Thursday, March 18, 2010

NEPA Bound!

Dear Baby I!!!
Happy 7 month Bday!!! 7 months old and still wont sleep a wink! But......We made it!!! Our first solo trip to NEPA! What a day we had! It started late last night, our flight left at 10:30 pm. YOu would think that showing up at the airport at 9 would be enough, yet we found ourselves running thru the terminal at 10:20 anyway! I am not really sure how we got out of there without your Daddy killing someone, but it must have been 'half-priced employee' night at McCarran!  The security was such a hassle. They obviously had no mercy on the single parent travelers. 3 People watched me struggle to empty all my bags, fold up my stroller, take off my sweater and shoes, all while Holding you!! I even asked for help and all they could tell me was "sorry ma'am we are not allowed to touch you in any way"...Really people??? I wasn't looking to get some before my flight, but just some help getting my laptop out of my bag would have been great! I could see your Daddy on the other side of the security line going crazy too...I thought for sure this was going to be the beginning of a long night!!

The flight was packed! Never again will I NOT buy you a ticket! Thankfully some God-sent soul traded seats with me so we had a spare seat for you to lay on. I hate to admit it but we pulled a Benadryl card for the flight. I hate giving you medicines just yet...but I think I hate more that it worked so well! You slept like a champ...the whole way! What a relief!!!
I thought our 3 hour layover in Philly would be a long nitemare, but you loved it! I should have known that all the people and commotion would be right up your alley! You were a big hit with all the passersby, as we laid on our blankie with you glued to "Super WHy" on the Mac! You were loving it and the time flew by!
Finally our trip to Scranton was over and done with in a snap and we got off the plane to an eager Noni and Bratty waiting for you! Of course you cried when I handed you over to them, but they didnt care....and quite frankly either did I!! I was ready for a nap!!! Aunt Gina, Krissy, Noni, Bratty, Zizi, and NOna will have to duke it out over you....altho I am pretty sure you are going to throw the game in my favor!
So we shall see how the week goes between your separation anxiety, jet lag and people overload! Daddy says you have to be sleeping thru the nite by the time we go home! HA! I will settle for that 4 hour stint with NO Benadryl!!! Noni even put up a crib for you here...funny she thinks you are going to sleep in there! I have a feeling you are going to be perched right beside me in bed...again!
More thoughts to come for sure! Right now Mommy has been up since Monday night and needs some long awaited shut eye!!!
I love you Baby!


  1. IM loving every minute screams & all Trust me you have not heard screams until you hear my baby isaac His mommy deserves a medal cuz he can scream But he is so cute His little smile is well waiting for WE love you Baby I