Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's day!

Dear I,

Happy Mother's day to me! Whew!!! It took me 32 years to figure out how much work goes into getting a Mother's day card! This year more than any, I can appreciate how much work your Noni and Grandma have put in to getting me and your daddy to where we are today! THANK YOU doesnt even seem to be nearly enough for them! Mommy is just working on 9 months of Mommyhood...they are working on 40 years of hard work! Even though we cant thank them enough, this year we can appreciate them more than we EVER could have imagined! We love you Moms....(and Noni & Grandma)!
Motherhood is a funny thing. It is a lifelong commitment and a thankless job. You can never prepare enough for it. No one gets a perfect score and the mistakes often make the greatest teachers. No one can really appreciate all the work a mother does until they have children of their own and by then many many (hopefully) years have passed. The sleepless nights, the school lunches, the waiting up late all gets taken for granted until you experience it for yourself - then a simple "thank you" doesn't even begin to touch the tip of the surface on how much your mother has put into you. As Mothers we are expected to raise our children the best  ways we know how...and after a few short years into it we have to let you go into the world on their own and see how we (as moms) did.  We know from the day the doctor places you in our hands for the first time that someday (soon) we will have to let you go.  But we gladly do it anyway. A thankless job indeed. But the most satisfying, challenging, inspiring, and courageous job any woman can take on. So Happy Mother's day to all us who enlisted....and many more to follow.
 In other news, the past 2 weeks we have seen you change by leaps and bounds! You can now sit up all by yourself and are in the early stages of crawling - or as you do - some weird kind of sit-and-spin-thing across the floor. Either way you can cover the entire room in minutes. By the time you get from one end to the other you look like a doggie with all their hair all over you! It is definitely time to start baby proofing! No more rawhide on the floor these days! Im sure you don't need that until your teeth come in!
You also have mastered babbling - although I will fight til the death that there is a HUGE difference between "dadadada" and "Dadda". Until you look at Daddy and say "Dadda" I refuse to accept "Dadda" as your first word! Come on kid, give me somethin here! Especially on Mother's day!!! You run me down ragged, I lovingly let you bite, scratch, and pinch me nightly, and now you are going to say Dadda first??? Nope...I wont have it!
We have also been working on our sign language skills but so far everything translates into Mommy acting silly....or more Cheerios getting thrown on the floor. Either way you and the dogs are happy with it! I am still not sure when you are going to comprehend "NO". No matter how I say it you still think it is the funniest thing - and I have a feeling that is going to drive Mommy nuts VERY quickly.
If ever I thought getting you to sleep was tough before, the new sitting up and 'crawling' actions have put that to shame! Even getting a diaper on you is a challenge these days! You are all over the place. I have a feeling I am in for a wild ride with you as a toddler!
We got back from our nice weekend in Colorado late last night. We had a great time and got to spend some time with Aunt Sue in Boulder. You really liked her and seeing the horses and Little Bogey! She was sure impressed by how big and active you are! Everything was really nice, until the plane ride back - of course! I dont know how you know we are heading back to Vegas, But you sure put up a mile high fight! At least Daddy and Uncle Ronnie got to share in on the embarrassing torture of your inconsolable screaming! But once you fell asleep you were O-U-T! Thank God!
Well Kiddo, I have a feeling this naptime is not going to be very long so I best get going. Thank you and Daddy again for my Fabulous First Mother's day! I loved my Mommy Day crossword puzzle! I look forward to MANY MANY more!
Thank you again to my wonderful mommy! I love you very much and can only hope I am a fraction of the mom you are! Now I finally can appreciate why we had so many calendars hanging! :)
I love you Baby Monster!
Love, Mommy


  1. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY MOM. I love you. I thought it was today? Is mothers day always on a Sunday? Like Easter?
    And Nikki, why the comment about the calenders??? All these years, I thought they were targets for dishes!

  2. I just love your Mother's Day comments, Nikki, and the wonderful photos you sent to me for Mother's Day. You've done such a wonderful job with Isaac these first, almost 9 months. I can't hardly wait to hear all about the next new year, as you relay all of your amusing stories while Isaac learns to crawl, talk and then walk. Welcome to Motherhood, you're doing just great. Please kiss that baby boy for me. Love, Gramma Berta