Saturday, September 3, 2011

Li'l Mr. ChatterBox

Dear Baby I,

The sumer is flying by - YEAH!!!  - I do not like the heat!! So much for the cooler Colorado weather! Everyday feels like it inches closer to 100! At least we had air conditioning in Vegas. Oh well, It's the end of August, no use in complaining now. We made it this far. Hopefully the 'heat bubble' will burst soon! Although, as the eastern portion of the country braces for the wrath of Hurricane Irene and the Southern half of the country has been in 'boil' mode for weeks, I guess I cant complain too much.
We have been having a good ol time this summer. You my dear. have been getting quite vocal lately! It seems like everywhere we go lately people comment on how much you talk (as if they need to remind me!). I'm sure Sadie turned you into the little chatterbox you are. You both are! You two can go all day - and you can go at it too! Everything is MINE or NO or your personal new favorite GET OUTTA HERE.  Oh you're so 'cute' sometimes I could strangle you! Like this morning when I went in your room to get you out of bed - NO MOMMY GET OUT AND GET ME A BABA. Really kiddo?  Im not sure where you picked that lingo up but it better stop now - or you are going to be one thirsty little boy!
For the most part I have been cracking up at your new found talent of making up your sentences. They are so random. Like when you randomly told Noni YOU NO LIKE PEANUT BUTTER ANYMORE and then proceeded to repeat that for a week, all the while eating peanut butter. Or when you play with our cell phones and say HELLO THIS IS JASON, UM YEAH, OK, BYE MOMMY. Where did that come from? Or, HEY MOM, THATS A GOOD IDEA, geez, thanks I! And this one, which is my personal favorite, although Im not too sure how blog worthy/ready it is -  but it will be used as great fodder to embarrass you when you get older and start to date.  Allow me to preface it by saying you have had some NASTY, intense diaper rash this week. So needless to say it  has been a nitemare to change your diaper - you scream, cry and squirm like crazy. I actually feel bad because you go nuts when i try to put anything on it to soothe it. But we found one little trick that works...Now when I change your diaper you say MOMMY BLOW ON MY PEE PEE MAKES IT FEEL BETTER. Seriously I crack up every time. Pickles, Olives, now this? You defiintely are your daddy's boy!

At the time finishing this post it is Labor Day Weekend - the official end to Summer '11 - a BIG Yahoo!! from me is in order! And what better way to end the summer than a 'cold front' of some weather in the 80s!! I almost broke out the jackets today!! And what could be better than a cold front in the summer? A visit from Uncle Ronnie and the dogs! Today is Prada Bear's 10th birthday and you were just as excited as Uncle Ronnie to celebrate - although you hear BIRTHDAY and the CAKE!! buzzers automatically go off in your head! However, I am not surprised coming from the kid who have 7 cakes and birthday parties for his 2nd birthday! But I will admit I was the proud Mommy at the bakery this morning when you passed up a cinnamon roll for not one but TWO pieces of pesto quiche! That's my little foodie!!

Oh Kiddo I am so excited fall time is right around the corner! I love this time of year and I love spending it with you on any of our daily adventures! Something about this change in the air makes me think that all is right in the world - or at least our world. You wake up every morning so excited to see the big yellow "shoo Bus" out the window and you are so disappointed you cannot go to school yet! I dread knowing that day is right around the corner too - my little boy is growing up so quickly! It is such an amazing journey to experience - and I, at times, find it a little overwhelming that I will be experiencing it in 'double time' soon! How on earth will I be able to dedicate such time, energy, and devotion to 3 at 

once? Im sure it will happen, and Im sure you will be an amazing big brother and helper! I just remind myself everyday to take something in to remember how special and limited this time with you really is. I especially have to remind myself on those days when I find buckets of sand in your bed - or even better, mine! You truly are my daily reminder that miracles can happen to anyone and happiness is loving what you have and not worrying about what you don't!
I love you my little monkey man - from your runny nose to your muddy toes! You are my little piece of heaven on earth and I promise you our adventure will only get better from here!
Sleep Tight (in your sandy beach bed)! Mommy loves you more than all of the sprinkles in the sky!

I love you My Goofy Galoosey!
Love, Mommy

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