Thursday, June 24, 2010

On the Move...

Dear I,
What a hectic two weeks we have had! First, my first Mommy Birthday last week was GREAT!!! I do not mean GREAT just because I got a "shake-weight" from Uncle Ronnie, but because I got to spend the whole day with you, Daddy, and Uncle Ronnie! We had a blast, Indian food, Ice cream, shopping, and topped off with a good bedtime for you and shots of Bailey's for us! NOt to mention a fabulous Wustoff Knife set from daddy...Nothing better than kitchen gadgets to put a smile on my face!
After that we had a great visit from Gramma! She was surely impressed by how big & strong - and of curse CUTE you are now! We loved having her here! I loved having so much free time! It was like a mini vacation for me! I got so much done....and you (and Daddy) got some major Gramma spoiling!
OF course the weeks have also been filled with moving talk - and actions! Like I said before, kiddo, this move decision has been weighing so heavily on me. Honestly I do not think it is a good idea to let Mommies  make huge decisions within the first year of having a baby...we (ok, me) are just way to emotional for that! But anyway Daddy took the job in Colorado last week and since then we have been on a whirl wind ride of moving mayhem!
Fortunately house hunting in Denver means a trip to a Aunt Sue's house in Boulder! You have so much fun with your Aunt Sue and love to terrorize little Bogey as much as you can. Although you weren't too sure of the horses. Those were some BIG doggies!! You were overwhelmed at all the new things to put in your mouth! How exciting! It was a mad dash chasing you around as your explored her house eating plants, dog toys, nick nacks - and my personal favorite jamming up the toilet bowel with magazines! I had not even thought of that one. You and your daddy had a great First Father's day  getting all dirty in the mud and  playing in the grass. Alas did I fail to mention you SLEEPING THRU THE NIGHT!!??!! We may have to move in with Aunt Sue for that reason alone! I think letting you exhaust yourself throughout the day is going to be the way we have to go with you. Heck with scheduled bedtimes! We just let you tire yourself out and then BAM...out like a light you are!
The good news of the weekend was we found a cute little house in a seemingly great area (think Newburyport West!) the downfall was we looked at that  house first, and then wasted the following day looking at houses that were not nearly as nice. Did I mention how much you HATE to be in the car seat?   SO that part was a bit say the least! There will definitely NOT be any road trips in your near future...but you were great on the plane this time, so we will have to cut our losses.
As I started this blog wednesday night it had not sunken in how real this move is becoming. But now, Thursday morning it has begun to sink in. We just waved good bye to Daddy in the driveway as he took off for the Rockies in his loaded down Forerunner. It is a bittersweet day indeed. Happy a new chapter will be starting but sad one is ending. I dont know if I will ever learn you cant make everyone happy. I am slowly realizing that I am my own worst enemy when it comes to that. What I am also slowly starting to realize is that You, Daddy & I have to be Priority Number 1 right now and no matter where we are our families will always be there with us. Boy kiddo, I really hope you do not inherit Mommy's sense of guilt...( Hmm...I ownder where I got mine...thanks Mom)
Well that is all for now. God willing our next post we will be happy to report Daddy's safe arrival in Colorado! As for you and I, let's just hope we dont drive each other crazy ( or Uncle ROnnie!) We are off to visit Noni and Nono next week for the 4th of July. I am sure everyone will be vying for some Monster time in NEPA...I can almost feel my long hot shower and nap already!!! Lock up the cabinets!! The Scrunchy-face-Toofer- Monster will be there soon enough!
Until then...As Always, Mommy loves you Monster Sir I!
love Mommy

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