Tuesday, August 31, 2010

TouchDown Denver!

Dear Baby I,

Day 1 Denver is under our hat! I would love to say it went without a hitch, but this (lack of) sleeping thing  has the whole house in a tizzy! Daddy may be missing that bachelor life sooner than he thought!
Our last weekend in Vegas was great! So sad to say "see you soon!" to Uncle Ronnie and Prada Bear, but no goodbyes - only see you soon! I am sure we left enough stuff behind to have to make a pit stop back in Vegas soon. And I think we can assure ourselves that jumping from a Vegas "winter" to a Colorado winter in less than 3 months, will not be a smooth transition. I Feel a warm weather getaway in our not so distant future. Plus Uncle Ronnie will have to get sick of such a clean house after awhile! And  of course, I am sure your uncle will come out to Denver to visit! He is such the travel bug! Maybe he will rent out a rock star tour bus and he and PBear will do the drive! I hope so! We miss them already and we cannot thank them enough for all they have done for us for the past 4 years! Thank you!!! We love you!!!
  As for our new life in Denver, we are settling in a little at a time. We definitely have too much STUFF for this little house! We need to downsize. Mommy thinks Doc is the first thing we should sell off at our moving in sale! ANd then there is our beloved Zorro, I missed him dearly - but Oh My Gosh does that dog shed! Well it was a nice week off we had from the white fur ball storm!
  Unpacking has been fun. ( I hope you can sense the sarcasm!) You have so much stuff kiddo! I dont know how you managed to pass out your daddy in the 'jam-packed closet' race but you really have put us both to shame! No new clothes or toys for you until you are at least 25!! Thank Goodness this house comes with lots of storage - albeit dank and creepy - yet spacious! We already have a section of the basement labeled "NExt Yard sale"! OK, I do - because it mostly filled with your Daddy's junk, but no need to tell him that!
   The weather has been great so far! Cool and crisp in the morning and night time and just warm enough  for the afternoon trips to the park. Yesterday it was packed - although I quickly realized that I was the only Mommy - ie, non-nanny - there. That was weird. I kind of felt like I should be working - but THANKFUL that I am not - and I get to stay home and watch you throw your tantrums...I mean grow. :)
   I do love having you, me and Daddy back under one roof. As you will grow to realize monster, family is the most important thing you will ever have and these times together will create memories we will all have forever!
  Well the ordoriferous draft wafting in over the computer screen tells me my Mommy time is up. Super Why is over and apparently so is that diaper! Time for the first clothing change of the day (we are averaging 4!!!) and to get this day in motion! We have parks to play in and a story hour at the library to scream thru!
I Love you My little Monster Monkey squishy pants!
Love, Mommy

ps...Let's get crackin on this sleep bug this week! Mommy's bags under her eyes dont fit in well with the ultra healthy and fit Colorado scene! :)

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