Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dear Baby I,

SO here is the post I started nearly 3 weeks (ok...4) ago:

Oh how you don't even have a clue what you are in for in 10 days! I wish I could prepare you more - but really I fear all my prepping is falling on deaf ears. And let's be honest here - Mommy and Daddy do not even know what we are in for!
10 days.
That is what we have left as our tiny little family of 3. That is all you have left as an only child. 10 days left of Mommy's long-lost false hope of ever having a diaper free house.
I's last "only child" photo
10 days until who knows what....

Wow. What a difference 18  (ok, now 22) days makes! Well I guess was right - none of us had any idea what we were in store for. Who knew a simple check up would turn end up an impromptu birthday celebration! I knew I should not have put you in that new "Big Brother" T shirt! Baby Jake and Baby Lucy unexpectedly arrived January 25th at 2:48 PM and 2:49 PM respectively. An unexpected delivery, on an unexpected date, but a healthy arrival nonetheless. Actually it was probably better we did it this way - no anxious waiting and wondering the the night before. And when have we ever been known to stick to the plan? 365 days to pick from - thank goodness your big cousin Emily was gracious enough to share her big Happy 17th Bday with you guys!
concert night!

Isaac you have taken Big Brotherhood like a natural champ! You are so excited with your "Babies". Baby Jakers and Baby Lucy Lu are so lucky to have you! They did not give us much time to celebrate your final days as an only child (nor did they let mommy take her final pregnancy photos - thank God!)
but you took it all in stride!
The days leading up to the Twins' Birthday were just as pleasantly hectic as the last few months had been. We were staying in Media with Uncle Ralphie in another one of your "many houses". We were having a great time seeing all the sights of the Philadelphia Area - and the unexpected warm weather. We strolled the streets, went on the trolleys, visited the farms and gardens and made some new friends at the library and gym. I always get so proud when people comment on how well you speak. Im not sure I  can take all the credit for that - I think we have to thank Sadie too - but you are definitely a man (ok, toddler) of many words. And Oh how you love to use all those words - constantly! I am sure you will be using that gift of gab for something special in your future! I will be amazed, however, if your baby brother and sister ( or parents!) will ever get a word in edgewise!

Daddy and his Little Lucy Lu
I do feel a little guilty about not writing as much in the months leading up to the Arrival of Thing 1 and Thing 2. So much has happened for us in the past few months I do not even know where to start. You have gone thru so many changes - some good (your love of story telling, especially Hansel and Gretel and your obsession with the Lion KIng) - some not so good (Your temper tantrums and your selective listening skills). There have been so many times when I wish I wrote down the little things you said - just to remind me of how stinking cute you are....

(Daddy spent so much time drawing you the ABC's and making flashcards for you. After numerous attempts at asking you to identify the letters A-B-C you looked at him and said..)
"Daddy why don't you just tell me what letter it is already...."

(Day 5 of the twins at home)
Isaac: Mama who is their Mommy?
Me: Im their Mommy Isaac
Isaac: When is she coming for them?
Me: They live here with us Isaac
Isaac: You're so silly Mama

(in the car...)
I: Where do the babies come from Mama?
Me: They came from Mommy's belly Isaac
I: No Mama, where did they COME from???
Me (looking nervously for a way out of this conversation): Um sometimes when Mommy and daddy love each other they have a baby...blah blah blah
I: What you say Mama?? No where do the babies come from??
 Me: I told you Isaac
Isaac (looking confused at how stupid his Mommy could be): No Mommy the babies come from the hospital in Philadelphia.

(Isaac's incentive to do chores...)
I: "Mama, Do  you know where money comes from?"
Me: No, where?
I: The dryer makes money

There are so many things I am sure I have missed along the way little Buddy! We have had so much fun the past few months getting ready for you to be a Big Brother - I imagine there will come a time when you dont even remember NOT being a BIg Brother. I hope you enjoyed all this time as much as Mommy and Daddy have. I hope the decisions we have made leading up to the Big Arrival were the right ones. I hope you know how much we love you and love your "babies" and we would do this all again (even the horrific C Section) if it meant that the three of you would be happy and healthy.
So my monkey big brother, now we embark on a new journey - One that I am just as unsure of as  you are. Im hoping sooner or later a new normal will emerge and all of this "adjusting phase" will go like clock work. Until then kiddo, we need to remember there may be some bumps and twists and turns on this road. Mommy and Daddy already shaved 20 years off our lives with this pregnancy so  I will work with you if you promise to work with me! We made it this far  - no turning back now! Now we just need to find a way to make all this work - easily!
I love you my Big Boy Monkey Man! YOu will forever be Mama's Number 1!
Love, Mommy