Tuesday, August 16, 2011

On the Eve of 2.

Dear Baby I,

I feel like it was just a couple of days ago I sat down to write you your first Happy Birthday Blog. I couldnt believe a whole 365 days had passed. It seemed like forever - it seemed like a blink of the eye. Now here I am, on the Eve of day 760 and I more dumb-founded than I was a year ago. I will warn you...this blog will be much shorter - as I am already crying all over the keyboard!
How did this happen?? First one year now 2??? Before I know it you will be off to kindergarten and then high school, then college(hopefully), then you will be leaving home with some love struck, doe-eyed, do-gooder girl who thinks she knows you better than me! OMG! I think I need a drink...oh great, that's been taken away from me too! Ugh, I digress. Pace yourself Mommy, We are still only at 2.
This past year has been AMAZING, to say the least my Sir I. It has been our first full year in Colorado. We got to travel a ton. You learned to walk and talk and sleep and run and jump and did I say sleep already?? Each day just seems to get better and I swear each day you seem to get cuter. Im not sure how that happens but it definitely works in your favor toward total Mommy/Daddy domination. You are definitely the chief commander of this outfit - and from the looks of it you are not going to have it any other way!
We have had so much fun this past year exploring our new city. I have had so much fun watching you grow and learn and discover the world around you. You are like a sponge - constantly absorbing everything that passes before your little eyes. We discovered your love of the zoo and zoo-ms, (isaarish for museums) you sat in more fire trucks than I could count, and you continue to practice your love of jumping. It has been amazing! Simply amazing. If I could have one wish it would be that didn't happen so darn fast!
These past few weeks leading up to your birthday have been so fun for all of us. Im pretty sure you know exactly what is going on with the whole birthday thing - well at least as far as the birthday = cake part. You do not need any help with anything cake, icing or sprinkles related. All of my "2 years old means no more diapers" brainwashing seems to have sunk in - now lets just see how long it takes for us to actually get you off the diapers.
Well my Monkey Man I promised to make this short and sweet and not ramble on and on with adorable cuteness. I know how much you shy away from attention. I hope you have an amazing birthday - and we hope you like the bike that is coming your way!! You are an amazing little monster, my baby, and I can't even begin to tell you how much you have changed our lives - and those of your entire family. You are a dream come true and a daily reminder of just how blessed my life is. I love you my little Birthday boy - from your piggly wiggly toes to the tip of your nose!
I look forward to experiencing this new year with you and look forward to many many more birthdays to come. sniff sniff.
I Love you Bugger...

Love, Mommy

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