Wednesday, August 3, 2011

July 27, 2011.

Breakfast in Bed
Dear Baby I,

We have a secret to tell, you and I. Something that only we have known since June 16. Something that has been the main reason why mommy hasnt written so much in the past few weeks - or quite frankly why it is was such a struggle for Mommy to get out of bed each morning! You -  my beautiful, wonderful, precious, baby boy are going to be a BIG Brother!! Can you believe it??? My Guess is probably not, since you probably cant even comprehend it at all. And by the time you ever look back at these words you will wonder if there were ever was a time when you were NOT a big brother. Let me reassure you that you were indeed once mommy and daddy's 'one and only' - and that is going to be a title not ever taken away from you. We are simply adding a "first" to the beginning of it!
Helicopter Ride!!
So many thoughts, so many feelings, so many emotions have gone thru my head for the past 6 weeks. Keeping it secret was no easy feat either! It's hard to hide the fact that I am constantly nauseous and tired and I am suddenly eating loaves of white bread a day. Nope, nothing strange going on here! Your Daddy was pretty shocked when we told him too. Im not sure he was expecting that particular Father's Day Surprise. Who knew Mommy and Daddy would be so good at this??
My BFF Sadie...
Are we ready for this? Can we handle this?? Is it too Soon? Boy? Girl? SO many questions, so little time. One thing I am certain of  is  you are going to be one helluva a big brother!! Any kid would be lucky to have you to look up to and show them them the ropes! I can only imagine how long it will be before you are teaming up against me. Not long enough, Im sure!
We decided to wait until we told everyone else - ok Mommy did, your daddy is a bit of a blabber mouth. I wanted to make sure we were 'out of the woods' and had our first doctors appointment. I wanted to make sure the dozens of tests I took were indeed accurate, not just a coincidental fluke! I surely feel pregnant! And quite frankly Im looking the part too. I swear I was not this big at 6 months with you!!
July 27, 2011.
Doctors visit #1. We were an hour early, the Dr was an hour late. You made yourself comfortable with the lobby, the patient coffee station, the decorative waterfall - it was a blast. Finally our turn. The doctor was very nice, I was seemingly happy with my decision to have gone with the mid wife vs the MD. WE went thru the office stuff -  history, info, and all the blah blah blahs that has to be done. Next up the physical exam. I knew this was going to be tricky. I had a feeling you were not going to like being in the room for this but our options were kind of limited. Either you come in and hopefully sit thru this or we tie you up in the lobby and hope you are there when we come out. Daddy said you had to come in with us. Whatevs. I thought the rope would hold you.

The no Chocolate  before dinner Protest

Of course you hated it. You thought the Dr was trying to hurt me and screamed for Mommy to hold you the whole time. And then there was all those buttons and switches for you to mess with!! Daddy had his hands full for sure!
Aunt Sue and Lily!
So there we were about to see your new brother or sister for the first time. The little alien teddy bear popped up on the ultra sound screen and I was relieved to learn I wasn't dying of a foreign tumor all these weeks. There it was Monkey - your future guinea pig, your future playmate, your future cohort, your best friend in the making. I could feel my eyes start to water up with all the images racing thru my head of the two of you growing up together playing in puddles and snow. Making snowmen and pulling each other in the wagon, riding bikes...I could see it all and I loved it!  Pure Joy. Pure Love. I couldn't wait to tell everyone!! Until...
Until my euphoria was broken with the words you never think you are really going to hear wrapped in a paper gown laying on a cold table in stirrups with a woman jamming a 'flashlight' somewhere up your ribcage..."Well, looky here...I think we have 2 of them...""Ha," said the Dr, "how about that - you kids are having twins."
HOW ABOUT THAT??? Twins??? What??? As in 2 babies???? We only need one!!! This must be a mistake! get a real MD in here - what was I thinking with a quack of a midwife?? Call 911!! We need a second opinion!  All I could do was laugh until I cried. I wanted to look at your daddy but I was afraid he was going to drop you or I would fall off the table! I turned my head and just saw him standing there with his jaw hanging wide open in total disbelief. Any trace of color or sunburn completely gone from his now pale white skin. Im pretty sure we said nothing. We just stared at the screen looking at the 2 fuzzy alien teddy bears squirming around. The Dr. laughed at our disbelief. "Well you did say it felt different this time" she joked, "I will give you kids a minute to adjust" she said as she left the room. Oh this will be different I thought, Different indeed but I think we are going to need more than a minute to adjust! But I guess really that's all you get. There is no going back, no changing what lies ahead, just a minute to shift gears and get your eyes back on the road.
So my Little monkey baby boy that is the story of the day the game changed for us. We instantly went from our little family of 3 to a family of 5. I can't even begin to imagine how the next few months are going to play out for us. The realization of us soon having 3 children under 3 years old hasn't fully set in (thankfully). Im so excited. Im so scared. Im so expecting all of the unsolicited advice of what "we need to do." Changes are coming kiddo. I just cant tell you when, where or how!
Thing 1 and Thing 2
I can tell you one thing for sure remains the same. You are going to be an AMAZING big brother - and these two little ones are going to follow you around like puppies! These are going to be two VERY lucky kiddos! They are being born into a family with a mommy and daddy ready to love them and a big brother ready to show them how to get dirty, sticky, and into everything! And whether we have one more or ten more (which we are NOT) you will always be Mommy's first one and only. My monkey baby boy. My Baby Isaac. I love you more than ever - and that my bugaboo - will never ever change.
Everyone needs to rest in a bucket!
I spent most of this morning reading old blogs and laughing at how I swore up and down I was 'one and done' after you. God must have laughing too. Either He read them and thought "you thought this kid was rough just wait..." or "Wow! You 'tamed' that beast - let's see what else I can throw at them..." Either way it must be true - God laughs at those who make plans. Regardless we will welcome these blessings - and challenge - with open arms and open hearts. I can only imagine the open blogs that will come from this too - when I find the time!
I can't even imagine the road we are about to travel but I couldnt imagine it with anyone other than you and your Daddy. I love you both - and Thing 1 and Thing 2 - my little alien teddies -  I love you both too.

I Love you Magic Monkey Boy!
Love Mommy

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