Thursday, May 27, 2010

40 weeks of Fabulous!

Dear Baby Monster,

40 weeks old this week! Wow! Can you believe we made it this far??? I would have wrote sooner, but as you may already know, we have not had much sleep this week. So what's up with that Kiddo?? Were you to upset about the finale of LOST to sleep too? We were doing (sort of) good for a while...then the (Godforsaken) dramatic downturn. Ugh. Sleeping in the crib seems to be a thing of the past these days. You gave it a good few weeks - and Mommy gave it her all to keep you in the "baby cage", but lately you just are not having it! Oh well, we tried, back to the drawing board, back to the Mommy, the sleep hostage.
I must say the all - new "mobile Monster" is quite the handful! I do love how you can keep your self (somewhat) occupied these days, but you went from barely getting on your hands and knees to getting across the room in no time! You are into everything now. To my dismay I turned around yesterday only to find you now able to pull up on the furniture and stand on your own - and then this morning was the worst: You finally discovered the wonderful world of the staircase on your own! Ugh! Thank goodness you cannot get up them yet!      Y E T! Nothing is safe anymore! I think there is  a magnetic attraction between you and electrical outlets, the stairs and the dogs' water bowls. I don't know what it is  - but none can have a good outcome. Even with all my research into baby food, organics, and what makes the best diet for you, who would of thought your first meat (ugh..) would be Prada's Meaty Bones??? It was only a matter of time I guess....At least your teeth will be clean - if you ever get them!
Well the sign language has not caught on yet. No teeth have come in yet. But I'll be darned if you don't say "DADA" like a champ all day long! Sigh! Oh Baby Monster you're killing me here!! We had your 9 month check up last week and the Dr. says you're right on target. I asked him about your lack of sleep, to which he replied, "oh...that sucks". I am sure he meant that in a purely scientific and medical way. I couldn't have figured out on my own that my 9 month old NOT sleeping more than 4 hours a night "sucks". Good thing he wasted 12 years on medical school for that.
In other news, Memorial Day is upon us, the official start of summer is here. Uh oh. Next week we are supposed to break into the triple digit temps. Hopefully we will keep the trend going as one of the coolest years to date (in Vegas, at least!)
You came up with a new trick this week. You learned that if you drop the Cheerios one by one on hte floor the dogs will hang out next to you and eat them up! Personally I love when you feed me the Cheerios but Prada really loves this game! HE is not too keen on watermelon though - but you are! Maybe Mommy will come up with a big watermelon cake for your 1st Birthday! I bet you would like that - only if you could eat it off the floor of course. 
Last weekend Uncle Ronnie, Daddy, you and Me had a great time hanging out at the VEnetian while Mommy tried out for Wheel of Fortune. Last Night we got the good word that we made it to the final auditions in June! HOORAY!!! Hopefully we could put a cool $100,000 in the bank and save it for a rainy day! Keep your fingers crossed! Hopefully you are my good luck charm(er)!
Well kiddo as I type this you are sitting under the kitchen table stacking up the hundreds of Cheerios you have dropped and hanging out with your buddy Super Why (you're also chewing on my flip flop, but we will forget that I hope). As  content as you are, I can smell you all the way up here. Time for the dreaded diapee change....if only I had the extra 3 sets of hands to make it an easy one!
I love you Sir Monster I
Love, Mommy

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