Friday, July 2, 2010

East Bound and Down...

Dear I

Week 1 away from Daddy.... :(
Honestly kiddo, I do not know HOW single Moms/dads pull this off! Kudos to all of you who do this day in and day out! You get my utmost respect! All I can say is Thank goodness for Uncle Ronnie! By the end of the day you have me so worn out I am ready to hand you over! For some reason that big closet of his can amuse you for quite some time - it must be all the sparkles and shimmery clothes and shoes in there Uncle Ronnie does love to Smile Sparkle and Shine!
From the sounds of it Daddy is liking his new job. But I can tell you he misses you something awful! He misses being around his little boy - But you can tell him, fear not Daddy! You are not missing too much, and Mommy takes plenty of pictures and videos so you wont miss a beat! Doc on the other hand isnt so convinced...he is AWFULLY mopey without you here! Maybe we should let him run out the front door and see if he makes it to Colorado on his own! ... just kidding..partially...
What's been going on....
The Toilet. Its is the latest craze with you! Everything and anything you can get your hands on gets thrown in there! Toothbrushes, Socks, magazines, towels! Mommy really needs to remember to close the bathroom door - or at least put the lid down!
On the toofers front, there is no lack of sharpness on your pearly whites! Your Monster teeth may be quite possibly the sharpest blades in the house! Ouch!! They hurt! YOu even struck blood when you bit my finger yesterday! My silly little monster....
You have a new fascination with the steps. I hate it. Every time I turn around you are trying to get up those steps - even if you have to leap over Prada to get to them!
I fear I have created a monster with you and your eating habits. First you won't eat anything from a jar - which makes traveling fun. Second, I thought it was so cute when you tried to feed yourself, now it is a messy nitemare! A spoon (held by me) shall not touch your lips!! You will only eat what you can pick up - or if you use the spoon by yourself. Unfortunately by the time you get the spoon to your face the food is shot around the kitchen! And then there is your food time audience! You guys are like a pack! All of your food goes straight to the dogs! You now even feed them out of your hands - and you giggle when they lick your tray! Hoy Vey kiddo, thank goodness you have gotten rid of my fear of germs for you!
DIRT. Need I say more? You LOVE it! Any open patch of grass, the potted plants, no dirt is safe from your digging - and once you start Doc jumps right into help! I cant win! Hopefully NOni has a shovel and bucket waiting for you!
Off to NEPA in the morning! YEAH! Double Yeahs for the First Class Upgrade we BOTH got! Had I known that was coming I would not have bought you a seat! Now you'll be the big boy in first class with your very own seat! Don't get too used to that kiddo! I am sure the other passengers are going to LOVE that! I cannot wait to see if you like your first year of fireworks! I hope they do not scare you! I know you are going to have a good time at Noni's, there is already a sign up sheet to get their grubby little hands on you! Shh, Mommy didn't sign up for any of the open slots! here we come NEPA!
Hugs and kisses to Daddy. We will talk to you on the phone and we hope you have a blast on the 4th in Boulder with Aunt Sue! We will miss you for sure, we will have an extra veggie burger for you! Remember NO HOT DOGS! ICK!!!
I love baby Monster!
love, Mommy

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  1. Hope you both have a safe & good trip. Please give my love to everyone, Gramma Roberta