Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Twins Turn Two!! (A Year in Pictures)

My Dearest Tiny Snowflakes,
How can I possibly put into words what the past year has been like? The Ups, the Downs, The food, the meltdowns, the hair, the messes - did I mention the AMAZING amount of food you two go thru?? You two continue to amaze us every day and I cant wait to see what the Terrible Two's have in store for us! (ok, secretly Im terrified but I will play along) Thank you for all the amazing laughs you have given all of us each morning! I love you both to the Moon and back!

L: I dont know, they have to be in there somewhere...
Go. Away. Mom.

J: Lucy grow up we are almost 18months. Stop licking the table.

Competitive Peekaboo 

L: Dont you dare tune me out Jake! Do you hear me?? Two can play this game!!

Talk to the Hand Puppy Brother

L: Here, eat it, I did not like it.

J: Wow. Just, wow.

Go ahead, Just give me a reason to Bite you....

This is my Happy Face.


Lucy wins the Hunger Games!
...and then there was that whole "fear of talking bunnies" phase.

Feeding the Gremlins after midnite...

L: Hey! Where's my Sammich??
J: Whasammich?

J: So then I says to the broad "hey, I ordered the pancakes!"

Oh yeah???

Whatta you looking at???

Yeah, we're cute.

L: That was MY FAVORITE Cheerio!!!!

L: Go enjoy 'Merica Damnit. (4th of July)

L: You sicken me.
They clean up nice.

OutSTANDING. <3 br="" nbsp="">
Love you my little hot mess and my baby kong!
Love, Mommy

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