Tuesday, August 31, 2010

TouchDown Denver!

Dear Baby I,

Day 1 Denver is under our hat! I would love to say it went without a hitch, but this (lack of) sleeping thing  has the whole house in a tizzy! Daddy may be missing that bachelor life sooner than he thought!
Our last weekend in Vegas was great! So sad to say "see you soon!" to Uncle Ronnie and Prada Bear, but no goodbyes - only see you soon! I am sure we left enough stuff behind to have to make a pit stop back in Vegas soon. And I think we can assure ourselves that jumping from a Vegas "winter" to a Colorado winter in less than 3 months, will not be a smooth transition. I Feel a warm weather getaway in our not so distant future. Plus Uncle Ronnie will have to get sick of such a clean house after awhile! And  of course, I am sure your uncle will come out to Denver to visit! He is such the travel bug! Maybe he will rent out a rock star tour bus and he and PBear will do the drive! I hope so! We miss them already and we cannot thank them enough for all they have done for us for the past 4 years! Thank you!!! We love you!!!
  As for our new life in Denver, we are settling in a little at a time. We definitely have too much STUFF for this little house! We need to downsize. Mommy thinks Doc is the first thing we should sell off at our moving in sale! ANd then there is our beloved Zorro, I missed him dearly - but Oh My Gosh does that dog shed! Well it was a nice week off we had from the white fur ball storm!
  Unpacking has been fun. ( I hope you can sense the sarcasm!) You have so much stuff kiddo! I dont know how you managed to pass out your daddy in the 'jam-packed closet' race but you really have put us both to shame! No new clothes or toys for you until you are at least 25!! Thank Goodness this house comes with lots of storage - albeit dank and creepy - yet spacious! We already have a section of the basement labeled "NExt Yard sale"! OK, I do - because it mostly filled with your Daddy's junk, but no need to tell him that!
   The weather has been great so far! Cool and crisp in the morning and night time and just warm enough  for the afternoon trips to the park. Yesterday it was packed - although I quickly realized that I was the only Mommy - ie, non-nanny - there. That was weird. I kind of felt like I should be working - but THANKFUL that I am not - and I get to stay home and watch you throw your tantrums...I mean grow. :)
   I do love having you, me and Daddy back under one roof. As you will grow to realize monster, family is the most important thing you will ever have and these times together will create memories we will all have forever!
  Well the ordoriferous draft wafting in over the computer screen tells me my Mommy time is up. Super Why is over and apparently so is that diaper! Time for the first clothing change of the day (we are averaging 4!!!) and to get this day in motion! We have parks to play in and a story hour at the library to scream thru!
I Love you My little Monster Monkey squishy pants!
Love, Mommy

ps...Let's get crackin on this sleep bug this week! Mommy's bags under her eyes dont fit in well with the ultra healthy and fit Colorado scene! :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Leaving Las Vegas

Dear Baby I,
Well it seems like just a few days ago we were welcoming the summer and here we are ushering it out. Where does the time go? I bet before I know it, we will be school shopping for you! One more thing for Mommy has to cry about!
It has been a long week for us. Your first week into One Year Old has definitely been a busy one. Uncle Ralphie and Daddy spent your whole birthday loading up the moving truck. The next day we regretfully took Noni and Uncle Ralphie to the airport. :(  We didn't have too much time for Mommy's hyperventilation stint though...we had a yard sale to get ready for! OK, so the Thursday and Friday Yard sale was a semi-bust....but we did get rid of a few things - but we ended up taking much more to Denver than expected. Go Figure! Friday afternoon the moving truck pulled out of the driveway and headed out to the Great Mid West. We headed to the Doctor for your 1 year check up. Saturday was the kicker though. Daddy and Zorro and Doc drove off to Denver. I am not sure I ever cried so much in my life. Separating the dogs was one of the hardest things I have ever done. FOr those of you non-dog lovers this probably sounds a bit overly fanatical - but trust me, I can cry now just thinking about it!  I am sure it will be equally as hard next weekend when you and I fly out to Denver. Leaving Uncle Ronnie and Prada here in Vegas may just put me over the edge when it comes to winning the hyperventilating lady in the airport award! Hoy Vey! I cannot wait for that!
Moving is a hard thing kiddo. THankfully you are too young to know what is going on. Sometimes I wish I were! I think kids are way more resilient than adults  when it comes to adapting to change anyway....Or maybe your Mommy is just a big crybaby wuss! I can definitely use an unemotional night off soon! I am dehydrating here!
The Moving Truck arrives in Denver Friday and we are to arrive on Sunday. That gives Daddy less than 48 hours to unload the whole truck and set up the house before we get there! He is surely got his work cut out for him! THanks goodness you have such an amazing Daddy - otherwise I think he would have killed me for all my breakdowns by now!
Being in Vegas with you this week with all our stuff packed and gone, has been challenging to say the least! I never realized how important my baby gate was! Even all those toys you never play with helped buy me sometime to make dinner! Now I am on my own! Good thing Prada is here to play with you - without chewing up your toys and bouncy balls! Hint HInt Doc!
It wouldn't be a complete post if I didnt mention your sleep habits this week. OR shall I say LACK of sleep! Hitting the big 0-1 has not helped us get some shut eye around here! FOr the past week you have been up all night moaning and groaning. We narrowed it down to the whole milk your daddy gave you (GRRR!) or more toofers coming. Not sure what it is just yet, but I hope it figures itself out soon! THis crying all night stuff is for the birds. Not too mention you are one MEAN bed hog when you toss and turn all night!
Well kiddo, I think you have finally fell asleep in your crib in the bedroom. I no longer hear the torturous wailing or your toys being flung around the room. Time for MOmmy to round up more of our stuff for the final suitcase! I realize you will probably never remember Vegas Baby, but I will do my best to remind you how important this past year has been to all of us - you me, daddy, Uncle ROnnie and the dogs. It has been such an amazing year for all of us. Our time together here has been such an unforgettable experience we were lucky to be a part of. Next up is the next chapter of our journey for all of us. Remember we love you very much Sir I and no matter where we are or how far apart our family may be they all love you very much. Ugh..I am crying again...
Sweet Dreams my little monster monkey.
Love, Mommy

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Dear Baby I,

How did this happen??? How did you get to be ONE year old in such a short amount of time? How did you go from a crying, helpless little bundle of joy to a screaming, laughing, cupboard emptying little Monster? Where did the time go? It was a blink of an eye - yet I cannot remember one second before you were here. I Feel like my whole life was turned upside down and inside out in the past 365 days and I wouldn't have it any other day.
It has been a "quick year", but let's be honest - it has had some long days - and longer nights for sure! Thinking back I sometimes wonder how we both made it through this year. You surely gave me a run for my money this year. I cannot imagine what other event in life can you make feel so many different emotions in such drastic fashion. We laughed, we cried, we pooped, we didnt poop, we stayed up all night, we ate LOTS of watermelon, and we watched our Beloved Super Why.
Your First Bday party was a HUGE success. You played, you ate - and you mashed up your first watermelon cake with gusto! I better get practicing now on next year's cake to avoid this year;s icing disasters! You also got a lot of cool toys too - including an awesome wagon from Uncle Ronnie and Thomas the Train from Daddy! Now the hard part - getting all the stuff onto the moving truck!
As a new mom I gained such a HUGE respect for all moms this year. (thanks Mom!!) It is definitely not a job to be taken lightly. In the past 365 days I can probably count the amount of hours I was NOT in your sight on one hand! It has been an AMAZING honor to watch you grow this year and I am so thankful God chose me to be the Mommy of such a darling, healthy, curious, active, adorable and vocal baby boy. Let's hope year 2 brings us lots of love, family, fun...and to go out on a crazy limb - SLEEP!
I love you Mr. Monster Sir I! Happy First Birthday!!
Love, Mommy

Thursday, August 12, 2010

360 days of I

Dear Baby I,
Well it took 51 weeks exactly but I finally got a decent night's sleep out of you!! Five straight hours!!! now I know that may not seem like a lot to all you guys with 'normal' children, but for Isaac that is some pretty special landmark! I, of course, couldn't sleep a wink! We definitely need to coordinate our sleep schedules.
  Maybe you were just overly excited about Noni's arrival. I sure was! It seemed like Saturday night would never get here! You slept thru her whole welcome to Vegas party!  I can sum it up for you though. It kind of went like this: "yeah!!! Noni is here....ok, good nite." Come morning time, she was sure excited to get her hands on you! She thinks you got SOOOO big. I think you got SOOOO bold! We both agree you got SOOOO cute!
 Leading up to Noni's big homecoming, we were living in heat wave hell! We were up to 45 straight days over 105. You get so obstinate and throw a tantrum when I wont let you crawl outside on the hot bricks. Baby Monsters get burned too kiddo! I would have a lot of explaining to do at the ER if I brought you in with a burned little bummy! We did manage to have some indoor fun! You got such a kick out of emptying all the cupboards and rearranging all the shelves. I am pretty sure plumbing is in your future...maybe you can even fix Nono's shower someday! I bet you get that from your Daddy - Since The only thing Mommy can fix is dinner!
   Since Noni's big arrival she has been getting a better glimpse of how crazy you are...or in her words of putting it nicely "whatta handful you are". I love when she tells me to just let you scream or whine...and then she picks you up. Go figure! And she lets you crawl up the steps (because she forgets to put the gate up!)....which you LOVE to do...except you know you are not suppose to do it...and the concept of coming down the steps is completely foreign to you still. And then there are the dogs. Im pretty sure Noni is at her breaking point with the herd of furballs running around the house and chewing your toys. If Doc knocks her over one more time I am sure he will be out to pasture in no time! Noni also caught a glimpse of you fancy table manners. I am sure Uncle Ronnie would argue you learned your piggy behaviors from me, I did not teach your spaghetti twirling skills....or should I say spaghetti HURLING skills. And then there was Mommy's brainless idea of Jello time....next time we try that you are going right in the pool!
  We are getting closer to Daddy's and Uncle Ralphie's arrival! Saturday they will be here to help celebrate the Big Bday Numero Uno!! I made Noni promise not to go nuts for this birthday - no Jumpy thing, no ponies, no first bday sky diving...none of that til you're old enough to know whats going on! Maybe next year! I am pretty sure you would be over the moon this year with a new set of Tupperware  and lots a wrapping paper to eat!
360 days in kiddo!! I still cannot believe it! Looking back I do not know how WE survived. You have definitely gave me a run for my money this past year and unlike what everyone else still tells me, I am sticking to my One and Done motto - for now! I just cannot imagine another hellion as cute as you - or my nerves making it through another year! I am almost out of hair the way it is!! We are on the 5 day countdown. My prediction is walking will come somewhere in there and then English words after that
(rather than the Isaac language you are so vocal with!)
Love you my monster man! Here is to our first 52 weeks together..may there be many many many more to come!
I love you Baby I

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hi, Rocky Mountain!

Dear Baby I,
 Greetings from the Centennial State! We have been having such a greet time here in Colorado! First of all you got some quality Daddy time - that is always a bonus in our book! It is always such an amazing experience to see your face light up when you see your Daddy at the airport! You get so excited to see him, and believe me, I can assure you the feeling is 100% the same on Daddy's part too. Your Daddy (and Mommy) loves his little boy VERY much!
   I had a hunch the trip would be a success when we got our very own row on the plane here! Two vacant seats!!?? That NEVER happens! You were such a good boy on the flight too. Ok, so we haven't exactly figured out how to seemlessly maneuver our way through the Denver airport just yet, but we are working on it.
 This trip saw plenty of stroller time and barely any car seat time! Hooray! We love walking everywhere!  Friday morning we took a long stroll to the local park - Turtle park, as we locals call it. :) You loved it! It was like an all you can eat Sand Buffet! You were a big hit with the neighborhood ladies too! You had those 3 yr olds eating out of your hand...literally! Mommy even found a great coffee shop within walking distance, complete with the 20-something indie baristas hell -bent on blaring the Ramones at 7am. A win-win!
   I think the best part of the weekend was our first trip to the Tattered Cover Bookstore. I have never seen you more excited or animated. All those books! All those SHelves! You were in Isaac Nirvana!! It took you less than 5 minutes to have all those shelves cleared and books all over the floor! You were one destructive baby on a mission! Daddy was pretty excited too - he tried reading you every book you pulled out, but he caught on quickly that you weren't too interested in reading the books...just flinging them. Hmmm...maybe we SHOULD be worried that the first book you pulled off the shelf was "Dealing with ADHD".
   THe rest of the weekend was filled with lots of family time for the three of us - especially in that new pimped out toy room daddy set up for himself,  I mean You, of course! Mommy also had lots of interviews to become a nanny. If we are going to stay home together kiddo we still need to bring the dough!! We met so many new kids! Now we have lots to think about, however. Hopefully we will find the perfect fit for us and them - and hopefully you will have a new playmate!
  Today we head back to Vegas, but it wont be long until Daddy is with us again! 10 days until he comes to Vegas to complete "the Big Move"! Oh what a chore that will be! I do not envy him on that drive! Lucky for us there is another flight in our future...Yes, I did pull the "baby card" on this trek, really who wouldn't!
  Noni is also coming out to Vegas on Saturday! She better rest up for the handful you have become! I have a good feeling you will be walking by your birthday. You can stand on your own, and if you weren't so excited about it and looking for applause causing you to fall down, you probably would have been walking already! But we are in NO RUSH to have you walking! I already cant keep up with you! Walking brings on a whole new playing field!
  Well my little Rocky mountain monster, time to pack up and get this ball rolling for yet another flight on your itinerary. Hopefully this one will go as smooth as the one here! Please God please!!! All in all a great weekend for the new Holly street team (that's us!). Mommy now has a much more relaxed outlook on the move, and better idea of the new neighborhood. I think we are going to like it here...for a bit! :) We definitely stand out though...We are the only ones with a single stroller! You will be the only "only child" for miles!!! Oh well, Prada, Zorro and Doc will make up for what you lack in siblings!
I love you baby Monster Madness! We miss you already Daddy!
Love, Mommy

  PS...Wednesday AM:...we landed safely - another whole row flight!! NOte to self for future flights...NEVER NEVER NEVER get on plane without a binky!! Silly mommy left it in the car! Hoy vey, what a disaster, I think they gave us our own row just to keep us away form everyone else! :)
But at the time of publishing this post, we are safe and sound back in Vegas with the pups and Uncle ronnie , your walker and toys - and of course, the beloved water bowl!!  Let the packing begin!