Wednesday, January 20, 2010

See you soon!

Dear Isaac,

Back to Las Vegas today. :(
We had a great time here at Noni's house, but time to get back to 'work'. It has been a long time since we last seen those puppies of ours! I bet they miss us dearly! I know we miss them!
Mommy is surely going to miss all the babysitters we have here though! Now what are we going to do when Mommy needs a nap or when you won't stop screaming? Back to the grocery store I guess!
You got awfully bug since we got here! You barely fit in any of the clothes we brought! I guess that is a blessing in disguise since we dont have to lug them back to Vegas! Although believe me, we have PLENTY to take back. Just wait until Uncle Ronnie sees all  the stuff we have to take back! I just hope he remembers to pick us up at the airport WITH the carseat in the car!
   As much as I miss the pups, Leaving is still awfully sad. I know I will be back soon, especially since you fly for free! But still its no fun saying goodbye...even if it is just "see you soon". I am sure everyone is going to miss you oodles! Aunt Krissy has gotten so good at having a baby IN the stroller...maybe she will just have to push an empty one around to pretend like you are still here! Aunt Gina finally got you to laugh and who will she buy all those loud musical toys for? Nona will have so much extra holy oil and now Em will have TWO hands free for texting!! Zizi has no more blanket to sew! Nono will finally get his bed back and I bet your Noni is going to miss you more than ever too! How will she ever sleep thru the nite without your constant screaming that she pretended not to hear??? Maybe she can keep her second shift over the phone for a bit?!?!?!
  Well thats it for now. Mommy's not one for emotional blah we will just say See you soon! and thanks for everything...we love you all very much!

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