Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Dear Sir I,
What a week we had! Even better were the weekends! Last week you got your first visit from the Easter bunny! You must have been a good boy - or maybe the Bunny doesn't check up on you at bedtime :)
The following weekend was even better! We had a family day trip to Zion National Park in Utah on Sunday. You, Mommy, Daddy, Prada, Doc & Zorro. We loaded up the car and off we went. Normally this would be your Daddy's thing, (but SHH! don't tell him) it was actually a very nice trip. Mt. Zion is a beautiful place and a cute little town. The dogs loved running around and you just enjoyed being outside all day. I have a feeling this trip is just one of many more to come if Daddy has his way. Although sooner or later I am sure he will want to be camping and such...ugh! I am sure the two of you will be ganging up against me sooner than later!

The weather is getting warmer here in Vegas. Pretty soon you will be in the pool all day long! That is not all you be doing this summer too! I have a strong feeling you will be crawling (and then very soon) walking all over the place. We bought you a walker last week and you love it! Frontwards motion is a bit of a struggle, but you are a pro at going backwards. And Zorro loves that you can feed him Cherrios off the tray! The dogs think you are a roaming treat cart!
I hate to say it, but bedtime has taken a step backward this week. I am hoping it is because of the yogurt I gave you. I was thinking it would help your tummy, but maybe it is just not time for dairy yet. You actually didnt like it as much as I thought you would anyway. All week long you have been tossing and turning all night. Not so much crying, just unsettled. Maybe the dairy was giving you cramps? Or maybe it is your teeth - although that excuse is getting old. We have been blaming your teeth for the past 4 months - and still no signs of your baby pearly whites!
No teeth surely doesnt stop you from chewing on EVERYTHING! You are a pro at Cherrios these days. I am not sure if giving you cereal to "play" with is a good idea. Am I pacifying you with food already? I do not know, but it surely keeps you occupied!
Well baby we are off to the Dog Bakery for a Birthday Cake for our boy Zorro! 4(ish) tomorrow! I cannot believe it! Soon enough I will be saying the same about you!
I love you Baby!
Love, mommy

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  1. I especially love the 2 photos of you & Isaac, oh my, how big he's getting to be.