Tuesday, September 29, 2009

6 Weeks and Still Standing....Barely!!

Hi all!

Can you believe Sir Isaac is 6 weeks old already!! Even more unbelievable is that Mommy is still alive!!! I must say this has been the most eventful, emotional, whirlwind of a roller coaster ride jason and I have ever been on!I wouldn't trade it for anything! Although little Stewie has not taken any mercy on us - ever! I swear sometimes I am Lois and he is secretly plotting to kill me! :)
I think Isaac's gets his knack for whining from his Mommy! He is definitely a "hands on" baby - as in he needs to be held - ALL THE TIME! Now before all the zealots chime in with the "overholding" theories, let me just say, I, by no means, want to be holding him this much. HOnestly I think anything attached to me for such lengths of time should be considered a tumor but, I have tried letting him "cry it out". He wants no part of that! Crying it out sessions have last up to an hour - usually ending in him coughing, puking, or neighbors asking if all is OK! Not to mention Mommy's and Daddy's fried nerves! He maybe sleeps 6 hours a day (yes, TOTAL) and I know babies are supposed to cry - but his crying seems extreme to me! He never cries himself to sleep, - he just cries mommy to the liquor cabinet!!
I was definitely a better Mom before I had Isaac! I know "this too shall pass" and "it wont be like this for long". The past 6 weeks - the past 11 months - have flown by and I realize in no time little man will be driving - but in the mean time I am open to all suggestions before I pull my hair out! We are using the Gripe water, Mylicon, colic bottles, you name it! Right now the only thing that calms him down is human touch. So we oblige him - Little Stewie has us wrapped around his finger already!
Next week Aunt Gina and cousins Max and Emily come to meet him! I can't wait to see them and pawn off demon baby on them! Ha!! It is also Max's big 1-0 Bday! Once again I am reminded how time flies! My bratty is going to be 15! Yikes! I should just shut up and quit complaining now!
Other milestones of the past few weeks include Isaac's first trip to Church, which included the loudest room-shaking burp during the "bow our heads and pray" moment of silence! I could only laugh - as did everyone around us!
Our first venture to the Cheesecake Factory. Mommy and Daddy were going thru our favorite restaurant withdrawls! Amazingly we survived without a hitch! Thank goodness for strong mojitos!
This week we will also say goodbye to the bassinet! Just like most of his clothes, Isaac has outgrown the bassinet and is ready for the big boy crib - of course he hates to sleep in there too! the car seat has been the preferred place of rest for the past weeks! Overholding, over indulging, sleeping in the bed/carseat/bouncer - I have officially been reduced to the "whatever works" mode - I will gladly pay for his therapy later tonight I just want to sleep!!
Finally, on a separate note, I would like to say Rest in peace to one of my and my family's dearest friends Dororthy Hizny. I have known Dorothy my entire life and know she will be sadly missed by all of her family and friends. Personally I will forever remember Dorothy as the only women who could brush my hair when I was little because she had the scariest "get your ass over here or I will give you something to cry about" eyes a kid will ever see! i will think of you ever time I walk down the cereal aisle or I see a cherry topped pineapple square or rice pudding! Rest in peace Dorothy we will miss you and love you forever!


  1. Awww. I love reading your posts, little sister. :) Sorry he's crying so much. If I had planned differently, this is the exact moment when I would be able to give you some sage advice based on what I did with my kids. I think about now they should be 16, 14, and 10.

    But of course I forgot to have any. So....

    Keep picking him up till he doesn't cry anymore. That's all I got. :)

    Love you!

    And definitely thinking of Dorothy here too.


  2. I agree with Ralph, I love reading your posts, Nikki, you have quite a gift with words. I found today's post to be especially refreshing & light reading for me, since, as you know, I've had a really lousy day. Keep up the good work, I think you're doing a wonderful job. Wish I could squeeze through the computer & be there to hold Mr. Fussy-face a bit for you....I miss the little guy. Love you all, Grammie R..(Grandparents.com said I should experiment with different names because this is the one time in my life that I get to name myself...tee hee)

  3. Hi Nikki, i too love reading your posts and really miss you all. Wish you were here and mom was co-raising Isaac like bratty and max!! Yikes-6 hours of sleep a day- definitely doesn't take after aunt krissy or nono!!! And yeah, thinking alot about dorothy and so many childhood memories. Remember we'd always go over the Hizny's to raid the junk food cabinet because we didn't have any and yet they were all so skinny!

  4. Lov your daily updates.. JUsyt keep picking him up cuz not picking just frustrates the 2 of you. He is growing beautfully . You are doing a great job I wish I was there to help or just enjoy him. Hey Kris we had junk food you just didnt know where they hid it from you Kisses & Hugs to all of you