Friday, October 7, 2011

"All By Myself"

The Cailou Effect
Dear Baby I,

Do you know how many times over the past few weeks I have heard that line?
Whether I try to help you get in the car or cut your chicken for dinner - be it getting you in or out of the tub or brushing your crazy hair - I always seemed to get yelled at with the same response : "I can do it ALL BY MYSELF!" You are so independent these days - and so stubborn! Although it really is no surprise at all Sir I, I mean look at who your parents are!
You are also full of one liners these days! I cannot believe the stuff that comes out of your mouth!
Someone skipped their nap
Sadie: Im a big girl now. I go pee pee on the potty!
Isaac: Im a big boy too - I go pee pee in the tubby!

Isaac: (quoting your beloved Toy Story) To Infinity in the Ambulance!

Mommy: Do you want to wear your dinosaur shirt today?
Isaac: Hmmm Mommy I would rather not.

 Isaac: (referring to finding the drag along puppy you got for Christmas TWO years ago) Puppy is my new favorite toy!
Mommy: What about Scout?
Isaac: He will be my favorite again tomorrow!

Isaac (after Daddy goes to work): Mommy no go to work, Mommy plays all day.

Whatever comes out of your mouth always seems to make my smile. Even when I do not want too - your little quirky smile and smart tongue can bring out the best in me!

The past few weeks here have been kind of hectic. Since my last post our days have been filled with doctor's appointments and quite a few sleepless nights. The outpouring of support from our family and friends has been amazing. YOu are one lucky little duck little man (we all are) - you do not even realize the amazing support system you have surrounding you. You and your little sib"things" will always be loved - overwhelmingly!

We are actually headed to Pennsylvania in the morning for Thing 1 to get an evaluation at the Children's Hospital Of Philadelphia. Im excited to hear what they say - I dread the thought that I will be leaving you overnight  - for two nights!! Ugh. I know you will be fine - its me I'm worried about! How will I sleep knowing you are a hundred miles away! Ugh. Like I said, you will be fine - you will probably not even notice Im gone. I will be the one like a lost little puppy!

One week in NEPA. Im sure your Noni, Aunts Krissy and Gina, and Emily have BIG plans for you - many of which Im sure Mommy would not approve! I will gladly take advantage of all the extra eyes and hands you will have to entertain and watch you. I am sure you have no problem getting yourself spoiled rotten for a few days!

You are so excited for the airport tomorrow morning. I am not excited about the 3 am wake up call. You have been asking me for weeks - "today we go to the airport mom?" and each time I have to remind you today is not the day we have tickets for. You actually woke up 5 am this morning saying "we have tickets for the airport soon mom".  Of course soon after that cute little remark I realized you spent the night sleeping without a diaper on. So, 5 am this morning I was wringing out bed sheets and bleaching your mattress!3

Oh my Monkey Boy the ways I discover how much more I love you and your sib"things" never cease to amaze me. Each day I find a new reason to thank God for the three of you. (oh my gosh - I still cant believe there will be THREE of you!) YOu are the reasons I wake up (at all hours) in the morning and the reasons I crash into my pillow each night (ok, sometimes even before you!) I cannot even remember what I used to think about before you came along - whatever it was it could not have been nearly as important!

Thanks to Steve Jobs we will have our memories Forever!
I love you My Little sir I mean my Big Boy I. I love this time of year and I love sharing it with you and Daddy. I hope you learn to love it too! I look forward to our expanding family and blog (coming soon) as we end one year and start a new!

I Love you!

Love, Mommy