Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hey Soul Mister!

Dear I,

Baby darling, there is a little secret Mommy is going to let you in on now while you are young, and I want you to learn it quick. Someday Daddy can better explain it to you, but for now you only need to know that only ONE of us gets to be PMS'y at a time. And when it is MOMMY'S turn you have ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE of winning!!! Although everyone else rather your whining instead of Mommy's, I'm sure!
Hoy Vey kiddo!!! Are you trying to kill me this week??!!! What's the deal? And it is ONLY Tuesday!!! Let's just pretend I don't mind that you go to sleep at 8PM and wake up at 11:30PM Screaming your bloody head off as if there was a crocodile attack in your bed. Let's pretend I actually like my face pinched all day long (the scars are conversation pieces). I will even go so far as to pretend I like to clean up your food from the ENTIRE kitchen rather than actually get ONE spoonful in your mouth...DO we really need to shower me with all of these in the same week??? Never mind EACH day of this week???
All I am going to say Sir is that you are DAMN lucky you are such a cutie....or Bam Zoom To the Moon you'd go!! (hmm... Maybe I will go!!!)
Aside from a thus far week of sleepless hell, screaming, and our newest hobby of pinching mommy's face til it bleeds, not much new here to report! We have taken Long Distance baby-rearing to YouTube! So now all of our long distance loves can see just how "cute" you are each day! I will break them all in with the cute and cuddley videos....then I will throw in the REAL ISAAC videos of the meltdowns and Tantrums! We will reel the family in slowly, then unleash the Sir I fury!
The warm weather has finally rolled in. The only good thing about that is WATERMELON SEASON!!!  You must have known I only craved watermelon when I was pregnant. You can go to town on a piece of watermelon Little Man! It is absolutely adorable to watch! One bite and your mouth and eyes fill up with water! You love it! I love it! Now we just have to get the dogs to love it so they can lick it up off the floor!
We are getting ready for a little weekend trip to Colorado this weekend. Should be fun. Uncle Ronnie is coming too, so he will get to see you in action on a plane! Thank Goodness this is a short flight! We will be spending our First Mother's Day in the Centennial State...Or as Daddy calls it, the Greatest Place on Earth!
Well....either a rhinoceros is upstairs or you just awoke from you mini nap...somehow I dont think I am lucky enough to go upstairs and see a rhino in the hallway....Someday Kiddo!!! Someday you are going to love to sleep - and I can't wait to wake you up when you do!!
I love you little Monster!
Love, Mommy

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  1. Oh goodness! Isaac, you ARE very lucky that you happen to be one of the single most precious and adorable baby boys I have ever laid eyes on. You really give your Mama a run for her money - and her patience, don't you?

    Nikki - I am so happy you started this blog. It will be a great memory to have and to share with your little monster when he grows up. Just keep truckin. One day he is going to surprise you and he will sleep. One day, my dear, one day!