Friday, June 11, 2010

The Big Picture

Dear I,

Whatta week! I can't say I am sad to see this one come to an end. It's too hot, it's too hectic, and I am sorry to say your Mommy gets too emotional! Last weekend we saw temperatures jump up to 110 and it has been hovering around there ever since! Ugh. You are not a fan of the heat either!  If I thought you were miserable in the car before, just try hot and miserable! Luckily we had lots of pool time to cool off. Shhh! Don't tell, but you are one happy skinny dipper! Like I have said a thousand times before - Who needs those stinkin bathing suits anyway! You and Prada  have a blast splashing around. Somehow you get more dog hair on you in the pool than crawling under the table! From the pool to the showers - You love every second of water time!
Monday Daddy flew out to Denver for a job interview. It was a success  - and he starts at the end of the month! I wish I could tell you how excited I am about moving to Colorado kiddo, but honestly I am not sure. Hence, Mommy has been an emotional basket case lately. Honestly I do not know how your daddy puts up with me some times! It is such a hard decision to make. On one hand I really do not want you growing up in Vegas, but on the other hand we are in a  great situation here where I can be home with you and not have to work. We also have Uncle Ronnie and Prada here. We do not know a soul in Denver!  I do understand that Colorado living is Daddy's dream. I guess this is part of the "give and take" of a relationship I need to work on. You know what monster, sometimes relationships suck - no matter what you give or take! I love your Daddy with all my heart  but sometimes I  feel like we are not only on different pages, but different books all together!
Fortunately our move will not be as sudden as Daddy.  You and I are staying in Vegas until the end of the summer. Daddy and Doc are going first to get things set up and settled in. It will be hard with him so far away most of the time but I think this is the best way to go about it. I am just not ready to pack up shop and move in 2 weeks. I guess I am not the spontaneous risk taker I used to be. Maybe your Noni is right, I need to just relax and go with it....(I do not know what your Noni is on, but I want some!)
Other than moving Drama/trauma it was Wheel tryouts week. Stupid show! WHo really watches  it anyway? OK, I was pretty disappointed I did not make it. The test was way harder than I expected. Sorry Monster, no millions just yet! I just do not think I am good with rejection! Thank goodness I never tried out for AMerican Idol!
Well I may not have made WHeel, but I did get a huge consolation prize - My Baby's first TOOFER broke through! I noticed it in the car on the way home! Finally! A tooth! I thought you would be a gummy bear forever! NOw let's see if all your fussiness disappears as your teeth come in...I will not be holding my breath!
Hopefully next week is better than this week. I am sure it will be plenty busy though - between you getting into EVERYTHING, Packing up Daddy, looking for houses, finding Prada a new playmate - we definitely wont be bored! Maybe I will tire myself out enough to actually get some sleep(as I write this at 2:30 AM!)! I hate stress! I sleep worse than you do now! Who knows, maybe the change will do us good.  I guess we will never know unless we try. I do know in some time this decision will probably be as insignificant as not making Wheel of Fortune. It just seems like a big deal now - you will probably never even know it happened! The Big Picture kiddo, that's what I am looking toward - and we all have to be (happily) in it. If this move gets us from here to there, then so be it....Right???
At least your daddy and I agree on one thing: You are the most important factor here! You are a very lucky little monster to have 2 parents that love you so much! Now I just hope we do not screw that up! :)
As always I love you Monster!
Love, Mommy


  1. OMG, This top picture is the cutest thing EVER, sadly though, he looks like he's grown SO much since I've seen him. sorry about Wheel... and the rest of the stress. HOping things work out in Colorado. Not exactly sure what Mom is on, but she certainly isn't sharing!!!

  2. Oh, and Congrats on the toofer!!!! Yay Isaac!

  3. MOM is on Crack...and she is hanging out in the "wrong crowd"....i saw her with Charlie Murphy, Prince, and ....Rick James B&^^$#!

  4. oh ronnie...welcome to the world of dave chappelle...circa 1995! glad you finally got on board!

  5. Oh my gosh the first tooth!!!!!!Congrats Isaac. Wow, you look very mature in the b&w photo above....almost like a toddler... I'm sorry the Wheel of fortune didn't pan out Nikki, but I'm with you, it's just a silly game. Happy Almost Birthday, hope you got the card/gift I sent.