Monkeys
Love, Mommy

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Li'l Mr. ChatterBox

Dear Baby I,

The sumer is flying by - YEAH!!!  - I do not like the heat!! So much for the cooler Colorado weather! Everyday feels like it inches closer to 100! At least we had air conditioning in Vegas. Oh well, It's the end of August, no use in complaining now. We made it this far. Hopefully the 'heat bubble' will burst soon! Although, as the eastern portion of the country braces for the wrath of Hurricane Irene and the Southern half of the country has been in 'boil' mode for weeks, I guess I cant complain too much.
We have been having a good ol time this summer. You my dear. have been getting quite vocal lately! It seems like everywhere we go lately people comment on how much you talk (as if they need to remind me!). I'm sure Sadie turned you into the little chatterbox you are. You both are! You two can go all day - and you can go at it too! Everything is MINE or NO or your personal new favorite GET OUTTA HERE.  Oh you're so 'cute' sometimes I could strangle you! Like this morning when I went in your room to get you out of bed - NO MOMMY GET OUT AND GET ME A BABA. Really kiddo?  Im not sure where you picked that lingo up but it better stop now - or you are going to be one thirsty little boy!
For the most part I have been cracking up at your new found talent of making up your sentences. They are so random. Like when you randomly told Noni YOU NO LIKE PEANUT BUTTER ANYMORE and then proceeded to repeat that for a week, all the while eating peanut butter. Or when you play with our cell phones and say HELLO THIS IS JASON, UM YEAH, OK, BYE MOMMY. Where did that come from? Or, HEY MOM, THATS A GOOD IDEA, geez, thanks I! And this one, which is my personal favorite, although Im not too sure how blog worthy/ready it is -  but it will be used as great fodder to embarrass you when you get older and start to date.  Allow me to preface it by saying you have had some NASTY, intense diaper rash this week. So needless to say it  has been a nitemare to change your diaper - you scream, cry and squirm like crazy. I actually feel bad because you go nuts when i try to put anything on it to soothe it. But we found one little trick that works...Now when I change your diaper you say MOMMY BLOW ON MY PEE PEE MAKES IT FEEL BETTER. Seriously I crack up every time. Pickles, Olives, now this? You defiintely are your daddy's boy!

At the time finishing this post it is Labor Day Weekend - the official end to Summer '11 - a BIG Yahoo!! from me is in order! And what better way to end the summer than a 'cold front' of some weather in the 80s!! I almost broke out the jackets today!! And what could be better than a cold front in the summer? A visit from Uncle Ronnie and the dogs! Today is Prada Bear's 10th birthday and you were just as excited as Uncle Ronnie to celebrate - although you hear BIRTHDAY and the CAKE!! buzzers automatically go off in your head! However, I am not surprised coming from the kid who have 7 cakes and birthday parties for his 2nd birthday! But I will admit I was the proud Mommy at the bakery this morning when you passed up a cinnamon roll for not one but TWO pieces of pesto quiche! That's my little foodie!!

Oh Kiddo I am so excited fall time is right around the corner! I love this time of year and I love spending it with you on any of our daily adventures! Something about this change in the air makes me think that all is right in the world - or at least our world. You wake up every morning so excited to see the big yellow "shoo Bus" out the window and you are so disappointed you cannot go to school yet! I dread knowing that day is right around the corner too - my little boy is growing up so quickly! It is such an amazing journey to experience - and I, at times, find it a little overwhelming that I will be experiencing it in 'double time' soon! How on earth will I be able to dedicate such time, energy, and devotion to 3 at 

once? Im sure it will happen, and Im sure you will be an amazing big brother and helper! I just remind myself everyday to take something in to remember how special and limited this time with you really is. I especially have to remind myself on those days when I find buckets of sand in your bed - or even better, mine! You truly are my daily reminder that miracles can happen to anyone and happiness is loving what you have and not worrying about what you don't!
I love you my little monkey man - from your runny nose to your muddy toes! You are my little piece of heaven on earth and I promise you our adventure will only get better from here!
Sleep Tight (in your sandy beach bed)! Mommy loves you more than all of the sprinkles in the sky!

I love you My Goofy Galoosey!
Love, Mommy

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

On the Eve of 2.

Dear Baby I,

I feel like it was just a couple of days ago I sat down to write you your first Happy Birthday Blog. I couldnt believe a whole 365 days had passed. It seemed like forever - it seemed like a blink of the eye. Now here I am, on the Eve of day 760 and I more dumb-founded than I was a year ago. I will warn you...this blog will be much shorter - as I am already crying all over the keyboard!
How did this happen?? First one year now 2??? Before I know it you will be off to kindergarten and then high school, then college(hopefully), then you will be leaving home with some love struck, doe-eyed, do-gooder girl who thinks she knows you better than me! OMG! I think I need a drink...oh great, that's been taken away from me too! Ugh, I digress. Pace yourself Mommy, We are still only at 2.
This past year has been AMAZING, to say the least my Sir I. It has been our first full year in Colorado. We got to travel a ton. You learned to walk and talk and sleep and run and jump and did I say sleep already?? Each day just seems to get better and I swear each day you seem to get cuter. Im not sure how that happens but it definitely works in your favor toward total Mommy/Daddy domination. You are definitely the chief commander of this outfit - and from the looks of it you are not going to have it any other way!
We have had so much fun this past year exploring our new city. I have had so much fun watching you grow and learn and discover the world around you. You are like a sponge - constantly absorbing everything that passes before your little eyes. We discovered your love of the zoo and zoo-ms, (isaarish for museums) you sat in more fire trucks than I could count, and you continue to practice your love of jumping. It has been amazing! Simply amazing. If I could have one wish it would be that didn't happen so darn fast!
These past few weeks leading up to your birthday have been so fun for all of us. Im pretty sure you know exactly what is going on with the whole birthday thing - well at least as far as the birthday = cake part. You do not need any help with anything cake, icing or sprinkles related. All of my "2 years old means no more diapers" brainwashing seems to have sunk in - now lets just see how long it takes for us to actually get you off the diapers.
Well my Monkey Man I promised to make this short and sweet and not ramble on and on with adorable cuteness. I know how much you shy away from attention. I hope you have an amazing birthday - and we hope you like the bike that is coming your way!! You are an amazing little monster, my baby, and I can't even begin to tell you how much you have changed our lives - and those of your entire family. You are a dream come true and a daily reminder of just how blessed my life is. I love you my little Birthday boy - from your piggly wiggly toes to the tip of your nose!
I look forward to experiencing this new year with you and look forward to many many more birthdays to come. sniff sniff.
I Love you Bugger...

Love, Mommy

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

July 27, 2011.

Breakfast in Bed
Dear Baby I,

We have a secret to tell, you and I. Something that only we have known since June 16. Something that has been the main reason why mommy hasnt written so much in the past few weeks - or quite frankly why it is was such a struggle for Mommy to get out of bed each morning! You -  my beautiful, wonderful, precious, baby boy are going to be a BIG Brother!! Can you believe it??? My Guess is probably not, since you probably cant even comprehend it at all. And by the time you ever look back at these words you will wonder if there were ever was a time when you were NOT a big brother. Let me reassure you that you were indeed once mommy and daddy's 'one and only' - and that is going to be a title not ever taken away from you. We are simply adding a "first" to the beginning of it!
Helicopter Ride!!
So many thoughts, so many feelings, so many emotions have gone thru my head for the past 6 weeks. Keeping it secret was no easy feat either! It's hard to hide the fact that I am constantly nauseous and tired and I am suddenly eating loaves of white bread a day. Nope, nothing strange going on here! Your Daddy was pretty shocked when we told him too. Im not sure he was expecting that particular Father's Day Surprise. Who knew Mommy and Daddy would be so good at this??
My BFF Sadie...
Are we ready for this? Can we handle this?? Is it too Soon? Boy? Girl? SO many questions, so little time. One thing I am certain of  is  you are going to be one helluva a big brother!! Any kid would be lucky to have you to look up to and show them them the ropes! I can only imagine how long it will be before you are teaming up against me. Not long enough, Im sure!
We decided to wait until we told everyone else - ok Mommy did, your daddy is a bit of a blabber mouth. I wanted to make sure we were 'out of the woods' and had our first doctors appointment. I wanted to make sure the dozens of tests I took were indeed accurate, not just a coincidental fluke! I surely feel pregnant! And quite frankly Im looking the part too. I swear I was not this big at 6 months with you!!
July 27, 2011.
Doctors visit #1. We were an hour early, the Dr was an hour late. You made yourself comfortable with the lobby, the patient coffee station, the decorative waterfall - it was a blast. Finally our turn. The doctor was very nice, I was seemingly happy with my decision to have gone with the mid wife vs the MD. WE went thru the office stuff -  history, info, and all the blah blah blahs that has to be done. Next up the physical exam. I knew this was going to be tricky. I had a feeling you were not going to like being in the room for this but our options were kind of limited. Either you come in and hopefully sit thru this or we tie you up in the lobby and hope you are there when we come out. Daddy said you had to come in with us. Whatevs. I thought the rope would hold you.

The no Chocolate  before dinner Protest

Of course you hated it. You thought the Dr was trying to hurt me and screamed for Mommy to hold you the whole time. And then there was all those buttons and switches for you to mess with!! Daddy had his hands full for sure!
Aunt Sue and Lily!
So there we were about to see your new brother or sister for the first time. The little alien teddy bear popped up on the ultra sound screen and I was relieved to learn I wasn't dying of a foreign tumor all these weeks. There it was Monkey - your future guinea pig, your future playmate, your future cohort, your best friend in the making. I could feel my eyes start to water up with all the images racing thru my head of the two of you growing up together playing in puddles and snow. Making snowmen and pulling each other in the wagon, riding bikes...I could see it all and I loved it!  Pure Joy. Pure Love. I couldn't wait to tell everyone!! Until...
Until my euphoria was broken with the words you never think you are really going to hear wrapped in a paper gown laying on a cold table in stirrups with a woman jamming a 'flashlight' somewhere up your ribcage..."Well, looky here...I think we have 2 of them...""Ha," said the Dr, "how about that - you kids are having twins."
HOW ABOUT THAT??? Twins??? What??? As in 2 babies???? We only need one!!! This must be a mistake! get a real MD in here - what was I thinking with a quack of a midwife?? Call 911!! We need a second opinion!  All I could do was laugh until I cried. I wanted to look at your daddy but I was afraid he was going to drop you or I would fall off the table! I turned my head and just saw him standing there with his jaw hanging wide open in total disbelief. Any trace of color or sunburn completely gone from his now pale white skin. Im pretty sure we said nothing. We just stared at the screen looking at the 2 fuzzy alien teddy bears squirming around. The Dr. laughed at our disbelief. "Well you did say it felt different this time" she joked, "I will give you kids a minute to adjust" she said as she left the room. Oh this will be different I thought, Different indeed but I think we are going to need more than a minute to adjust! But I guess really that's all you get. There is no going back, no changing what lies ahead, just a minute to shift gears and get your eyes back on the road.
So my Little monkey baby boy that is the story of the day the game changed for us. We instantly went from our little family of 3 to a family of 5. I can't even begin to imagine how the next few months are going to play out for us. The realization of us soon having 3 children under 3 years old hasn't fully set in (thankfully). Im so excited. Im so scared. Im so expecting all of the unsolicited advice of what "we need to do." Changes are coming kiddo. I just cant tell you when, where or how!
Thing 1 and Thing 2
I can tell you one thing for sure remains the same. You are going to be an AMAZING big brother - and these two little ones are going to follow you around like puppies! These are going to be two VERY lucky kiddos! They are being born into a family with a mommy and daddy ready to love them and a big brother ready to show them how to get dirty, sticky, and into everything! And whether we have one more or ten more (which we are NOT) you will always be Mommy's first one and only. My monkey baby boy. My Baby Isaac. I love you more than ever - and that my bugaboo - will never ever change.
Everyone needs to rest in a bucket!
I spent most of this morning reading old blogs and laughing at how I swore up and down I was 'one and done' after you. God must have laughing too. Either He read them and thought "you thought this kid was rough just wait..." or "Wow! You 'tamed' that beast - let's see what else I can throw at them..." Either way it must be true - God laughs at those who make plans. Regardless we will welcome these blessings - and challenge - with open arms and open hearts. I can only imagine the open blogs that will come from this too - when I find the time!
I can't even imagine the road we are about to travel but I couldnt imagine it with anyone other than you and your Daddy. I love you both - and Thing 1 and Thing 2 - my little alien teddies -  I love you both too.

I Love you Magic Monkey Boy!
Love Mommy

Sunday, July 24, 2011

23 Months of Fun!

Dear Baby I,

Wow. Mommy is quite the slacker lately! I havent written a thing since Father's Day- how am I supposed to remember what an amazing little monster you have been this past month??? Oh that's right - I have the mental scarring from your bizarre but frequent "I hate the car seat" tantrums and "Uncle Ronnie  spit on the floor" episodes permanently etched in my brain!! Geez...I hate would hate to forget any of that! :)
So what I am about to say here is going to shock even Me. Your own Mother. THese are words I thought I would never say concerning you - my dear baby Isaac - but I am going to say them and hopefully forego jinxing myself with some evil cosmic twist of fate. Here I go....
You. Isaac. Are quite the Sleeper. OMG! I cant believe I said it!!! I hear Earth Angel playing in the background and I think I actually have goosebumps. Part in disbelief that I have actually jinxed myself and partly because I NEVER thought this day would come! But you have morphed into one little boy who loves to sleep - and hates to be woken up. FOrget all that earlier talk of me not being able to wait until I can ruin your sleep with smashing pots and pans! Sure that will come in your teen years (I PROMISE YOU THAT!!) but for now it's like this little piece of glorious heaven on Earth! You Nap like a champ! You sleep thru the night! You have even ASKED to go to bed! (Yes, mommy did cry tears of joy that day!)
It took the longest, hardest, painstaking, baffling 20(ish) months of our lives...But we did it!! Im so proud of you little monkey! All those late night drivebys at the local firehouse - see its a good thing I didnt drop you off!

Im not saying you arent completely OCD about your new love of sleep. You are the only kid who needs to sleep in his own bed, in his own room - exclusively (which makes traveling anywhere SO much fun!). You need  to have your specific - yet random assortment of dozens of stuffed animals, blankets, and toys in your bed. And of course we need to name them all before we call lights out. Good Night Scout, Good Night Bear, Good Night SHeep, Be quiet George! We need to have our 3 major Bs  - Binkie, Blankie and Baba. You need no less than 7 pillows topping your bed and of less not we forget we need to discuss what will be for breakfast in the morning. But I will take that any day over the alternative kiddo! ANY DAY!!
In other news Monkey Man, we had a great trip to Las Vegas Last week. We got to see Uncle Ronnie and the dogs. You were super excited about playing in the pool - until you realized how freaking hot it was outside! You will never go outside without shoes again thats for sure! Im really not sure how we survived living in Vegas. It is just so HOT!!
You and Uncle Ronnie had a great time together! You learned to Bless yourself (yeah!), spit in the car (boo!), genuflect (yeah!), and repeatedly tell people I beat you (boo!). YOu even taught Uncle Ronnie all about the internet...Well,  I guess it was a partial success!
Back here in Denver - and everywhere else - the big story is the heat. It is HOT! Like Vegas hot - only without the air conditioning. Boo. The heat makes everything harder - and in your case more miserable. You are HATING your car seat these days - actually just the car in general. Im not sure if you want to just stay in the hot house all day kiddo - but you getting me to the point where that is exactly what we are going to do if you keep flipping out every time we venture out of the house.
Tough Love Kiddo. Mommy is ALL about it!

Well, Summer is flying by. It is already the end of July and I have to admit I was a little giddy when I saw the pumpkin display at the store the other day. Time is flying by monkey man. I will gladly wish the summer away but I hate to think in doing so you get a little bit older. You will always be my Monkey Baby Boy! I guess the older you get the more you keep me on my toes! You play harder, sleep harder, eat messier, and scream louder these days. Did I mention you are a thousands times cuter too?? It melts my heart each time  you tell me "Mommy pretty" and "I love you too Mama" YOu really are learning how to work your Mama over well! It may be tough to stay a step ahead of you...But I will kiddo!! I will!!

And POOF! Just like that another weekend is here and gone. We packed a lot in just a little time! YOU and Daddy had a great together out at Horsetooth Canyon yesterday. You even weasled a new toy out of him...I bet that was hard! Today, Sunday, we had a great Mommy and Me morning at the bakeshop followed by a little bit of shopping and a VERY messy hummus lunch! Why do the weekends have to be so short? AS I sign off here you are tucked away in bed, covered in blankies, binkies,  and toys and of course stripped down to nothing but a diaper. I hear ya kiddo - jammies are so overrated!
Good Night my little Monkey Bug. I hope you have sweet dreams and sleep tight! Mommy Loves you more than the moon and the stars and all the mosquitoes in Colorado!!!

I Love you Bugagaboo!

Love, Mommy