Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Happy Birthday Times Two!

My Dearest Snowflakes,

It appears this post will make it out before the Christmas post and before the year in review post. I dont know whats going on with the time machine people - but somehow it is now the end of January.

Its not only the end of January - but January 25. Which means one very short year ago our family trip to the Franklin Institute was preempted by the grand entrance of one certain Master Jacob Ronald Olmsted and one Miss Lucy Snow Olmsted. So much for the dinosaur exhibit!

By all accounts, this has undoubtedly been the shortest, fastest, most insane year of my life. One year ago today - when not puking my guts up in post surgery delirium - I didn't know how we were going to make it through the first week let alone the first year. Now, 365 days later, I still do not know how we all made it here!  It has had its ups and its downs - and more diapers then I could have ever imagined - but I would not trade a second of it for the world! Now, if only I could remember more of it! It went so quick it is like a blur!

Now here we are one year later and I find myself not able to remember a time before you both were here. Isaac doesnt remember being a only child - although he has asked if we can give Lucy "back" a time or two.

My Lucy Goosey - aka Boo - aka Goobs - aka Lulu Belle

I remember the moment the doctors put you in my arms - I thought 'Dear God, what am I going to do with a girl??? I am the least feminine person I know!" (I am sure your Uncle Ronnie thought the same thing!)  365 days later I can see I do not have to worry about that! You are crazier and more manic than I ever could've imagined - just like your Mommy! I Love it!

You are such a trip I do not even know where to start. The facial expressions? The overly dramatic screams? The flailing body? The tantrums? The way you can stuff an entire loaf of bread in your mouth while stealing food off your brother's tray? Im pretty sure you got that all from me! God Help me.
I wonder if you will be as rough and tumbly when you grow up as you are now. From the looks of things you have your mommy's lack of dainty-ness too!

Oh My Boo, I can tell we are going to have so much fun together! You are the reason I tell myself everyday to be the kind of woman I would want my daughter to be. My Daughter. Who would have ever thought! I hope I can teach you to be  strong and independent with a little bit of sassy and smart assy to boot! You are going to be the one to drive Isaac bonkers and I bet you have your Daddy wrapped around your finger by the time you are 2!

Happy Birthday and I love you my little Lulu Belle - dirty face and all!

My Jakers McQuakers
My little man with the mega-watt smile and eyes! One year ago, I remember touching your tiny hand and wanting so bad to hold you! Nine months is nothing compared to the 48 hours I had to wait to snuggle you in my arms. And what a snuggler you are! You may want to teach your brother and sister some of that some day! Those two are like snuggling a wet cat - you on the other hand - are Mr. Love & Cuddles. No wonder Noni rocks you all night long!

What an amazing year we have had! A year ago I was panicking on how we were going to figure all "this" out.- Now here we are and I just cant seem to remember what I was actually worried about. You are truly a Blessing and a Miracle! Sure you have given me my fair share of grays and wrinkles already - and we got to spend New Years Eve in the hospital - but just think of the stories we will be able to tell! I wouldnt change a second of it - well except for the Philly ER visit - that was kind of gross and (thankfully) pointless! :)

I think Uncle Ralphie better watch out - I think there is going to be a new Mr. Personality in town in a few years! Jakers I hope you always keep that aura of contagious happiness about you. Happy Birthday Quakers! You are my perfect little man exactly how you are and We couldnt be prouder of you!

And of course then there is my Best Big Boy Isaac.

We did it Buddy! YOU did it! We survived our first year with twins! You survived your first year as a big Brother! And I have to tell you how proud we are of you! You have made so many adjustments in the past year - and you have done it all flawlessly! You became a Big Brother  (twice!) - we moved (twice!) - you started school - and you got a girl friend ...or two, or three...

What an amazing kid you are! I couldn't be more proud of you! You are growing up so quickly these days. Its hard to remember you are only three years old! I see the changes gradually - no more Curious George and Super Why now its Superheroes and Army trucks.  Everything is "I can do it" these days too. I can tell my days of being needed so much are numbered. I hate that. And while normally I should be relieved that you are becoming so self sufficient, I cant help but think of how I want to keep you my baby forever.

I asked you the other day if you remembered a time before Jake and Lucy were here - and you replied "Weren't they always here?" I couldnt ask for more!

And then there is you Daddy....

How you and I survived this year I will never know! But....Somehow we made it this far and it's a probably a good idea we keep on keepin on. This year has definitely had its fair share of ups and downs. Yet we managed to weather them all - and we havent killed each other - yet.

If I have learned anything this year is that I cannot do this alone - and more importantly -  I wouldn't want to. We are a team - albeit at times a tumultuous-throttling-each-other's-throat-until-one-says-MERCY! - team. We win together and we lose together - and like it or not we are stuck together. :) And just in case I do not say it enough (and I know I do not...), You are an amazing Daddy and an amazing better half and I cant thank you enough for putting up with me. :)

Well kiddos - my goal of 2013 is to be a little more proactive with the blog. Let's see if you three cooperate with that! Happy birthday to my amazing little Thing 1 and THing 2! You two have brought us so much joy and happiness in the past year it is hard to sum it up into words. Just know that the three of you are loved beyond words and I couldn't be prouder as your Mommy!

I love you all  my little snowflakes! Good Night and Sleep Tight!

Love, Mommy