Thursday, August 12, 2010

360 days of I

Dear Baby I,
Well it took 51 weeks exactly but I finally got a decent night's sleep out of you!! Five straight hours!!! now I know that may not seem like a lot to all you guys with 'normal' children, but for Isaac that is some pretty special landmark! I, of course, couldn't sleep a wink! We definitely need to coordinate our sleep schedules.
  Maybe you were just overly excited about Noni's arrival. I sure was! It seemed like Saturday night would never get here! You slept thru her whole welcome to Vegas party!  I can sum it up for you though. It kind of went like this: "yeah!!! Noni is here....ok, good nite." Come morning time, she was sure excited to get her hands on you! She thinks you got SOOOO big. I think you got SOOOO bold! We both agree you got SOOOO cute!
 Leading up to Noni's big homecoming, we were living in heat wave hell! We were up to 45 straight days over 105. You get so obstinate and throw a tantrum when I wont let you crawl outside on the hot bricks. Baby Monsters get burned too kiddo! I would have a lot of explaining to do at the ER if I brought you in with a burned little bummy! We did manage to have some indoor fun! You got such a kick out of emptying all the cupboards and rearranging all the shelves. I am pretty sure plumbing is in your future...maybe you can even fix Nono's shower someday! I bet you get that from your Daddy - Since The only thing Mommy can fix is dinner!
   Since Noni's big arrival she has been getting a better glimpse of how crazy you are...or in her words of putting it nicely "whatta handful you are". I love when she tells me to just let you scream or whine...and then she picks you up. Go figure! And she lets you crawl up the steps (because she forgets to put the gate up!)....which you LOVE to do...except you know you are not suppose to do it...and the concept of coming down the steps is completely foreign to you still. And then there are the dogs. Im pretty sure Noni is at her breaking point with the herd of furballs running around the house and chewing your toys. If Doc knocks her over one more time I am sure he will be out to pasture in no time! Noni also caught a glimpse of you fancy table manners. I am sure Uncle Ronnie would argue you learned your piggy behaviors from me, I did not teach your spaghetti twirling skills....or should I say spaghetti HURLING skills. And then there was Mommy's brainless idea of Jello time we try that you are going right in the pool!
  We are getting closer to Daddy's and Uncle Ralphie's arrival! Saturday they will be here to help celebrate the Big Bday Numero Uno!! I made Noni promise not to go nuts for this birthday - no Jumpy thing, no ponies, no first bday sky diving...none of that til you're old enough to know whats going on! Maybe next year! I am pretty sure you would be over the moon this year with a new set of Tupperware  and lots a wrapping paper to eat!
360 days in kiddo!! I still cannot believe it! Looking back I do not know how WE survived. You have definitely gave me a run for my money this past year and unlike what everyone else still tells me, I am sticking to my One and Done motto - for now! I just cannot imagine another hellion as cute as you - or my nerves making it through another year! I am almost out of hair the way it is!! We are on the 5 day countdown. My prediction is walking will come somewhere in there and then English words after that
(rather than the Isaac language you are so vocal with!)
Love you my monster man! Here is to our first 52 weeks together..may there be many many many more to come!
I love you Baby I


  1. awesome!!! can't believe it is already a year!!!! happy birthday lil "I" man!!! can't wait to see all the pics from the birthday bash!!! love to everyone. xooxoxox

  2. It's hard to grasp how fast the time flies by; before we know it, you'll be asking for the car keys! Happy First Birthday to my Darling little Isaac. I wish I could be there to join in the fun, but hopefully, Mommy & Daddy will be sending some photos our way & maybe we could even try a Birthday webcam call, if things aren't too hectic in Vegas. There are 2 Birthday gifts waiting for you in Denver; one won't be too much fun for you right now, since it has to do with your College fund, but the other gift, from Grampa & I, shall be something that Mommy & Daddy will pick out for you and shall be just for fun. Please tell Sandy, Ronnie & Ralph that I send my love. Happy almost Birthday, once more, Isaac we love you to the moon & back. Love Gramma Berta & Grampa Pat

  3. hi little guy.....Happy 1st birthday.....maybe mmommy will get you a paraband:) (this is aunt krissy on noni's computer)

  4. Happy first birthday, baby Isaac!!! You are SO cute & getting SO big! I have a feeling you'll be on a snowboard before we know it! Mommy, get ready!!