Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sleep Hostage

Dear I,
Well its one of those random mornings when Mommy woke up covered in pee, puke, and snot....and an oddly random cherrio on her face...NONE of which are mine!!!!
Hmmm....maybe it IS time to for you to have YOUR own bed! ...and just when we were doing so well!!!
For a short time, we were on a roll to have this sleeping thing under (somewhat) control....the only caveat - Mommy Is a "sleep hostage" - but as long as you were clocking in some quality snooze time I was OK with that! The only way I could get you to sleep was to lay in bed beside you until you fell asleep. NOt only that, but I had to rush to your side every time you woke up! Crazy I know, but SOOOO much better than the alternative! Ok, I will admit I secretly love the fact that you fall asleep holding my face tight, you are Mommy's beautiful little monster...but deep down I know I am not helping the situation by letting you sleep in a bed! And quite honestly I can do without you one by one pulling out the hairs on my head at night...(and they say you are not evil!!!)
Normally you would sleep all night though.  As long as you could hold onto me or see me you go right back to sleep - and in the "whatever works method" that is fine with me....But sooner or later (hopefully sooner) you are going to have to put yourself to sleep. Ah...I can dream at least! I read it isnt my job to put you to sleep, it is to teach you how to do it yourself...Hmmm... That is a GREAT theory, now if we could only execute it!
In other news your appetite has greatly improved! You are eating far less formula (thank GOD!!!) and more big boy food! I must say I LOVE making your baby food! It is so much fun and I love knowing exactly what you are eating (except for when you crazy daddy lets you try things when I am not looking...GRRR....) To all my prego friends I highly recommend making your own baby food....It costs way less and it is so easy to do ( I will blog on that one later!)
Cereal is also the new greatest thing that has happened to you! Cherrios can keep you occupied for hours! And the dogs love sitting under you picking up (ALL) the ones you drop! Honestly I am not sure one has ever even made it to your mouth....but you sure have fun trying! And I am loving how occupied it keeps you.
The Easter bunny made his first trip to the house! Some how Daddy made out better than you! But you were definitely a fan of all the purple grass in your basket. Next year I bet he will hide your goodies and you AND daddy can find them!  - or you can help daddy look, because he isnt that good at finding his eggs yet!
You are a huge fan of shopping carts these days. You love to sit in the cart and scream and giggle in the are quite a hit at all the local markets! I cannot wait to get you in the pool! I can barely get you out of the tub. This summer you are definitely going to be a water baby! Oh the fun you and Bratty will have all day in the pool while Mommy sleeps in the house (hint hint)!
Well Mr. Monster, you and I are off to a fun filled day of waiting at the DMV. I am sorry. We tried yesterday, but the 200 people standing in line wrapped around the building was a HUGE turnoff. I would sooner let them revoke my license than stand in that! I will never understand why the DMV is on Hell on Earth - but until they figure that out, we will go wait wait wait!
I love you Baby Monster Mash!
Love, mommy

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  1. Little one, you are getting so big and Gramma is very proud of you for eating all that yummie big boy food and letting your Mommie get some sleep. I hope that you & Mommie will not have to spend too long at the DMV today, but hopefully, you'll be patient & have lots of fun while you wait your turn. Miss You. Hugs & Kisses, Gramma Berta