Thursday, February 18, 2010

Half Year of Fun!

Dear I,
I cant believe you are 6 months old!! I cant believe Daddy and I lasted this long! It seems like just yesterday the doctor handed you over and said "here you go...he should stop crying soon..."
HA! Every day you are changing..but the crying hasn't stopped! Maybe we can get a refund on that! It seems like everday you are growing out of another outfit! Thank goodness you still fit in the bjorn....but it is getting tight! What will we do then???
Still no crawling, but we are pretty sure you are going to go straight to walking! You hate tummy time at all costs! Except for bedtime. YOu now LOVE to sleep on your tummy! Which is great... now in the off chance you DO sleep, I stay awake watching you like a hawk! GReat! Thanks for taking it easy on me!
Needless to say What a half year it has been! I have slept less than I ever thought possible!(ugh!) Cried more than I (or Daddy) can handle!(Ick!) I have gone from washing the house down in disinfectant to letting the dog lick food off your face!(Oops!) I have pretty much compromised EVERY plan I had for you to this point! Oh what a great mother I was BEFORE you were born! Heck, I have even slept on the floor at night because you finally fell asleep - in my bed!!
You have definitely changed Daddy and my lives forever... and for the best! Watching you grow everyday reminds me how lucky we are - and how people can have more than 1!!??? But I love you little Sir with all my heart...and all the amazing greatness you have brought to our lives!
Unfortunately we had to celebrate you Big day with another round of shots at the Doctors. Silly vaccines. But you did great. Mommy still cried (oops)! The dr said you were a perfectly healthy beautiful baby boy...and (in not so many words) Mommy and Daddy are big wusses for not being able to handle your lack of sleeping!
He also said we need to up the ante on the solid foods! YEAH!!! You are definitely ready for that too! YOu would put EVERYTHING in your mouth if I let you! So far we have dabbled in Sweet potatoes, apples, carrots, bananas, and rice. I have had so much fun making your food too! I love to see you eat good for you food! In no time at all youll be wanting a happy meal (UGH!!!...which, by the way, you will NEVER do in my presence!)
This weekend we will be busy getting ready for daddy's birthday! His first daddy bday!!! He is off to Tahoe this morning...Our first time without him here! boohoo! We shall see how Mommy does as a single mom!!I have a feeling we wont be letting him do this again for a long time!!
Well its off to mush some bananas!! Happy 1/2 bday my monkey boy!! Mama loves you!


  1. Oh wow, six months already?? :) It seems like 10 minutes ago we were putting you in a salad bowl little man....and here you are eating solid food already! ;)

    Happy 6 months Isaac, and congrats for making it this far Nikki and Jason. :)

    (laughed at dog licking food off face. good times). :))

    love you all!

  2. when were you washing the house down!!!!!
    and why do you let prada mash his carrots!

  3. hey that a "survival binky" paracord at your feet....daddy is going to make "a billion"...

  4. you dont have to sign up for commenting, this is great...and they dont even ask you if you have been drinking!....