Monday, March 22, 2010

All is well in the Vall....

Dear I,

Boohoo we are on our last full day here in the good ol' valley. We are having a great time thus far. As expected you have cried for just about everyone who has held you other than me....but we are working on that! Daddy will surely be disappointed at your lack of sleeping thru the night when we return to Vegas. We will just have to remind him you are a work in progress!
You did have your first "Real Crib" experience while we were here. But as expected you screamed your bloody head off until I  pulled you out of (what I assumed must have been)  a "shark infested crib!" You wanted NO PART of the wooden baby cage! I did manage to slip you in there when you fell asleep for a nap, but you let it be VERY known you hated it when you woke up in there.
Everything has been going rather well since we got here. I am sure Noni and Nono will be finding baby food on the floors and walls long after we leave! Nona has been doing her part to make you smile too. Just one lullabye from her and you are off into dream land. We will have to fly her out to Vegas soon!
The weather has been great while we are here! We spent plenty of time outside (which you must get that from Daddy!), we got to play with your girlfriend Sophia, Sonny, Chloe, Nico, and all the other neighborhood kids who came by to say hi. Sunday dinner alone brought by an extra 30 or so people just to check you out (and to squabble over the health care bill...but we will just say they are here for you)!! I hope as you grow up you remember all the big family gatherings and get togethers, as they are some of Mommy's favorite childhood memories too.
Yes, we have been busy and it is not over yet! I am sure the rain won't slow us down a bit! I hear it is getting pretty toasty back in Vegas. Which can only mean it is almost "pool time" for you!! I have a feeling you are going to love the pool...I just hope Prada doesn't mind sharing his swim time with you!
Well it is time to start the day....
I love you Baby!

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