Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hi, Rocky Mountain!

Dear Baby I,
 Greetings from the Centennial State! We have been having such a greet time here in Colorado! First of all you got some quality Daddy time - that is always a bonus in our book! It is always such an amazing experience to see your face light up when you see your Daddy at the airport! You get so excited to see him, and believe me, I can assure you the feeling is 100% the same on Daddy's part too. Your Daddy (and Mommy) loves his little boy VERY much!
   I had a hunch the trip would be a success when we got our very own row on the plane here! Two vacant seats!!?? That NEVER happens! You were such a good boy on the flight too. Ok, so we haven't exactly figured out how to seemlessly maneuver our way through the Denver airport just yet, but we are working on it.
 This trip saw plenty of stroller time and barely any car seat time! Hooray! We love walking everywhere!  Friday morning we took a long stroll to the local park - Turtle park, as we locals call it. :) You loved it! It was like an all you can eat Sand Buffet! You were a big hit with the neighborhood ladies too! You had those 3 yr olds eating out of your hand...literally! Mommy even found a great coffee shop within walking distance, complete with the 20-something indie baristas hell -bent on blaring the Ramones at 7am. A win-win!
   I think the best part of the weekend was our first trip to the Tattered Cover Bookstore. I have never seen you more excited or animated. All those books! All those SHelves! You were in Isaac Nirvana!! It took you less than 5 minutes to have all those shelves cleared and books all over the floor! You were one destructive baby on a mission! Daddy was pretty excited too - he tried reading you every book you pulled out, but he caught on quickly that you weren't too interested in reading the books...just flinging them. Hmmm...maybe we SHOULD be worried that the first book you pulled off the shelf was "Dealing with ADHD".
   THe rest of the weekend was filled with lots of family time for the three of us - especially in that new pimped out toy room daddy set up for himself,  I mean You, of course! Mommy also had lots of interviews to become a nanny. If we are going to stay home together kiddo we still need to bring the dough!! We met so many new kids! Now we have lots to think about, however. Hopefully we will find the perfect fit for us and them - and hopefully you will have a new playmate!
  Today we head back to Vegas, but it wont be long until Daddy is with us again! 10 days until he comes to Vegas to complete "the Big Move"! Oh what a chore that will be! I do not envy him on that drive! Lucky for us there is another flight in our future...Yes, I did pull the "baby card" on this trek, really who wouldn't!
  Noni is also coming out to Vegas on Saturday! She better rest up for the handful you have become! I have a good feeling you will be walking by your birthday. You can stand on your own, and if you weren't so excited about it and looking for applause causing you to fall down, you probably would have been walking already! But we are in NO RUSH to have you walking! I already cant keep up with you! Walking brings on a whole new playing field!
  Well my little Rocky mountain monster, time to pack up and get this ball rolling for yet another flight on your itinerary. Hopefully this one will go as smooth as the one here! Please God please!!! All in all a great weekend for the new Holly street team (that's us!). Mommy now has a much more relaxed outlook on the move, and better idea of the new neighborhood. I think we are going to like it here...for a bit! :) We definitely stand out though...We are the only ones with a single stroller! You will be the only "only child" for miles!!! Oh well, Prada, Zorro and Doc will make up for what you lack in siblings!
I love you baby Monster Madness! We miss you already Daddy!
Love, Mommy

  PS...Wednesday AM:...we landed safely - another whole row flight!! NOte to self for future flights...NEVER NEVER NEVER get on plane without a binky!! Silly mommy left it in the car! Hoy vey, what a disaster, I think they gave us our own row just to keep us away form everyone else! :)
But at the time of publishing this post, we are safe and sound back in Vegas with the pups and Uncle ronnie , your walker and toys - and of course, the beloved water bowl!!  Let the packing begin!

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  1. I predict you guys will LOVE Colorado and find your "happy place" there. You already found a great coffee shop and a park for Sir I to run you ragged. What more can you ask for? Good luck on the Nanny job. You will know when the right one comes along!