Monday, July 12, 2010

Let me Upgrade ya...

Dear Baby Monster I,

Seems like forever since I sat down to write to you. What a week we had! Our trip to NEPA was a grand success! We had so much fun and got to see lots of friendly faces. Your visit to Noni and Nono's house could not have been better - although the weather could have been MUCH cooler! A full week of hot humid was tough! So much for leaving the desert - we went right into the sauna!
The trip started last Saturday. First we got our Official First Class upgrade. OK, so that turned out to be a huge bust since there was a 12 arm rest dividing the seat - no such luck for you sitting by yourself for anything longer than a 20 minute nap. So you and I shared my seat  - But at least Scout the Magic Green Dog got a full first class seat all to himself. :) And if Scout is happy then we are all happy!
The Fourth of July was a mixed bag. To start the day there was one of those rare All-5-Nardells-in-the-same-place sightings. But unlike other holiday gatherings, this one had a (quite possibly) never-been-seen-before twist: All 5 Nardells -Plus Mama Bear - were in bathing suits in a SWIMMING POOL!!! Ok, Mama Bear (aka your NOni) was not in a bathing suit, nor would she be happy with me even implying she owns a swim suit, nonetheless - she was in the pool too! Even Zizi was there! All of this for you little man - a rare event that will probably never be duplicated in honor of your first 4th of July!
The rest of the day was pretty down hill from there. Your Silly Mommy and Noni (and Daddy via phone!) thought it would be a good idea to show you the fireworks - a GARGANTUAN mistake on all accounts! You were beyond terrified! I will never forget the look on your face when the first firework went off overhead. You were like trying to hold a sharp clawed kitten that scrambled to crawl up my shoulder and down my back for fear of the rain of fire your stupid mother thought you might like to see. Note to self: Live Fireworks and Babies = BAD. Live Broadcast Specials of Washington DC's Fireworks on TV= Good!
The rest of the week was filled with lots of visits! You saw your old flame Sofia and Sonny, Rich's little angels Kennady and Addison, Chloe, and Joyce - geez Bud...You saw a lot of cute girls this week! You better pace yourself!
Suddenly last week, eating became a nitemare with you. Nothing on a spoon would do. And EVERYTHING got thrown on the floor or thrown at Emily!!(I bet that was Nono's favorite part!) Although you were all smiles for each of the 4 Watermelons we went through in 6 days! You even made Jumper a fan of watermelon! We also realized that you can make the distinction between Gerber Cereal Puffs (good) and Cheerios (bad). Who knew  you would be so fickle already....HA!
If ever there was any doubt that you do not understand when an adult is talking - you and Nona put that theory to shame! No matter what Nona said to you, you would babble something back as if you understood every word! She loved it! And you loved her room full of trinkets and treasures! So many little statues to put in your mouth so little time!
You even gave Aunts Krissy and GIna a run for the money. Aunt Krissy was getting to be a pro at the naptime rocks on the front porch and Aunt Gina was getting that Faux hawk just right after your tubby! Somehow Noni put you to bed, although I have no idea how she pulled that one off and Nono was being slightly less anal about sweeping the floor as you threw everything fed to you over your chair and on to it!!
Maybe you are a little good luck charm too - Even Max had a big night in his All Star Baseball game with a big hit! Although we will be pretty careful with that Title, No doubt Uncle ROnnie and Uncle Ralphie will try pimpin you out to get some of that good luck with all the single ladies!
All in all it was a great week, capped off by an easy flight back to Las Vegas. Mommy even got some self-awarded Mommy-all-Star points by single handedly lugging 4 carry-ons and a baby through O'Hare! I do not know what I was thinking, but it really wasnt as bad as expected.
Now the hard part - getting you re-adjusted to West COast time. Today you were nothing short of a nitemare!  As I write this at 8:30 PM you are still asleep from your 5PM nap! Either this is your Best Nap Ever at the wrong time, or I am getting up (AGAIN) at 3 AM!! Somehow I have a feeling I should be sleeping instead of typing right now!
On that note, many thanks and many kisses out to NEPA! We miss you guys already and look forward to seeing you all again real soon! SPeaking of which...Hip hip Hoorah!! Daddy comes to Vegas this Friday! 3 Weeks have gone by and I bet he just cannot wait to get his hands on you! And trust me kiddo, after today I cannot wait to hand you over!!
Good Night Baby Monster Mash!
I love you.
Love, Mommy

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