Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sweet Dreams

Dear Baby I,

Tonight while (trying) putting you to bed, Delilah (on the radio), was speaking to a caller who is having difficulties with her 15 year old son. The caller talked about how she had her son at 15 and had felt like she grew up alongside of him. Unfortunately, now her son has hit peak adoloesence, and the Mom said her son suddenly had become a stranger to her. As we laid in bed with you squirming, pinching, and kicking me with your daily restless sleep drama, I couldn't help but think how sad it would be for my perfect little sleepless hellion to someday feel like a stranger to me. I felt so bad for that caller as she cried to Delilah all she had been thru with her son and their unfortunate current state of affairs. Delilah told her teens will be teens and there is nothing to do but wait it out and reassure her son that she loves him. As I stroked your little perfect cheek, all I could think about was how that could be us someday. What would I do? What if you grow into one of those angst teenagers who hates me?? What if you think I am the "Lame Mom" who does not understand you, your music, your friends, ANYTHING!!! Ugh! How could one brief caller to the Delilah show ruin my whole night and have me set out to pasture by my own futuristic teenage son!?!?
That's it!! No more growing up for you! YOu are here by ordered to stay my precious lovable baby forever! But I am also ordering you to sleep better too :)
 I have also decided this first year of your life, is all the torturing you are allowed. So there, you blew it! You wasted all  your potential teenage torture now! Ahhhhh...problem solved!
In other (non mental mommy) news, you had your first dip in the pool this past weekend! You and daddy had some quality fun in the sun! It is not exactly hot enough for mommy to punish herself with a bathing suit yet. I have to be REALLY hot for that!
YOu are getting more vocal than ever! Your giggle can stop traffic! It is the cutest darn thing I have ever heard! I live for those toofy smiles
Let's not forget that you got kicked out of the gym daycare again this morning. Lovely. I will be amazed if you let me make it through my trainer session on Thursday. If not, that will be the quickest money I have ever spent!
Well baby, that is all for now. Just remember how much mommy loves you and no matter how big you get you will always be my baby who I danced to sleep every night.
Sweet Dreams Little Monster - may your next 2 hours be filled with uninterrupted bliss. After that, I know the drill...(sigh).
I love you Baby,

PS...Mommy hates the new layout of this blog! why do they have to change things on me once I get the hang of it! ugh!

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  1. Isaac looks soooooo adorable....I could just "eat him up!" He has to be the most precious baby boy in the entire world...(I'm not biased or anything...heh,heh).
    I must say that "My baby Jason" looks adorable too & your words are very true; from this Gramma's experience, no matter how old our precious babies get, they shall forever be "our babies".
    The puppies look as if they were having a great ol' time as well, at the pool. Miss you all. Luv,Roberta