Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mile High Monster

Dear I
This one will be quick, but I just wanted to report that we are back in Vegas and slowly getting readjusted to West  Coast time.
The flight home?? How can I answer  this one with justice...Hmmm...Let's just say you know things are NOT going well when the entire flight crew offers you free drinks the entire flight! Thank God we were sitting next to two angelic women on the plane! They did all they could to calm you down! They even offered to walk up and down the aisle with you when I got tired of doing it!
Ugh I was a wreck! (of course!) I could not calm you down to save my life! You would sleep for 15 to 20 minutes and wake up screaming as if I dropped you. The ENTIRE flight!!!! I know all the other passengers wanted to kill me, but they were very graceful in their attempts to look unaffected by your tantrums. I will have to keep that in  mind next time I want to go off on somebody wrongfully existing in my presence - ok I will try at least!
The vote is unanimous  - you are an official Mama's Boy! Who would of thought??? I tried my hardest to pawn you off on others, but you always made your way back to me...I will remind you of that someday when you think I am the dumbest person alive!! :) Mama's Little Monster!
But lo and behold we are back on solid ground. Daddy was so excited to see you (he said me too, but the jury is still out on the sincerity of that..) He missed us so much that he even put together our very own room so we dont have to wake him up at night when you are screaming! How nice of him huh?? Zorro was glad to see you back, he was very worried with out you in his eye sight, but I think Doc was pretty content thinking we were gone for good. Oh well Doc, maybe you would be happier at the pound without us there to ruin your day? HUh tough guy???
Seriously I love the room though....The room looks great and it is great to see out "Tigger" back up on the wall.  I will have to tell you the story of "Tigger" someday!
We do miss all of our NEPA crowd though. After that last flight they are all definitely on the hook to fly out here for the next visit! We are going to put your cousin Brat to work this summer! We will drag her out here to be our full time nanny  - Mommy will need a break by then.... and Daddy and I could use a date night without getting puked on!
By the way your Dr  (Shaeic, We LOVE her!!) says I cannot let you be an only child. Drs orders! We had to take you in because you spiked a fever on our last day in NEPA right before our flight out. SHe laughed and said Mommy is a hypochondriac, but baby is fine. When I told her you are still as difficult as ever she said, the next one will be easier.... but we wont tell your daddy that!
And just a little shout out to US AIR: I think it is a BRILLIANT policy that you would rather have a sick kid with a fever on your plane rather than allow us to reschedule our flight. It makes perfect sense to me. Why not put him in a floating germ capsule to infect every one else right?? The odds of it being contagious are slim to none I am sure. Great Policy. Koodoos to management! I hope we never have a silly pandemic that would encourage people to secretly fly ill rather than allowing them switch their flights (without a $200 penalty). That probably would NEVER happen. Bacon or Ham anyone??
Well off to make the morning have been up since 3AM, Hopefully it is just because you are sill on East Coast time - but I am being generous I am sure!
I Love you my little baby Monster, but you are SURE lucky your are cute!!!
To all the NEPA peeps we miss you very much and cannot wait to see you again!! Thanks for a great visit and we love you all very much!!!
Love, Mommy

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