Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Let's Eat!

Dear Baby I,
Well another week living in Colorado squalor little man. Heck with all these trips to the zoo, parks, story hours, tree lined street strolls, street fairs, farmers markets, and playdates I am really starting to feel bad for you! No wonder you never sleep! You - We - don't sit still long enough!
But this week bumpkin we are not going to talk about your (lack of) sleep. This week mommy wants to address your current state of Hunger strike we have going on. The past month or so you seem to have a huge dismay for foods on a spoon. Your combatative skills are dead on! You can swat that spoon away from your face to get yogurt on the walls of the next room! I just cannot seem to get it to sneak into your mouth. We used to be so fond of the yogurt too! Ahhhh, the good ol' days.
And what happened to our love of avocados and bananas? Now you act like they taste liver and onions! At this rate you are going to be in grade school sipping your lunch out of a bottle!
This all started, of course, with the dreaded Graham cracker initiation. I knew it would end up being my fault! Grahams are the only thing you want to eat - well, grahams, cell phones, turkey basters, remotes, pens, and key chains....obviously. :) Food? Not so much! I am beginning to think I am going to have to take the Zorro approach with you and wait you out - when you are hungry enough you will eat!
All in all we had another great week - eating and sleeping issues aside. We are finally welcoming in a tooth on the upper deck! I can only imagine how cute that crooked little grin of yours will be once there is a top toofer. Watch out ladies! YOu are also a full blown (wabbley) walker. Even typing that statement scares me! God help me now!!!
This week we had a great playtime with your new friend Brady at the bookstore for story hour. Of course neither one of you had any interest in the readings....just tearing the books off the shelves and dashing toward the staircase every second you two (thought) you could! You screamed your way through the farmer's market on Wednesday - only after swiping a peach from the "Peach Lady's" stand. This weekend we attempted another road trip to Boulder - in your new fancy schmancy big boy car seat! Another not-so great idea on MOmmy and Daddy's part. You are still not a fan of the car  - or your seat!
Sunday was our lazy home day with a little trip down the block to the street fair. You were a hit with your big floppy hat and cool red wagon!
The warmer weather seems to be hanging on lately. I know sooner than later I will be wishing it back...but for now I think it is HOT HOT HOT! Maybe you are too hot to sleep? Although as I am writing this, it is 6am...you have been up since 4am and the over-tired-crankiness is starting to set in. But rather than give in, you are throwing all of your tools off your work bench and smooshing your grahams into the carpet. Oh well....
Well baby, time to get ready for another day. As I see you cramming your million dollar-no-sugar-whole-wheat-organic- grahams into your tool belt I think it is time to get you moving!  Rumor has it it won't be so hot today - maybe we will attempt story hour again....if it doesn't interfere with your 16 minute nap time! :) Tomorrow we get to hang out with your new friend Saydie as Mommy re-enters the world of babysitting and takes on 2 under 2!! Oh no! You guys will have strength in numbers!!
I love you Baby BabblesOn!
Love, mommy

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