Sunday, November 15, 2015

Dear Mr. President....

Dear Mr. President, 
     I need your help. Last night I laid in bed wide awake. As a mother to 3 little ones, it's not that uncommon, but last night as my kids were tucked in their beds fast asleep, I stared at the ceiling and cried myself to sleep. I cried for every corner of this world which seems to be falling apart. I cried for my children's future. I cried because I don't have answers. And quite frankly Mr. President, I cried because I don't think you do either.   
   When I was a little girl I used to think Russia was the bad guy. I would hear stories on the news of that far away place and  I would pray for peace. Today the bad guy is everywhere. The bad guy is the lonely kid in his parent's basement who finds acceptance on the Internet. The bad guy is misunderstood religion. The bad guy is a gun or no gun.  The bad guy is Hatred. 
     Mr. President,  the world is falling apart and I don't know who to pray for anymore -  and I'm starting to think it may not matter. How do I teach my children to be loving and accepting in a world so full of Hate. How do I teach them they can be whatever they want to be when they grow up when I constantly feel  this sinking feeling that they may never get the chance to grow up. I want to scream the sky is falling! Paris is Burning! There is so much darkness and just not enough hope to hold onto. The bad guys are winning Mr. President. They have crept into the American Dream and unraveled a nightmare before us.
I'm scared Mr. president.  As a parent, you must be able to understand right? Are we supposed to go on living with our head in the sand as if the current events of our day don't exist? Am I supposed to take my kids to the movie theater and pretend I am not scared for our safety? Am I supposed to not watch the clock and hold my breath as I wait to see their precious faces hop off the school bus? Are we now supposed to teach our kids it is "normal" to have safety drills in school in case of a bomb or attacker?
     I need your help Mr. President because our world is falling apart and I don't know how to respond. I long for a time when the world was big, when the bad guys were a long distant thought, not a click away. I long for a time when all religions were accepted in our school not banned from them. I long for a time when kids could play outside free of gates and fences to keep the bad guys out. But mostly,  I long for a time when I could teach my kids to see the good in every person, because quite honestly Mr. President, I no longer think every person has the good in them.
    Mr. President I realize you don't have a magic wand. You can't stomp out evil and you can't eradicate hatred. But Mr. President your country is calling. We, the parents of the next-generation, desperately need you to reassure us we are headed in the right direction. We need to be reassured that you have Our Children in mind with every decision you make - not just poll numbers and approval ratings. We don't care about your party affiliations, we don't care about your bank roll, we don't care about your vacation plans. We care about our children and the children of the world who are growing up learning to fear and to hate. We care that our children our losing sight of The Good Guys in the world. We have no option but to hang onto hope.  We need to be the Light in all this Darkness. Help us Mr. President. Help us make this world a better place. If not for ourselves, for the children we will leave behind. We are staying up awake worried Mr. President, are you?

          A Tired, but Hopeful Mother