Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 5...

Dear I,

Day 5 since Daddy is gone to Colorado and we are definitely missing him something fierce! Kudos to all the single Mamas/Papas out there! I do not know how you do it! Sir I You are a lucky little man to have such an awesome Daddy! I know he misses you as much as we miss him! Good Luck on your First day of work Daddy! I hope you LOVE it.....YOU BETTER!!! :)
So Little man, I am finding that wearing you out is definitely the way to go with you! The past 3 nights you have slept like a champ!! Only waking long enough to jump into bed with me!  (I know, I know, I am working on that....but baby steps! I will take him sleeping ANYWHERE first!) Bedtime has gone from 7:30 to the 9-930 range. Pretty much whenever you start dozing off is bedtime. Although I can guarantee you my bedtime comes A LOT sooner! I just have not figured out why you are  not sleeping later now! You have to be tired but you stil bounce up at 5 AM ready to roll!
Lot of Pool time this weekend and a pool birthday party for our friend Isaac! All the other kids were swimming and playing and there was my little monster eating rocks and diggin up plants! I do not know what your fascination with rocks is, but I hope this phase fades before you break those cute little toofers!
"Gua"  is the catch phrase of the week. You wake up saying it. You yell it at the dogs. You scream it running in your walker. I have no idea what "Gua" means, but I am sure it is very important! maybe just as important as ""dah".
Today, as predicted, we lost the dog's bowl. Zorro's food bowl finally met its untimely fate when it went smashing into a zillion pieces :(  We all saw that one coming - but the clean up was FANTASTIC! I have never seen glass shatter so far!
I cannot get over how active you are these days! The steps, the fireplace, the back patio, the bathrooms, the modems, the closets - nothing and no where is safe from you! Poor Zorro barricades himself in Uncle Ronnie's closet hiding from you! But not even there is safe from the tiny terror you are!
This afternoon you woke up, emptied the bathroom garbage, unraveled a toll of toilet paper and managed to flip over a laundry basket of folded clothes in under 5 minutes. I do not know how you move so quick! Mommy doesnt move that quick!  I have to pawn you off on Uncle Ronnie when I need a break and I do not know who is worse sometimes! Uncle Ronnie just has to learn bedtime does not mean playtime!
Well kiddo, Mommy is going to take advantage of this impromptu naptime and catch up on her zzz's too!
I LOve you Little Monster!
Love, Mommy


  1. You won't need to go to the gym much in the nearby future; as little Sir I gets older ...he'll give you quite the work out as he gets into more & more of discovering all the great treasures around the house.
    Jason told me today that you have become a paraband maker...good for you! With all the orders that you guys are getting, it would be the perfect $ maker for a Mom who wishes to stay at home....when little Sir I allows you some free time....heh heh. oxoxo Gramma Berta

  2. Well looked who joined it only took 10 months

  3. I love you both more than there are rocks in the Rockies.