Sunday, July 24, 2011

23 Months of Fun!

Dear Baby I,

Wow. Mommy is quite the slacker lately! I havent written a thing since Father's Day- how am I supposed to remember what an amazing little monster you have been this past month??? Oh that's right - I have the mental scarring from your bizarre but frequent "I hate the car seat" tantrums and "Uncle Ronnie  spit on the floor" episodes permanently etched in my brain!! Geez...I hate would hate to forget any of that! :)
So what I am about to say here is going to shock even Me. Your own Mother. THese are words I thought I would never say concerning you - my dear baby Isaac - but I am going to say them and hopefully forego jinxing myself with some evil cosmic twist of fate. Here I go....
You. Isaac. Are quite the Sleeper. OMG! I cant believe I said it!!! I hear Earth Angel playing in the background and I think I actually have goosebumps. Part in disbelief that I have actually jinxed myself and partly because I NEVER thought this day would come! But you have morphed into one little boy who loves to sleep - and hates to be woken up. FOrget all that earlier talk of me not being able to wait until I can ruin your sleep with smashing pots and pans! Sure that will come in your teen years (I PROMISE YOU THAT!!) but for now it's like this little piece of glorious heaven on Earth! You Nap like a champ! You sleep thru the night! You have even ASKED to go to bed! (Yes, mommy did cry tears of joy that day!)
It took the longest, hardest, painstaking, baffling 20(ish) months of our lives...But we did it!! Im so proud of you little monkey! All those late night drivebys at the local firehouse - see its a good thing I didnt drop you off!

Im not saying you arent completely OCD about your new love of sleep. You are the only kid who needs to sleep in his own bed, in his own room - exclusively (which makes traveling anywhere SO much fun!). You need  to have your specific - yet random assortment of dozens of stuffed animals, blankets, and toys in your bed. And of course we need to name them all before we call lights out. Good Night Scout, Good Night Bear, Good Night SHeep, Be quiet George! We need to have our 3 major Bs  - Binkie, Blankie and Baba. You need no less than 7 pillows topping your bed and of less not we forget we need to discuss what will be for breakfast in the morning. But I will take that any day over the alternative kiddo! ANY DAY!!
In other news Monkey Man, we had a great trip to Las Vegas Last week. We got to see Uncle Ronnie and the dogs. You were super excited about playing in the pool - until you realized how freaking hot it was outside! You will never go outside without shoes again thats for sure! Im really not sure how we survived living in Vegas. It is just so HOT!!
You and Uncle Ronnie had a great time together! You learned to Bless yourself (yeah!), spit in the car (boo!), genuflect (yeah!), and repeatedly tell people I beat you (boo!). YOu even taught Uncle Ronnie all about the internet...Well,  I guess it was a partial success!
Back here in Denver - and everywhere else - the big story is the heat. It is HOT! Like Vegas hot - only without the air conditioning. Boo. The heat makes everything harder - and in your case more miserable. You are HATING your car seat these days - actually just the car in general. Im not sure if you want to just stay in the hot house all day kiddo - but you getting me to the point where that is exactly what we are going to do if you keep flipping out every time we venture out of the house.
Tough Love Kiddo. Mommy is ALL about it!

Well, Summer is flying by. It is already the end of July and I have to admit I was a little giddy when I saw the pumpkin display at the store the other day. Time is flying by monkey man. I will gladly wish the summer away but I hate to think in doing so you get a little bit older. You will always be my Monkey Baby Boy! I guess the older you get the more you keep me on my toes! You play harder, sleep harder, eat messier, and scream louder these days. Did I mention you are a thousands times cuter too?? It melts my heart each time  you tell me "Mommy pretty" and "I love you too Mama" YOu really are learning how to work your Mama over well! It may be tough to stay a step ahead of you...But I will kiddo!! I will!!

And POOF! Just like that another weekend is here and gone. We packed a lot in just a little time! YOU and Daddy had a great together out at Horsetooth Canyon yesterday. You even weasled a new toy out of him...I bet that was hard! Today, Sunday, we had a great Mommy and Me morning at the bakeshop followed by a little bit of shopping and a VERY messy hummus lunch! Why do the weekends have to be so short? AS I sign off here you are tucked away in bed, covered in blankies, binkies,  and toys and of course stripped down to nothing but a diaper. I hear ya kiddo - jammies are so overrated!
Good Night my little Monkey Bug. I hope you have sweet dreams and sleep tight! Mommy Loves you more than the moon and the stars and all the mosquitoes in Colorado!!!

I Love you Bugagaboo!

Love, Mommy

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