Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Just one of the Boys.

Dear Baby I
To sum up last week in one word - BUSY!! Mommy's babysitting services were in high demand, which meant lots of playmates for you all week. Plus the winter weather has finally decided to creep in here...which means each day brings on a new bag of mixed winter weather tricks and treats! What will we do indoors to keep busy?? Of Course you can always escape to the great outdoors now that you have figured out the doggy door!
One thing I am learning with you kiddo, is you are a becoming a very smart and very sneaky little boy. You have a whole arsenol of words you know - but seem to comprehend only at your convenience. You are very adament about throwing things in the TRASH - especially your dirty diapers. And that is just fine with me - the less I have to touch of those stinky diapees the better! I feel like you are are retaining much more these days. You know which toys are which - especially your Beloved Thomas the Train. You even know your toes, shoes, socks, eyes, head, and hands! But I'll be damned if you cannot figure out Mommy and No!...Like I said....you are very sneaky and oh so selective!! And of course you know exactly who  DADDY is... you always have smiles and a dance for Daddy when he walks through the door. If it werent so darn cute to see you react when he comes from work I would be jealous!
YOu do not look like me, you didn't get your dare devil antics from me, but I will bet money that you got your sleeping and eating habits from me! Lord Help us both! Even if I could sleep in these days I cant seem to make it past 4 am - which works well with your wake up time of 4:45 AM every morning - and I can't seem to stay up past 8PM! Again right in line with your bed time! As for your eating habits, I am afraid I may also plead guilty. I refuse to take credit for your amazing food flinging and messiness - but your picky palate has "Mommy" written all over it. Tofu, Veggies, Fruits, beans and Hummus - that pretty much sums up your diet. You are the only kid I know who opts for a stalk of celery over a PB&J...and I love every bit of it!!! :) I know before long your Daddy's terrible Salt-Laden-Processed-Everything Food cravings will lurk onto your palate - so for now I will take advantage of your willingness to eat healthy!
Another issue that has come to play this week with our daily playmates is very concerning to me - your lack of sharing skills  - of both your toys and your Mommy! I am constantly taken aback at the huge difference between you and the little girls we watch (of similar age). The girls seem to have an innate sense of sharing and the ability to play together - whereas you seem to constantly go straight for the jugular! You "need" whatever toy they are playing with, whatever cup they are sipping, and God Forbid I hold any other child in eye shot of you! You act like we spend our days cuddling all day long and cannot go one second with out me holding you!! And then when I do pick you up all you do is rip my glasses off my face and squirm to get down, as if you just realized how much you hate to be cuddled! YOu must get your anti-cuddling skills from Zorro! THe Girls, on the other hand, would be perfectly content sitting on my lap all day. What happened to you kiddo?? How come your Mommy cant hold you for more than two seconds with out you squirming or flailing yourself into some discontorted form of a back bend?? Hoy Vey kid you are a handful! Hopefully this is the time when girls are easier than boys - because if you are a more difficult teenage boy than a teenage girl, they better have my room at the looney bin waiting for me!
We are creeping up on Thanksgiving - and of course the Christmas decorations and Paraphenelia is in full effect on TV, in stores, and just about everywhere you turn. Poor Turkey Day - alway gets squeezed out between the Halloween Madness and Christmas Craziness! But I promise you kiddo - no Christmas Decorations ever before Thanksgiving here! Well except for the bells on the door - But I think they are festive for all seasons! We have a lot going on in the coming days and weeks! Your Gramma comes to visit next week  - just wait til she gets her hands on you! You are quite the big (independent) boy now since the last time she has seen you! We also have to get ready to have our first big Thanksgiving Dinner in Colorado! Mommy just loves a houseful of people at the holidays! Lots to Cook, Lots to Bake, and of course my Holiday favorite - the Hallmark Channel Holiday Movie Marathons!!! Who the heck needs football anyway!?!?!
Well my dearie as I type away you and Rhemi are both sleeping peacefully in separate rooms - A Christmas Miracle in and of itself - I know my alone time is limited. I just wanted to take a few moments to remind you how much I love you and how much I love being your Mommy. We do need to work on your sharing and sleeping - but that is nothing that cant wait until tomorrow!
Sleep tight Mr Squirmy Wormy! I love you bunches and look forward to experiencing this exciting time of year with you and your Daddy!
I love you!
Love, Mommy

PS - Thanks again to Laurie for all the amazing knitted creations you are wearing! We love them all!!

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