Monday, November 8, 2010

Helmet Head.

Dear Monster I
Well we knew it was going to be a rough week - I guess we just underestimated your bark and bite being equally fierce! ROAR!! It was quite a challenging week to say the least! You are getting so big and so stubborn (must be form Daddy)! I think all my "monkey" names for you have gone to your head. I am pretty sure you are going to require a helmet to get through the day soon! Everything (this week) has been a struggle most notably sleep time, eating time, and your new fondness for climbing one EVERY piece of furniture and structure you lay eyes on!
This week was a first for both us. We took on two 2 year olds this week - you and the ladies. Things went surprisingly smooth - and MOmmy only had to raise her voice once - and you will never guess at whom....Hint hint HIS name rhymes with FIssac!! Who says girls hare harder!!???
THursday was "That Day"  for me! It started early and hard and went quickly down hill from there! I should have known things were going to be amiss when I put on my slippers at 4AM and got a moldy lemon in my toes. Maybe I should wear my slippers more often, but how the heck did you get a lemon in there - in the closet!! When??  From that point on the day was in rapid decline. No nap - which was surprising since we had been so good about that. At first I let you cry, thinking you would just fall asleep, but after 1 hour and 35 minutes of POW Interrogation screams coming from your room, I gave in. I opened your bedroom door only to find your naptime avocado banana smoothie completely covering your bed, walls, body and curtains. Somehow you managed to unscrew the bottom of the bottle - and then proceed to shake the contents all over your room. Impressive to say the least.

After cleaning up that mess, I regrettably put you in the car to hit the store. I knew you would fall asleep once we got moving - RIght??? WRONG. You screamed for 18 miles and finally fell asleep as I pulled in the parking lot. Fantastic. I spent the next hour and 15 minutes staring at a dumpster while you slept peacefully looking like an angel in the back seat. Once in the store you proceeded to tear things off the shelf and run away from me every shot you could. Ugh...and the day marched on.
Next we hit up the grocery store where your new favorite thing is to throw all the contents of the cart onto the floor. It is quite the show stopper, not too mention that we come home with a bagful of bruised produce and crushed snacks. I wonder if it would be frowned upon if I started taking you out in a straight jacket??? Hmmm...

And so the rest of the day carried on in similar fashion. You put the final nail in yet another cell phone, You screamed, you kicked, you threw your head back and flung yourself onto the floor, I cried, Zorro Slept - and then Daddy finally came home from work and rescued us from each other. That nite I oculdnt help peeping in your room and watching you sleep. I just didnt trust you quiet that long after the day we had! Miraculously watching you asleep I couldnt help but think how lucky I was that you must be hitting the "terrible 2s" early and if your tantrums are the worst I have to deal with then we will survive. Somehow.
This weekend was a little easier on the nerves. We went to the Denver CHristmas show on Saturday. Too many people. Too many Christmas sweaters. It was a good idea, it just needed a bigger venue. Those Coloradans love them some CHristmas!! Sunday brought on DayLIght Savings time. Apparently you didnt get the memo. Rather than getting up at 5AM, you decided not only were you going to get up earlier - you were going to get up earlier and need to pull every electronic talking toy out and start playing with it at 3:30 AM. Fabulous. Thanks heavens for Sprout!
Maybe it was the lack of sleep, but somehow Mommy and Baby Terror Monster got coerced into going
to the Ski Lodge with Daddy while he went snow boarding. I am sure he meant well, but I cant say I am in hurry to get back up there. You, Me, Zorro, wet snow squalls and a million drunk frat kids in neon wearing helmets and goggles calling each other "yo" and " Bro" was not the most relaxing Sunday afternoon I have spent. Sorry Kiddo (and Daddy), Im sure you are going share Daddy's love of the snow and snow boarding someday. You have that dare devil gene hard wired into you, but Mommy just doesnt get it. It just seems too involved for me - and not to mention Mommy's lack of adrenaline for anything. Maybe Mommy is more lame than we originally thought. I will apologize for that now because I do not think you are going to get that oo change. I know I will have to pretend to like these things for your sake someday, but really I can think of a gagillion other things I would rather do than strap my feet to piece of plastic and slide down a mountain in the cold wearing an obnoxious Hot Pink moon suit. Just sayin...
So here we are on another Monday. The weather has been nothing less than AMAZING and they say today is the last day for that - Snow and Cold is in the forecast for the unforeseeable future. I guess we will see what that means for us in the house all day! I can only imagine the erected tent in the living room will look normal by the end of the week. I know many people will tell me to relax and not lose site of the "big picture" here. And I am sure they are right. So what if I have lemons in my shoes (did I mention it was moldy???)  and avocados splattered on the walls, or I have gone thru 4 cell phones in the past 6 months, in the long run what is important is that you are a healthy happy baby monster... boy with a mommy and daddy who love you more than snow brats like neon! I guess we need to be patient with each other kiddo - as we are both on a SLOW learning curve with each other. This mommy thing is still new to me as Im sure this whole "life" thing is new to you. I wouldn't change it for the world - but don't be mad at me if I make you constantly wear a helmet!
I love Monster Monkey mash
Love, Mommy

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  1. Whewh! Sounds like Isaac has become quite the handful since I last saw him! This Gramma will be there soon, for her Thanksgiving visit, to offer you all a third pair of loving hands. Hope I can help out to give you both a little well needed break time. I can't guarantee that I'll be successful, since it's been over 28 years since I've chased after Isaac's Daddy, but I'm ready to give it a try, armed with lots of extra hugs & kisses. Sounds like I'd better pack my sneakers..heh heh. Love, Gramma Berta