Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summer Time!

Dear I,

Whatta Weekend we had! Memorial Day was here and gone, and thus the (un)official start of summer is here! Hello June! What a busy month! Here comes the heat! Although Daddy did not officially have the day off, he did not get called in to work, so we DID have a great extra long weekend together.
It all started with Daddy OFFERING to take you all night and let mommy "sleep" all night - peacefully - and ALONE!!! Well that lasted about 15 minutes...about 13.5 minutes longer than I expected. It was a very nice gesture though. I guess there is something about kicking and pinching me all night that just is not the same with daddy. Oh well, lucky me! And what a terrible night it was! I spent the whole night thinking of how I needed to video tape this to send into a sleep clinic or Dr. Sears!! I just kept thinking I must be doing something wrong - How can each night get worse than better??? I don't know kiddo! My only solace is thinking of your teenage years when I will wake you up every morning at 4 am!!! Ahh....sweet revenge!
Saturday we took a CRAZY ride into the mountains with dogs. Your daddy loves his mountain excursions! We loaded up the dogs, you and some picnic goodies and off we go! The only problem was we were not alone! We pulled off road and let all the mutts out of the car to run around, only to find a herd of wild horses within feet of us! The horses were not interested in us, but Zorro was definitely out for blood! I don't how or why that little mutt got so mean, but he just does not like other living creatures! What a bully! Lucky he is the cutest dog in the world!
Next came Daddy's four-wheeling ride. Sorry boys, but ugh, I just do not see the fun in that! I am sure you will love it once you are older, and once again mommy will be out numbered, but something about being thrown all over the car on a dusty dirt road is not appealing to me. You slept through the whole thing somehow. At least I know you can sleep through a hurricane or earthquake! Your Aunt Leslee was right, I should strap your carseat to a mechanical bull at night! You might just sleep the whole night through!
Sunday was a lazy day of home and pool - and of course WATERMELON!!! It is just not the summer with out it! Mommy got to go grocery shopping solo - only to come home to daddy feeding  you...I think! Or you were both playing finger paint with the carrots and pasta! What a mess!! Silly boys!
Monday was pretty much the same thing. We went for lunch, you attacked my hummus plate and made one heck of a mess! It was funny though, and the waitress got one heck of a tip for that clean up! Uncle ROnnie and Daddy had to make a pit stop at the Harley Davidson store on the way home. It is like testosterone heaven in there! Don't get any ideas of a Harley just yet little man - you or daddy - or Uncle Ronnie!!
While they window shopped in Manly man Grr Store, we were off to the baby store next door. (I do think it is a bit weird to have a baby store next to the mega Harley store???) Anyway, I couldn't help but laugh as I strolled through the amazingly overpriced baby things. I saw glowing prego women filling out registries and looking at $50 baby clothes and I just wanted to shake them and say "Look at this (albeit beautiful) baby covered in hummus!!! DO NOT waste your money on $49.99 onesies!!! It just amazes me what people will spend on baby gear! Hopefully it is just a new mom thing and you do not fall for that twice. I Won't! If I ever had to do it all over again I would NOT buy anything new! I think I would sooner buy a Harley! At least that has some chance of staying clean!! Take note my prego friends, "Do not believe the hype! Expensive is not better!!
We posted some new videos of you getting around! I cannot believe how fast you move! This week you had so many discoveries! First the stairs, then the doggie door. One second you are under the kitchen table the next you are across the room in the dog's water bowl! I definitely have my work cut out for me in keeping up with you! I think the key to you sleeping is to completely wear you out all day! The only problem is I wear out MUCH quicker than you do!
Well baby Monster, hopefully this week brings us just as much fun and excitement as the past week! Thank you again to all our military men and women who allowed us to have such a great carefree weekend! Honestly, we cannot thank you enough for all you do.
I love you My little Monster Monkey!
love, mommy

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