Monday, May 17, 2010

9 Months of Monster!

Dear I,
Happy 9 months of life baby Monster Boy! Today you are officially 39 weeks old, which means you have been "out" as long as you were "in"! So I guess starting tomorrow, this life on the outside will be an old hat to you - you're such a big boy now! Now if we could just master the sleeping thing....
I have to tell you, the month of May has brought about so many changes in you! All of a sudden you are a pro sitter, crawler, pincher, and one heck of a tantrum thrower (we will be working on the latter two in a hurry!). Everyday you have a new trick  - and a new test - for me!
For the past four nights I have been testing the waters out and putting you to sleep in the 'crib'. It has become nearly impossible to lay you down on the bed anymore without the fear of you crawling off. So far you have adjusted to the Babybox naptime  rather well, but we are 1 for 4 in sleeping thru the night on your own.    When I say "on your own" it should be noted that I mean "you lay in the crib while mommy hovers over the top holding your hands so you think I am actually lying in the crib next to you". It is an interesting sight to see and one hell of an upper body workout. It just takes FOREVER to get you to fall asleep "on your own". Once I lay you down, you toss and turn and cry for nearly 90 minutes each night. You are so tired  you can barely sit up with out toppling over ( I must admit, I laugh every time you do that), but you just will not fall asleep without (one hell of) a fight! I will keep trying I suppose. It is either this way or one night Mommy is going to end up in the crib with you!
Your appetite has also increased over the past few weeks. You are a Cheerios champ these days, but watermelon still takes the cake! Even when you see it in the grocery store your face lights up and you get all excited. It is absolutely adorable - even if it means the entire kitchen get covered in watermelon stickiness!
Something new this week has been your crazy aversion to the car and the car seat. I can tell you now kiddo, this is not going to work out in your favor. For some reason every time I put you in the car lately you FREAK OUT!! I am not sure why, but I am hoping this goes away quickly  - it makes for a LONG car ride wherever we go, and the hotter it gets the more miserable those tantrums are going to get! Maybe you are just upset that Zorro has to sit in the back of the car and not next to you? Hmmm...
Well Sir-9-month-old-monster, it is getting close to your wake up time. I can almost feel your shrilly scream coming on. Sometimes I like to humor myself and think that I will just check on you and you will be playing peacefully in your crib waiting for me to come and get you.  A mommy can dream can't she?
Happy 9 months of life on the outside kiddo! I love you very much.
Love Mommy

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  1. Dearest Isaac, Happy 9 month Birthday to you! Gramma Berta & Grampa Pat send you kisses & hugs from Spring Creek. I wish I were there to hug you in person, but your Mommy's blog is the next best thing to seeing how you are growing and what you are up to. Thank you, Nikki, for your time and excellent writing talents. Love you to the moon & back,Isaac.... we can't wait to see what month 10 shall bring....I think with crawing in the picture now, Mommy, Daddy & Uncle Ronnie will be very busy "clearing the decks" of all that good stuff which shall now be in your reach....oh boy!!! Love, Gramma