Monday, July 26, 2010

Mommy Training

Dear Baby I,

What a hot week we have had! The weatherman on TV says it has been over 40 straight days of 100+ degrees! Ugh! It's hot out there! I hate it! YOu hate it! The dogs hate it! It is just miserable! But we are off too see Daddy this week in Colorado so we will have a nice little break from the heat. We also get to see all the new toys Daddy got you at the new house! I can only imagine how "not overboard" he has gone.
   Well Kiddo, it has been an odd kind of week for us. I have been unusually over emotional this past week. I have been doing the whole "what is the meaning of life" thing more than usual... Ugh! Thank goodness you are too young to understand those rants. I just want to make sure when I look back at my life I can say I really accomplished something - and not wasted my life away worrying about what size jeans I wore.  I want to be a good mom, a good daughter, a good sister, a good love, and a good friend. Most importantly I want to be good to myself and I need to figure that out if I am going to accomplish the rest. And I am slowly learning that pleasing everybody is not the answer.
   This week I also thought a lot about what I have learned in my first almost 50 weeks of Mommy Training. Here is my top 10:
1. I was a MUCH better mom before I had you. It's true kiddo. I am not perfect. Sorry Monster, but I am not even close! I may as well just put that out there now before you grow up and waste your money on all those "world's best mom" mugs at Santa's workshop. Motherhood is WAY harder than I anticipated. So brace yourself for A LOT of bumps in the road with me....and trust me YOU owe me BIG TIME when it comes to bumps in the road!
2. The only thing that goes according to plan is "NOTHING goes according to plan!" Breast feeding, SLeeping, Pooping, Eating, Crying, dinner, dieting, Drs Appointments, Napping, Heat, Moving, traveling, holidays...NOTHING! Everything in its own way will at some point turn into a production. You can count on that!
3. I will never sleep more than 3 hours again. Ever. :(
4. If you have ANY value in your feet DO NOT BUY A WALKER! I swear they line the edges of those things with razor blades purposely to drive parents insane!
5. DO not ever buy anything that fits - no matter how cute it is and regardless if it is the only size available and it is on sale. You babies are like weeds and you will have grown out of it BEFORE we have finished checking out!
6. TV is not the enemy.  Dead Batteries in the remote are the Enemy!
7. EVERYONE else's kid is more advanced than yours. Johnny walked at 6 months, Katie talked at 7 months, Jimmy slept thru the nite from day 1, Lucy did long division by 9 months. This ranks right up there with the unsolicited Breast feeding Militia in my book. Isaac you can walk, talk, sleep, divide, whenever the heck your little heart desires. I will be right here waiting and watching.
8. Babies are hard-wired to love the taste of Dog food. I have no other explanation for why I seem to find it jam packed in your mouth every day.
9. Babies  know they are cute. Otherwise you would stop doing whatever it is you were doing when I yell "no!" rather than giving me a devilish grin and laughing in my face.
and Finally....
10. I would not change a thing...ok, other than the lack of sleeping! I may cry like a baby regularly now, pull my hair out, curse your daddy up and down, and swear on stacks of Bibles I am "one and done!" but no matter what tantrums I may throw, I wouldn't trade you in for anything! You are my little monster - and I cant imagine you any other way!
   We have a big week ahead of this week! Thursday we are off to see Daddy in Denver and check out the new house and neighborhood! Another chance for you to add some more frequent flier miles to your impressive fly time! I am sure we will have a great time there and I am also pretty sure I am ready to hand you over to Daddy for a little bit!
   Well Baby monster, as we get closer to closing out our first year together, all I can tell you for sure is that I never thought I could love anything as much as I love you. I can not even remember me before there was a you! You are my little monster monkey - my devilish baby-dare-devil-wonder!
I love you Monster I!!
Love, Mommy


  1. Hi you both!!! You are a terrific mom, friend and sister!! Isaac is so lucky to have such a beautiful mom!!!

  2. Nikki - I just adore your brutal honesty. You say so many things that are on all of our minds. You are an amazing mom and Isaac is so lucky to have you. Plus, you are gorgeous ta boot - and quite the photographer. Enjoy your time in Colorado. Hand him over to Daddy and take a nice hot bath!!!!

  3. Don't cry too much and instead look forward to a wonderful weekend all together, in your new Denver home. Have a safe & enjoyable trip. Love, Gramma Berta