Monday, February 8, 2010

My Little Monkey!

Dear I,
I think I may start to call you my little koala rather than my little boy! YOU are always haning around my neck these days! YOU are defintely a little Mama's Boy in the making!! Daddy says I have the "mommy hips". Mommy told Daddy the couch gets awfully cold!
I guess I should enjoy it while I can..that is "they" tell me! BEofre I know it you wont want antyhing to do with me! I will just be your lame mom who 'doesnt know anything!' Funny, your noni was just like that too!
We have had a long week of good nite bad least htere was a few good nites huh? OK, let me rephrase the "good nite". Good NItes are when you are jsut fussy enough to make it into Mommy and Daddy's bed and then you sleep the rest of the night curled up under my chin, grasping my necklace for dear life and sucking on my chin. That is a ""GOOD NIGHT" these days.
Although that is WAY better than your bad nights of sleeping until 11pm and staying awake crying until 5:30 AM!! THat is HELL NIGHT!!! But now I am armed with all my "Baby Sleep" books...( plus a few extras) so I am sure once you finish reading them we will be all set! Get Cracking kiddo!
Well are currently visiting Gramma Berta and boy is she happy to see you!! I told you she wouldnt believe how big you got! We survived another "Midnite Run" Drive and 8 hours later...POOF! Elko!  Its a big change from the rip roarin Super Bowl party from last nite (I hope everyone can hear the sarcasm in that one!!) I bet Uncle Ronnie is enjoying his quiet nights again!
Well its time to go catch the stirring little monster I hear! I hope you had a good nap...I hate when you wake up on he wrong side of the blankie!!!

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