Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Crack(er)ed Up.

Dear I,

Week 1 Denver and we have been having a great time! As one Daddy in the park described our new neighborhood of Park HIll - its like a fairy tale place to live for little kids! Really there is not much to complain about here other than the HORRIBLE lack of cell service...and what I mean by horrible is non-existent service. Otherwise it has been pretty picturesque!  Our days have been filled with walks to the park and farmer's markets, setting up the new house, making some new friends, and patiently trying NOT to kill Doc.
  YOu seem to be adjusting well, although I fear you are getting a cold - or allergies - Im not sure what the difference is just yet. I would like to say you are sleeping better - but I would be profusely lying about that. Nap time is getting better. Hooray for that!! YOu somehow learned to take your pants off recently. That is a lot of fun...especially when you try it at the park! Shaking your head "no" is also a big thing for you right now. Everything is NO NO NO!! Even yes means NO for you. And then there is the dreaded Pandors's Box I have opened with the Graham cracker I gave you. That is now ALL I can get you to eat. YOu throw - or shall I saw HURL - everything else across the room! My only saving grace for getting some nutrition in you is that you will eat anything I put pasta sauce on. Noodles, cauliflower, broccoli, veggie burgers - as long as it is RED you will eat it....otherwise hurled at the wall it goes! You cause quite the scene at restaurants I might add!
  We had a great long family weekend for your 2nd Labor Day Weekend! Friday night we went to the Taste of Denver Food festival downtown. You sure love to be in a crowd! Funny thing we didnt eat too much there - I think Daddy and I ate more of your cheerios than anything! Coloradans dont know too much about Great food - but suprisingly they know a lot about fried food!!  French fries, fried pickles, fried twinkies, fried hot dogs - UGH!!  Even your junk-food-loving Daddy thought the French fries were too greasy!! A beautiful place to be it is without a doubt - an epicurean nirvana it is definitely NOT!! I guess the ultra fit lifestyle of Colorado does not include their grub!
  Saturday we spent the day unpacking some more and setting up shop here on Holly Street. Either it is a tiny house - or we have way too much STUFF!  - Or perhaps it is a little bit of both!! But we are slowly getting settled in and the Halloween/Fall decoration up. Sunday Daddy had the grand plan of heading out to the Rocky Mountain National Park - as did thousands of other people. The traffic to the park was pretty intense. Luckily for us you slept most of the way - and ate your beloved graham crackers! Once inside the park you and I got our first glimpse of life 12000 feet above sea level! Suprisingly no headaches or nausea thank God! But it was pretty windy up there - and definitely NOT the 95 degrees it was back in the city. We had a great time poking around the grand Rockies - although Zorro HATED it - I think he prayed for someone to dognap him and get him out of there! On our way home we stopped at Estes Park and walked around the town - along with the thousands of others who thought that would be a great idea as well. It was a great little town, albeit completely rampant with tourists, with of course some pretty mediocre restaurants. On our long drive home we saw Big-horned Elk clashing roadside. It was pretty amazing to see - what was even more amazing were the people getting out of their cars to watch and take pics - mere feet from the ELK  -that could easily taken them out of the heavy traffic congestion - FOREVER!!
Monday was a much needed lazy day at home - and even better it was a Daddy/Isaac afternoon!  Daddy made dinner while Mommy slept. Then you guys headed out to the Nature and Science museum while Mommy sat home on the porch and quietly read her book (the Happiness Project, which I highly recommend thus far!)
  All in all it was a great week with an even greater weekend! I even successfully got the toothbrush with toothpaste INTO your mouth for a full 30 seconds! This place must be a fairy tale! Next up is a play date tomorrow afternoon at the zoo with a little boy we met and his mommy! I am sure it will be fun - if for nothing other than to have someone to share our graham crackers with!
I love you Mr monkey mash! And I love the fun we are having as our family grows  - stronger not bigger for heavens sake! Now we just have to conquer this cold/allergy bug and all will be well in fairy land!
I love you! Love, Mommy

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