Monday, July 19, 2010

Hazing Week

Dear Baby I,

Happy Happy 11 months to you! Happy 11 months to ME! I cannot believe we are 1 month shy of a year already! Where did the time go?? Where did my hair go??? I cannot believe we are both still standing!
Well, whatta week we had. The first week back from a long week away - we knew it was going to be rough, but not even I could have predicted how hard it turned out to be. We Got back from NEPA late Saturday night and by mid Sunday afternoon I knew I was in over my head! WHere were all my helpers!!? Where were all my break times!??
 Hoy Vey! You ran me ragged. I am sure Noni and Nono put you up to this! First you were stuck on East Coast time  - that was fun! 5 straight days up at 2AM! I thought I was never going to sleep again! Next our plane landed right in "another" one of Vegas' famous "excessive heat waves". Touching down at the airport : "Welcome to Las Vegas, local time is 11 pm and it is a balmy 109 degrees". Fan-freakin-tastic.
By Monday Mommy had returned to her state of habitual crying. You were like fuel to a fire. You cried over everything, hated everything - especially the car, and refused to sleep like a normal human being. Losing my cell phone by Monday morning was just the icing on the cake! NOw I have a baby  driving me bonkers and no one to vent to! Hoy Vey Indeed!!
Tuesday thru Thursday were no better either. Lots of hot, humid, poopy, cranky, sticky, bitchy fun. I do not know why but you wanted to be held ALL DAY - Everyday! I could not get you to play with your toys, you kept feeding all your food to the dogs, and you just WOULD NOT SLEEP!! All Week long it seemed like another day was added to the mix and Friday would never get here! We also learned this week that NO CABINET IS SAFE from your grubby little paws...and you like dirt -  lots of dirt - wherever you can get. It must be the yummiest thing in the world, because you always manage to have a fist full of it in your mouth!
I Won't lie kiddo - It was not my best week to shine as a mom. Like you, I did not exactly earn any gold stars for the refrigerator this week either. Mommy yelled  and screamed just as much as you did only you thought it was way funnier when I did it than when I think it is when you do it! It makes me wonder when you will learn NO is NO and not the funniest thing I can ever say?! What a week! We were both a little bitchy, a little jet lagged, and a lot of over tired and HOT! Knowing we had Daddy come in to cap off the week only made Friday so much further away! It was simply "one of those weeks". I am sure we have many more of those weeks to come....maybe we should plan ahead??
Daddy's first trip back to Las Vegas in 3 weeks was a HUGE success! I will admit I was a little worried for him that you may not give him the reception we were hoping for. But there is NO DOUBT you knew exactly who your daddy was!! It was so Special to see! You were so happy to see him and he ate up every second! I know it is very hard for Daddy to be away so much, but in due time we will all be back under one roof and then who cares if I have a phone or not - I can hand you off to him!!
Daddy Weekend was filled with lots of "family time". Daddy Weekend was also filled with lots of "excessive heat" warnings - which means lots of pool time! We had a lot of fun, made lots of messes, and even fit in a few full 30 minute naps! A successful weekend indeed!
We are now in the final four week countdown to your Big Numero Uno Birthday! What are we going to do? Hmm...the party planners will be hard at work - I have a feeling lots of watermelon and ice cream are on the menu - and maybe a few Super Why and Barney Surprises too!!
Well 11 months in and we still have A LOT to learn kiddo! One thing we learned in a hurry is that no matter what the day brings, at the end of the day you are still my little Monster Angel who can snuggle up to me anytime you want and bring a smile to my face! All those hard days and sleepless nights do not even come close to your smiling face each morning when you whack me with your empty bottle and give me a big  toofy smily and yell "gua" is like the perfect bad memory eraser! Now if we can just work on a perfect bad headache eraser!
I love you Little MOnster and I know you cannot wait to see Daddy again as much as I do! We love you Daddy and will see you in 2 weeks!
I love you my Baby Gremlin!
LOve, mommy

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  1. awww. sorry it was such a tough week hon, but i love how you just keep not running away. haha. glad jason got home for a good weekend as well - you'll all be in The CO before you know it.

    love you.xo